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1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos

Sometimes you have to realize just how much your relationship with a band is like your real life relationships.  For example, I’ve been in a relationship with 1349 for over ten years.  We’ve had six albums together including new offering Massive Cauldron of Chaos.  That’s longer than my marriage lasted and actually quite a good […]

Gig Report – Marduk, 1349, Withered, Weapon, and Black Fucking Cancer (SF, USA)

Aside from the bragging rights associated with attending a Swedish metal show, I was genuinely excited to see some “real” metal after spending the last two weeks lavishing in the cheap thrills of’s Metalcore/Deathcore/Nintendocore room.

Even though it was on a Sunday night, and I was violently hung over and sleep deprived, I packed my camera gear, put on the tightest pair of black jeans I could find, and drove down to DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California, to see an awesome lineup of bands.

1349 – Demonoir

1349 is a true violent passion that lost its violence on Revelations of the Black Flame but not its passion. I seem to be the definite minority in that I actually liked the last album. I think if you listened to this new one first and then went back to Revelations of the Black Flame […]


Band to Tour North America with Cannibal Corpse (Los Angeles, CA)- Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the release of the brand new album from Norwegian black metal legends 1349 in North America via an agreement with Indie Recordings. The new album, which promises a return to their more traditional raw, yet technical black metal […]

1349 – Revelations of the Black Flame

After more than a decade of aggression, the time for divine intervention has arisen. After the blood sacrifice was deemed properly performed, selecting just the best pieces of babies, “In darkness thou shalt worship me,” so states the sacred text of Synagoga Satanae, Tom G. Warrior answered the call to the old gods and appeared […]

1349 to attack North America again!!!

Norway’s 1349 will return to the US to participate on the highly anticipated Carcass tour this fall. Beginning September 5 the tour, also featuring Necrophagist, Suffocation, Aborted and Rotten Sound, marks the band’s third visit to America in support of their third and most successful album, Hellfire. Seven performances as of press time are confirmed […]

1349 – Hellfire

1349 is easily one of the best new black metal bands out of Norway, but considering the long history the band members have pre 1349 maybe they are not really eligible for the newbie prize. A few years from now, after a few more albums and more tours under their bullet belts, 1349 should be […]

1349 – Beyond the Apocalypse

1349 is back with their second full album, and third release overall, and it is the most proficient material to date, such sweet disharmony, almost sacred in its blasphemy.I like the formula, I like the sound quality (the details do not get buried). Great energy and technical precision. More complex than Liberation, it took me […]

1349 – Liberation

I’ll admit to being initially interested in this band because Frost did the drum tracks. I read that tidbit in a catalog selling the self titled cd and ordered it immediately. That was a few years ago and after listening to this new cd Liberation, it should be obvious to all that 1349 is far […]