We are an extreme music entertainment website, focusing on album reviews, blogs, interviews, news, and community. Basically, we’re not re-inventing the wheel. Only making it rounder.

At Teethofthedivine.com, our primary objective is to feature independent, subjective, insightful, narrow-minded, informative, and entertaining content on consistent (i.e., daily) basis in order to forge a bond between music and community. Our collective knowledge affords our staff the ability to pontificate in all matters metal. We expect you to listen when we speak.

Just kidding.

At Teethofthedivine.com, our secondary objective is to make you discover, discuss, and purchase (or share since most of us used to trade tapes) the new, the heavy, and the extreme. In short, if we dig it, so should you. If we don’t, then it’ll probably be on one of our many worst year-end lists accompanied by some witty, condescending caption.

At Teethofthedivine.com, our tertiary objective is figuring out our tertiary objective. We’ll get back to you on that one.

Our staff includes veteran journalists, artists, and commentators. Some of our top contributors write for national print magazines (Metal Maniacs, Decibel, Resound, Metal Edge, Hails & Horns, Unrestrained!, Exclaim!) and popular and respected online publications (Outburn, Blistering, DigitalMetal and MetalReview).

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