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Eighteen Wheels Burning – Tweak’d Out, Strung Up & Redlined

Back out dad’s El Camino, move the paint cans and grab a bunch of extension cords, it’s time to rock! Eighteen Wheels Burning are here to piss off the neighbors on a Tuesday night with their brand of loose, raw, aggressive Rock And Roll. It’s equal parts Garage Rock & Stoner Rock with hints of […]

Elder – Elder

Elder play a form of heavy, grooved out Sludge/Doom Metal with hints of Stoner/Space Rock sprinkled in for good measure. The tones are vintage and dry, which gives it a timeless sort of vibe. I’m tempted to throw in the typical Black Sabbath references here, but honestly, it’s more of a subtle influence than an […]

Dead Man – Euphoria

Hailing from Sweden, Dead Man also sounds like it hails from about 3 decades ago. Taking its cues from Psychedelic bands like Jefferson Airplane and, to a certain extent, Pink Floyd while also flirting with a darker ambience (think Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan”), Dead Man have crafted an album that is as much of a […]

Mushroom River Band, The – Simsalabim

A lot more mono(metallic)chromatic than most of the MeteorCity hopheads, and a little confusing at first. The hypenotes compare Mushroom River Band to Entombed, Motorhead, and Fu Manchu, neglecting to mention that latter-day Entombed sounds a lot like Motorhead and Fu Manchu. So this basically sounds like … Entombed. Now, Entombed recorded one of the […]

Atomic Bitchwax – Spit Blood EP

I was as excited as anyone else when rock bands started sounding like rock bands again, but at this point, “stoner rock” is about as thrilling as pulling your pud. And I am not on very good terms with my pud right now, so that should tell you something. Very few of these bands transcend […]