Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd – Part 2

It’s back and it is hopefully no longer infrequent. Isn’t this fun? “I’m having a great time…a great time.” Oh come on now! Old School? Get with it! Onward and sideways. Death to false metal and all that shit.

by Scott Alisoglu

Grave Desecrator Insult (Hells Headbangers). Dirty, Deathly, Blasphemous, Brazilian Blackened Thrash Metal. How many more descriptors do you need to guess the sound? Ok, one more: Excellent. See Sarcofago below.

Verge / Blood Red FogBecause it’s Wrong ( Two trippy, grotesquely atmospheric Finnish black metal experimenters, the former with some delectable 70s fuzz tone bits; the latter notable for the dark, ugly melodies. Thoughts of the name Blood Red Fog makes me feel sticky.

Dying Fetus Killing on Adrenaline (Relapse Reissue). Quintessential grinding, grooving, and tech-y USDM; for many the career high point because of the righteous grooves. Jason Netherton kills, Kevin Talley kills, and John Gallagher assembles the stage for the whole thing. The bass overkill on the original mix is made more tolerable with the remastering.

Dying Fetus Purification Through Violence (Relapse Reissue). First full-length from influential D.C. area death grinders. Originally released in 1996, it marked the beginning of the ascent into groove-based and technically specked USDM that so many of the brutal slam boys have been copying.

Dying FetusGrotesque Impalement (Relapse Reissue). Cool EP originally put out through Blunt Force Records as a stopgap between Killing on Adrenaline and Destroy the Opposition. Demo re-recordings, sweet cover tracks, an unreleased track, a live track, and some serious musical/lyrical hilarity to go with Jason’s Netherton’s great liner notes. Buy these three reissues, come home to drop the kids off at the pool, and then go back out and by the Infatuation with Malevolence reissue. Not recommended for pretty boys or snooty Barbie Dolls.

Decrepitaph Profane Doctrines Unburied (Razorback). Third quality affair from Incantation/Asphyx-with-twists style duo featuring mastermind Wayne “The Elekrokutioner” Sarantopolous and partner-in-sootiness Sinworm. This time the style is inclusive of a Stockholm death influence. Very consistent band; very good album.

Six Feet Under Wake the Night! Live in Germany DVD (Metal Blade) I can hear the DM elitists bitching up a storm now. I’d say I was one of the few that enjoyed the occasional meal of SFU chops, but such a statement would be dismissive of the SFU legion of fans that are spoken of only in whispers by the USDM intelligentsia. Whatever the case, this is one hell of a live presentation of Barnes’ band of death-groove bashers. Germany loves Six Feet Under.

Wooden Stake / Blizaro Wooden Stake / Blizaro (Razorback). – Wooden Stake: An interesting style of doom metal from Vanessa Nocera and Wayne Sarantopolous, inclusive of well written tales of horror and the macabre. Blizaro: Eclectic doom that is way fucking cool and psychedelic. John Gallo (Orodruin) commands this freighter of the stoned.

Death Human. There was a time when I was lukewarm about Death. Not that I didn’t appreciate the contribution, but it rarely clicked for me; well, aside from Scream Bloody Gore. But the last couple of years I’ve come to enjoy Schuldiner’s work a great deal more. Human is one that took a while for folks to truly appreciate, myself included, but songs like “Flattening of Emotions,” “Suicide Machine,” and “Together as One” really pay off with repeat listens. The secret to this one is in a technicality that is obviously present, but in many ways is more subtle compared to present day tech-death and which ultimately sink the claws in deep. The lineup on Human included Paul Masvidal (guitars), Sean Reinert (drums), and Steve Digiorgio (bass). ‘Nuff said.

Deadlock Bizaro World (Lifeforce). Only you can stop the sucking…by not buying this. What happened to this band?

Tankard Vol(l)ume 14 (AFM). I love Tankard. I hate this album.

Grave You’ll Never See (Century Media). Grave or Dismember? I love Dismember, but I’ve always been more of a Grave guy. I’d like to thank Erik “The-Saints-Are-Still-Better-Than-The-Packers” Thomas for reuniting me with this classic piece of stinking bludgeon.

Sarcofago The Laws of Scourge. Anybody think else think that the picture of vocalist/guitarist Wagner Lamounier looks like he had just come back from his other job as a Stephen Pearcy impersonator in a Brazilian Ratt tribute band? The whip doesn’t help. Calm down; no disrespect, I’m well aware of this band’s enormous influence on all things bestial, deathly, blackened, and thrashy, as evidenced by the fact that it’s impossible to find a review or press release about any other even remotely blackened, thrash, deathly, or bestial Brazilian band that doesn’t namedrop Sarcofago. See Grave Desecrator above. Wait a minute…what if Sarcofago had become the official sponsor of Faygo back in the day? Sarcofaygo?

Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza (Moonfog). When I added this one to the list a couple of weeks ago I’m sure I had some witty, informative comments to go with it, but I’ve since forgotten and moved on with my life. Calm your ass down; it’s a good album, just like all the other Satyricon releases. Sheesh!

Satyricon Nemesis Divina (Moonfog). It’s a classic…blah, blah, blah. See above.

Master – “Jailbreak.” From 1993’s Collection of Souls (Nuclear Blast). Now that’s what I call a cover song! But now it reminds me of being hung over. Long story.

In Flames Clayman (Nuclear Blast). I don’t care what anyone says; this is the In Flames masterpiece. The perfect balance of aggression and melody and still packs a wallop today. I’m talking to you, Jodi Michael.

In Flames Colony (Nuclear Blast). Great album, but see above.

Havok Time is Up (Candlelight). One of the best representatives of the resurgent thrash movement, Time is Up owes the Bay Area, but puts their own modern twist on these Exodus-esque and Slayer-slivered anthems that are arranged with skill, a whole lot of great riffs, and lacerating solos. On stage this band is one of the best I’ve seen in years, as was the case at recent show in Kansas City. Color me with socks knocked off…or something. Well done, young thrashers of Denver, Colorado.

Destruction Day of Reckoning (Nuclear Blast). This one will easily end up one of the year’s best thrash metal albums. Placement on my 2011 year-end list is guaranteed. Sharp enough for blood flow; catchy enough for memory retention. And I was never all that big of a Destruction fan. So there!

Scheepers Scheepers (Frontiers). I like Judas Priest. I like Primal Fear. I like Halford, except for that Made of Metal piece of poop. I like the material on this Ralf Scheeper’s solo album that sounds like any of those three bands.. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less.

Onslaught The Sounds of Violence (AFM). Muscular thrash metal from the UK oldies. All you need to know about is one song: “Godhead.” Holy Slayer, Batman! That tune rules!

American HeritageSedentary (Translation Loss). Yeah, yeah, it’s good aggressive stuff that sounds like earlier Mastodon and all those other bands that are aping the sound. Yes, I realize American Heritage has been around a long time now so the comparison is not completely fair. Sorry elitists, but I still don’t care. I’m tired of it.

Call this the summation; call it the end of the road; just don’t call it late for dinner. Shouldn’t you be home watching America’s Funniest Home Tragedies? Or at least raging against Nike for exploiting all those poor Indonesian factory workers. Greed ain’t that good, asshole. Until next time… Whatever. End transmission



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