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Tzompantli   - Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force Ad Patres - Unbreathable WyndRider - Revival Unleashed - Before the Creation of Time Ulcerate - Cutting the Throat of God Assassin - The Upcoming Terror/ Interstellar Experience (Reissues) Nyrak - Devourer of All Summoner’s Circle - Cult Kratti - Matka Kohti Kosmista Suffering Souls - An Iconic Taste of Demise Vale of Pnath - Between the Worlds of Life and Death Pathology - Unholy Descent Ischemic - Condemned to the Breaking Wheel Terminal Nation  - Echoes of the Devil’s Den (Un)Worthy - This Present Darkness Severe Torture - Torn From the Jaws of Death Nocturnus AD - Unicursal Dauþuz - Uranium Fluids - Reduced Capabilities The Headless Ghost - King Of Pain Dååth - The Deceivers Moisson Livide - Sent Empèri Gascon Cognitive - Abhorrence Duft - Altar of Instant Gratification Amiensus - Reclamation: Part 1 Baron - Beneath the Blazing Abyss Mütiilation - Black Metal Cult Arð - Untouched By Fire Kerry King - From Hell I Rise Trocar - Extremities