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After reviewing and enjoying the debut album from Jaldaboath, I thought it might be entertaining to conduct an interview with Sir Jaldabaoth, the Grand Guitarist Inspector and Grand Sovereign Songwriter General of the self-proclaimed Hammering Heraldic Metal act (aka James Fogarty). Feeling that such issues as his split with The Meads of Asphodel, fellow British metal acts, cross cultural comedic boundaries and their current album Rise of the Heraldic Beasts warranted serious investigative journalism. Of course I should have expected that a knight responsible for crafting such songs as “Bash the Bishop” and “Axe Weilding Nuns” would not turn out to be a typical journalistic foray, and quickly descended into an uninformative but amusing episode of Black Adder…

First off, let’ s get the boring stuff out of the way: Tell us about your departure from The Meads of Asphodel and the formation of Jaldaboath.

Grand Master Jaldaboath is a master of the Jolly Jig, not the miserly dirge !

It’s obvious from the songs on the album, and the video for “Hark the Herald”, that Jaldaboath is meant to be a more light hearted, humorous act. Was that the goal? To bring some levity to metal again?

Levity and brevity hath made the world witfull, woefull and wise! May the stones of the houses come alive and kill their owners. The power of the glorious sacrament of merry-making is an oft mis-understood magic !

That being said, on the album there’ s a distinct divide between the ‘ fun’ songs like “Hark the Herald” , “Bash the Bishop” and “ Axe Wielding Nuns” and some of the other tracks like “Bring me the Head of Metatron” , “Jacque De Mornay” and “The Da Vinci Code” . Was there a concerted effort to make some more serious music or was there a transition at some point in the band’s past?

There is the beginning of Jaldaboath which includes a purging of vomit, and then there is the second life of Jaldaboath which continues to be the centerpiece for all new material (what you may call the ‘fun’ part).

Speaking of “Bring me the Head of Metatron” , with Metatron being the other co-founder of The Meads of Asphodel, is there some animosity there or is this song in jest also?

At the behest of the jester, heads must roll!

I also noticed on a few tracksespecially “Hark the Herald”some very Bal-Sagoth like moments of synths and deep spoken words. What I’ m trying to figure out is, if you are taking the piss out of Bal-Sagoth or not

What is this Bal-Sagoth you speak of?

What movie is that used in the “ Hark the Herald” video? Ivanhoe?

‘Tis an unsung silver-screen creation, one that is in the domain of Sir Joe Public. Methinks the Wyvern searcheth for ammunition…

It took me while, but I eventually recognized the theme of British ’70s kids show ‘Rentaghost’ in the song Jaldaboath. I watched that growing up myself. How did that come about? What’ s next? Using the Rainbow, Magpie, Mr Men or Play School themes?

One is never quite sure what can happen when the mettle melds to metal, and the psychotic jamboree starts to turn its whirlygig.

Some of the material on Rise of the Heraldic Beasts is a few years old, and was self-released as an EP a couple of years back. Do you have any newer material done already?

There is always more depths of depravity to exhume. Always!

Is the new stuff more fun and humorous or the darker, heavier stuff?

Expect some rousing tunes along the lines of “Axe Weilding Nuns”, “Bash the Bishop” and “Calling on all Heraldic Beasts” !

It’ s pretty obvious that the humor in your music and video has a British flare culling from the likes of Blackadder and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. Do you think this sort of humor will be missed by non-British metal fans that hear the band or they just wont ‘ get it’ ?

We care not – diddle-aye diddle-aye.

As a Brit who grew up watching Blackadder, is there a particular season or episode of the series that you are fond of? For me, I’ m partial to the Dictionary-episode for the Blackadder the Third.

Ti’s true that the obvious candidate for the most jollisome Black Adder is number 3, follwed by numbers 2 and 4. 1 is a horse of a different colour.

Napalm Records is a perfect fit for you, especially considering that they are one of the top folk metal labels around. How did the deal come about and when can we expect another album?

Napalm Records are scallywags who brave the shit-storm to fly the flag for Jaldaboath – wether they can weather the seasons or not is another question entirely ! Expect more ludicrous music and more silly videos to stomp you battle-boots to.

Any tour plans? Please tell me you will be coming to the US with Alestorm and Tyr?

Alestorm are mighty good fellows ! I parlied with them recently and am glad to report they are for cert some of the most hearty sea-swabs a man could meet. I am currently working on the production of an album for some other good friends of mine ‘Old Forest’. When all the dust has settled, we may see which way the wind will blow. Raise the crumhorns !


  1. Commented by: Desperado

    Haha nice interview. A bit vague in places but that is not the fault of the interviewer. Black Adder is amongst my favorite shows, tough to say which is my favorite season. They are all good but series 2 and 3 are at the top and the first is quite enjoyable. I need to bust out my dvds now, dangitall! So many great moments in the show, such as the turnip haha. I asked what film was in the music video and some kind soul mentioned what it might be, but I can’t recall haha. Its on youtube for the curious. The comment that is.

  2. Commented by: faust666

    What on earth is this ?????

  3. Commented by: Cacophonic

    Wow. Through no fault of the interviewer’s, this was a total waste of my 10 minutes.

    Obviously someone marching to the beat of his own (very special) drummer.

  4. Commented by: Clauricaune

    Those responses are much more annoying than funny.

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