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I first heard about Epicardiectomy sometime in 2012 and after hearing some internet snippets I rushed to find their debut cd online, Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration, on Coyote Records. Suffice to say this Czech Republic band became an instant favorite of mine. Playing a ridiculous heavy slam death brand of death metal that is pure knuckle dragging brutality. With song titles aptly named, “Fornicating in Pulverized Feces” or how about the top forty hit, “Feasting on Putrid Hysterectomy Remnants”? Tongue twisters to pronounce, yet complete brutal head smashing viciousness.

With a very strong Cephalotripsy-influence, you will be mauled to death again and again and again. Guitarist Sergey “Rhino” Gordeev crafts some sick twisted riffs that are super catchy and brutal. If you love technical guitar work & pretty little vocals stay the hell away from this band. You cannot handle the brutality. If you love vicious, brutal no holds barred death metal, Epicardiectomy is what you need as your daily dose. So read on good people and see what Serge had to say. NOSTROVIA!!!

Hi Serge, how is everything going in the band and how is the writing/recording going for your sophomore album and what label will it be on?

Hi Frank, first of all let me thank you for doing this intie, really appreciate your interest to our band! Everything’s going great with Epi, we’re busy with preparing and playing many shows this summer and autumn, also working on a new stuff. We have about half of the new material ready for the second full-length at the moment. We haven’t decided yet what label it will be released on, we received a few very good offers at the moment so now we are thinking on which one of them will fit our needs the best.

How does the new music expand on your debut?

We don’t have any big surprises in plans for our second album, it still will be in the vein of crushing and heavy slamming brutal death metal, same as it was on our debut full-length. It will have some more faster blasting passages but the main part of it will remains the same recognizable Epicardiectomy style.

What the hell is a/an EPICARDIECTOMY and who came up with the name?

Haha classic question! Our drummer Milan is a founder of the band and he came up with the name. Actually it is some kind of heavy heart disease and a surgical operation related to it. But for us it’s just a good sounding brutal death band name, that’s pretty much it..

Your 2012 debut Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration was one of my favorite albums last year.  What made you want to play this type of death metal and are you happy with the recording?  Is it possible to get even heavier than your debut, I mean it’s a killer, brutal & heavy album.

Thanks for the kind words Frank, means a lot to us to know that such people dig our stuff. We are doing this just because we love this style of music, we are all big death metal fans for many years. So the scene, the band and all the other things related to it is a huge part of our lifes, it’s a way of life. I’m personally in this music since the middle of 90’s, and though we love the new wave of slamming brutal death metal I am still very influenced by old school Floridian, and later by NYDM and TXDM bands (you guys all know who they are!) and I‘m sure it still finds a reflection in the music I write.

We are really happy with this recording, we are finally defined with our unique recognizable style on it and. And we definitely will try to come up with even heavier stuff on our second full-length, time will show. There is no limits to perfection hehe!

What’s the deal with the gross album cover? Who came up with that idea and why? Are you inspired by the likes of Carcass, with how they had long medical song titles?  What do people say when they see you wearing one of your shirts?

Album cover is made by the amazing Tony Koehl. He did awesome work and completely got the idea of the cover art we wanted. It was our idea, just a sick fantasy you know, we wanted to come up with something really sick and gross and I think the final result if very good. Well, Carcass song titles are also an inspiration for us. We like long and pathologically sick song title, for us it’s the unseparate part of this style of music. We don’t care what normal people think of our attitude or of our t-shirts designs, they could be shocked or pissed off or whatever but death metal fans are sure dig it and that’s all that matters!

How are the shows, playing live, are the turnouts good? Is it easy to play shows and have you opened up for national acts?

