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Before sending material to our address, please contact us at submissions [at] for our address or to find out if you can send the album straight to a reviewer in order to speed up the reviewing process. Thank you!


NOTICE: receives more music than we’ve ever cared to count. Trust us, it’s a lot. As a result our volume vs. resources ratio isn’t at parity, which means, for the near (and maybe long) term, our staff of expertly-trained journalists, artists, and commentators CANNOT guarantee everything we receive will be reviewed. We’ll try. No promises, folks.

NOTICE II: We do not review submissions sent to us via email, FTP, BitTorrent, MySpace, etc. Please don’t ask our staff of obscenely-talented journalists, artists, and commentators to break the rules in the aforementioned sentence. We normally give street musicians a shekel or two, but draw the line when people beg. We may review CD demos at our discretion. Like, if we really like or hate you. There’s too much in-between. So, if you feel you’re earth-shatteringly good, then we’d love to hear from you.

NOTICE III: With the shift towards digital promos, physical releases still get our preference, but if you do send us a link to a digital promo, least ensure that the entire album is sent. We won’t review preview tracks or partial albums. If you send a promo — digital or physical — and the retail version comes with a bonus CD or DVD, please include the bonus material to your submission as well. Expecting us to review a promo without the entire release that is sold in stores is like test driving a car without the wheels or brushing your teeth without the teeth… uh, you get the point.

Whatever you do, do not spam our email with mp3s or compressed archives. Provide us with links and means to access your material or use the snail mail..