Satan's Dealer
Dealer Of The Gods

When you and the crew are hanging out in the basement smoking and watching epic fail videos on Youtube are you the tunes master?  The one who is trusted to wield the aux cable to feed the vibes, facilitating the good times until the last dude is passed out?   Are you getting gripes under breath like, “We get it you like WeedEater, and Bongzilla”?  I bet you thought you had run out of drug themed ‘stoner’ band’s to play for the dudes and dudettes.  No way man!  Satan’s Dealer is coming out of nowhere and socking all procrastinating, minor felons in the ear with a comically oversized zip lock bag of sticky icky!

The song titles alone should be enough to get people to click; “Don’t Fear The Reefer”, “Jesus Is My Co-pilot…And We’re Cruisin’ For Pussy”, or the unofficial sequel, “Jesus Loves You…Everybody Else Thinks You’re An Asshole”; Solid chuckles every time.  Satan’s Dealer drop ten songs to soundtrack hot boxed, aimless night drives in the ’97 Crown Vic that is three different colors and, miraculously, the most reliable car you’ve ever had.  These songs are for HIGH octane (duh, pun intended) good times and laughs are plenty.  On their hail to the dirty deed, “Keepin It Nasty” guitarist and singer Jim Powell shifts to a high register on the “Scream” of featured chorus lyric “Ooh baby gonna make you SCREAM” is one of those parts of a song that will have everybody in the car waiting for and then simultaneously giving their best high note.  They make a detour from drugs and women on “Nomad” which tells the story of many a metalhead’s true personal savior, Mad Max.  Actually, listening to this album and playing a Mad Max drinking game would make for a great weeknight activity.  Do try this at home.

The music itself, as is indicative of what I feel to be common of many Midwestern bands, never gets in its own way.  It’s workman like in straight forward effectiveness highlighted further that this is a two-piece.  Getting the most out of the least; Going out to the garage and making the tools from whatever’s on hand as opposed to buying it.  Although in this case it’s piles of cd’s with scratch marks on the cases from cutting dope and the dusty equipment within a beer can throw of the couch.  The production is worn, but not thin.  The guitar is balanced between requisitely heavy yet allows enough tone for the grooves and riffs to strike the ear. Drummer Neil Pesch smoothly transitions from the doped up and crushing to boogie rock overdrive as each song calls for.  Even if this was recorded digitally I could be convinced it’s 8-track analog; Saturated but not overblown, nor fussed over and pristine.  The logo and cover art are also convincingly vintage looking.

To be more directly comparative, Satan’s Dealer is the drunk-driving fender bender between Eyehategod and …Girlschool. “Sister Fucker pt.1” and “C’mon Lets Go” combined for a mystery pill and mostly-vodka screw driver kinda night.  Truly something for every maniac in the group, Dealer Of The Gods turns a little dark subject matter into a ‘fun romp’.  “Sold It For Drugs” chronicles the unfortunate acts fueled by spiraling addiction, which might strike a little too close to home for some listeners.  But, if you’re going to in fact ‘sell it all for drugs’, save a few bucks and at least buy the download you degenerate scum.  Flush your life down the toilet with a fist in the air.

ALBUM SCORE: 666+420 = 1086

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Written by Mars Budziszewski
October 4th, 2017


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