We always happy to play live and we love to do it. It a perfect way to be in contact with people we are doing all this stuff for. Yes, for us it’s easy to play shows, we feel ourselves as the part of something big, it’s always like being in a family circle where you can open yourself and share your emotions and we are always very excited before our each next concert. Studio work though we really like it too can never replace the amazing feelings of playing on big festivals and the unique atmosphere of small club gigs.We had a great opportunities to open for/share the stage with a such a great bands as Suffocation, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Internal Suffering, Kraanium, Origin, Defeated Sanity, Necrophagist, Lividity, Katalepsy, Carnivore Diprosopus and many others, too long to list them all…

How is it living in Prague and growing up there? Have you been to the Gothic Powder Tower-and why the ridiculous name, do they throw powder on you to anoint you upon entering?

Well, originally I’m not from Czech Republic so it’s hard for me to say how it is growing up here hehe I am from Moscow, Russia, I moved here about 6 years ago. Haha almost right about the Powder Tower! It has been a defensive construction and was used to store gunpowder.

Have you also been to Prague Castle or Charles Bridge and do you enjoy all the amazing architecture around your area, looks like influence ranging from Baroque to Neo-Gothic and other classical designs?

Yes, I definitely have been in all this places. I would say more, I have to know things about architecture and history of Prague and whole Czech Republic since this is a main part of my job. I own a small travel agency here in Prague and we are organizing a city tours and excursions for tourists coming to see Czech Republic. The architecture is very attractive here and it is very well remained up to now days from early Romanesque period through Gothic and then Renaissance and Baroque. We have about 1200 castles on territory of Czech Republic from different periods of time, many beautiful cathedrals and other interesting things to visit.

Have you ever attended the Czech Beer Festival, in May? It goes for something like 2 weeks, do you take off work and just drink every day, what’s the festival like? Is it like New Orleans Mardi Gras, in the States?

Yeah I did attend this festival a couple times. It usually the big open air or indoor festival with many types of Czech beer presented. Breweries from all Czech Republic are presenting their best beer there. It follows with traditional Czech cuisine, live national music and staff wearing the traditional Czech costumes. It also a nice attraction for tourists coming to Prague in this period of time. Haha no I don’t take off work to get drunk everyday I’m not that big fan of such an events but some people really do. And I suppose that it’s not that big as New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Back to the band, how do you get such a heavy guitar tone and what are some guitars and amps you use?

First of all it depends much on guitar tuning. I tune my 7-strings Ibanez in A. I use Engl Fireball guitar amp with distortion effect with a lot of gain on my processor. Also, I think it matters that I still use amp settings like used to did Obituary back in 90’s, lots of bass and highs and less middles.The sound in the end is a bit dirty, not too many bands would like to play with such sound nowadays but it’s heavy as hell and I still dig it even for many years.

Do you go to a lot of show to support local acts and name some quality bands from your area?

Unfortunately I don’t have a time to attend many shows as a visitor because of being really busy at work, trying to spend more time with my family and of course rehearsing with the band. So usually I am on the gigs only when I’m playing there myself with Epicardiectomy. Actually death metal scene is not that strong here, we had here the great Krabathor (RIP), Despise (RIP), Inperial Foeticide (RIP). We still have awesome Godless Truth, Fleshless, Poppy Seed Grinder and newer bands like Perfecitizen. But it can’t be compared with an American death metal scene or with many of European countries. We have here many good grindcore/goregring bands though but I’m not interested in this style of music too much.

Do you have a job outside the band, do you go to school? What are your future plans career/music wise?

Of course we all have a jobs besides the band. We are not earning any money with the band, I would say we only keep on putting our money into the band hehe 12 years ago I graduated the university but never worked in my profession and now as I said before I work in my own little business. Tom, our vocalist, is working as a barman and Milan is a manager in moving company. I don’t like to make any far going plans, it’s very hard in our modern world without stability and where noone cares about nobody. I like to say: time will show.

Any final thoughts or comments?

Thank you very much for interview and interesting questions Frank! To all: keep supporting the scene, because it just how it works! Cheers and hope to see you at one of our gigs!




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