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Thick As Blood – Embrace

What more did you expect? There are three words above that are intrinsic to hardcore terminology, “thick,” for thick riffs, beats, vocals and lyrics. Blood, well, you don’t have to be blood to be family and all that rhetoric that’s been rife pretty much since the beginning and embrace? You embrace the music, the scene […]

Arma Angelus – Where Sleeplessness is Rest from Nightmares

Arma Angelus, featuring ex-members of hardcore luminaries Racetraitor and Extinction, are conveniently Eulogy Recordings new warhorse following the spectacular demise of Santa Sangre. Where most bands in this space use death and thrash metal devices to create a sense of heaviness missing in traditional hardcore, Arma Angelus’ thick, angular attack comes from a rock and […]

Until the End – Blood in the Ink

South Florida’s Until The End is a veritable hardcore supergroup of sorts. With members from Red Roses For A Blue Lady, Walls Of Jericho, Where Fear And Weapons Meet and Morning Again, you can tell from this all-star line-up Until The End mean business. Blood in the Ink, their Eulogy debut, is 100 percent tough-guy, […]