Unless you’re Odell Beckham, you’re probably upset that 2020 took a shit on the world’s collective chest.  No disrespect if you’re into that kind of thing, but for the rest of us, it is less than desirable. A worldwide pandemic, while it is definitely inspirational for metal musicians the world over, only inspired depression and despair amongst most of us. For us here at Teeth of the Divine, , this is where metal comes in.

Nothing beats headbanging the doom and gloom out of oneself with some, well, doom and gloom. Every year is a banner year for metal. If you’re one who opines that there’s no good metal released anymore, you’re not looking hard enough. You should stop squinting and put on your glasses, four eyes.

Lucky for you, we’ve done a lot of the dirty work for you. Gaze upon the glorious superiority and unmatched wisdom of our clearly definitive lists and remember that no one loves you in this world… except us… and metal.

by Staff

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Frank Rini

Yet another killer year for extreme metal music releases however they were all overshadowed by the COVID-19 Pandemic which wrecked and continues to wreck worldwide havoc.  No tours and no live shows.  Horrific, bands expecting to tour with their new albums, could not.  With widespread touring and shows not expected to return until towards the end of 2021 or sometime in 2022 it’s just a dark time for music.  Thank you to all the readers supporting Teeth of the Divine and all the different writing styles from us all. I encourage you all to check out our best of lists on here, and look into some of these great acts. My top 40 is what I feel were the strongest releases for 2020. My sub-categories are still around.  I expanded both lists to give more bands notice due to the Pandemic causing massive hardship.  Looking ahead to 2021 we will see releases (always subject to change) of some killer albums from: Asphyx, Exodus, Yoth Iria, Fractal Generator, Werewolves, Anthrax, Megadeth, Nervosa, Pestilence, Ghost and many others. I will once again be guesting on some other albums, but sworn to secrecy, at the moment. Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year Metal brothers and sisters. Be kind to one another. \m/

  1. INCANTATIONSect of Vile Divinities [Relapse Records]
  2. LADY BEASTThe Vulture’s Amulet [Reaper Metal Productions]
  3. TON: Ashes Where They Stood [Ungodly Ruins Productions]
  4. SPELLBOOKMagick & Mischief [Self-Released]
  5. OSSUARY ANEXObscurantism Apogee [Xtreem Music]
  6. MORTA SKULDSuffer for Nothing [Peaceville Records]
  7. MACABRECarnival of Killers [Nuclear Blast]
  8. NITEDarkness Silence Mirror Flame [Creator-Destructor Records]
  9. HAIL SPIRIT NOIREden in Reverse [Agonia Records]
  10. AFTERBIRTHFour Dimensional Flesh [Unique Leader Records]
  11. WITCHWOODBefore the Winter [Jolly Roger Records]
  12. WARBRINGERWeapons of Tomorrow [Napalm Records]
  13. SKELETAL REMAINSThe Entombment of Chaos [Century Media Records]
  14. NECROTMortal [Tankcrimes]
  15. THANATOSViolent Death Rituals [Listenable Records]
  16. PESTIFERExpanding Oblivion [Xenokorp]
  17. ORIGIN OF INFINITYThe Last Day on Earth [Self-Released]
  18. WORMHOLEThe Weakest Among Us [Lacerated Enemy Records]
  19. SECOND TO SUNLeviathan [Self-Released]
  20. GÖDENBeyond Darkness [Svart Records]
  21. INGESTEDWhere Only Gods May Tread [Unique Leader Records]
  22. MALOKARPATANKrupinské ohne [Invictus Productions]
  23. KATALEPSYTerra Mortuus Est [Unique Leader Records]
  24. SEPULCHRAL CURSEOnly Ashes Remain [Transcending Obscurity Records]
  25. VORACIOUS SCOURGEIn Death [Massacre Records]
  26. SATYRUS: Rites [Self-Released]
  27. NEKROVAULTTotenzug: Festering Peregrination [Van Records]
  28. SINISTERDeformation of the Holy Realm [Massacre Records]
  29. WOLVES DENMiserere [Trollzorn Records]
  30. ULCERATEStare into Death and Be Still [Debemur Mortis Productions]
  31. WITCHESThe Fates [Mighty Spell Records]
  32. SUICIDE SILENCEBecome the Hunter [Nuclear Blast]
  33. AMIENSUSAbreaction [Transcending Obscurity Records]
  34. DARK FORESTOak, Ash & Thorn [Cruz del Sur Music]
  35. IZTHMIThe Arrows of Our Ways [Within the Mind Records]
  36. HENRY KANEAge of the Idiot [Transcending Obscurity Records]
  37. DEFEATED SANITYThe Sanguinary Impetus [Willowtip Records]
  38. AEOLIAN:The Negationist [Black Lion Records]
  39. KHTHONIIK CERVIIKSÆquiizoiikum [Iron Bonehead Productions]
  40. FEROCITYThe Hegemon [Immigrant Species Records]


Best Debut album: CONSUMPTIONRecursive Definitions of Suppuration [Iron, Blood and Death Corporation]

Best Ep: YOTH IRIAUnder His Sway [Repulsive Echo Records]

Best Doom/Death Album: BEAST OF REVELATION: The Ancient Ritual of Death [Iron Bonehead Productions]

Best Compilation: GRENDEL’S SŸSTER: Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz [Self-Released]

Best Grindcore Album: NAPALM DEATH:  Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism [Century Media Records]

Best Tech-Death Album: PROFANITYFragments of Solace [Self-Released]

Best Reunion Album: MÖRK GRYNINGHinsides vrede [Season of Mist]

Best Black Metal Album: PORTA NIGRASchöpfungswut [Soulseller Records]

Best Thrash Album: ONSLAUGHT: Generation Antichrist [AFM Records]

Best Power Metal Album: ARRAYAN PATH: The Marble Gates to Apeiron [Pitch Black Records]

Most Evil Sounding Album: AKHLYS: Melinoë [Debemur Mortis Productions]

Best Reissue: VIOGRESSIONExpound and Exhort [Hammerheart Records]

Best Song: Macabre: “Joe Ball Was His Name”

Best Album Cover: SPELLBOOKMagick & Mischief

Best Record Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

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