Redefining Darkness Records premiere debut track and album teaser video from upcoming Appalling album.


“Spewed from the cauldron on the blasphemous wings of damnation, APPALLING harken to the dark origins of death metal’s unholiness with disdain and vengeance. Sonically and conceptually vicious with precision and clarity, this assault on the meek spares none in an ongoing quest for darkness with savagery and brutality as its guides. Combining musical technicality with an emphasis on infectious structuring, APPALLING make a powerful impression that is a testament to death metal’s ability to provoke and stimulate the darker side of the psyche. Whirlwinds impietous dirges penetrate you and the chaotic journey is as exhilarating as it is horrifying. The sick remain blessed”.

Check out the explosive, exclusive  new song below:

 Regarding Hot Coals for Branding the band states:

The song is about Satan, witches, and puritans. The hypocritical murder implemented by the male dominant hand during the witch trials.

A teaser trailer for the entire upcoming album can be seen at this location

Preorders for the cassette, CD or digital version of Inverted Realm can be made right here .