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A couple of years ago Bloodbath started a mini phenomenon by paying homage to classic Swedish death metal albums such as Left Hand Path and Like an Ever Flowing Stream. By gathering a group of influential, talented musicians the album was well received in no due part to the source material. Others followed; Murder Squad, Incapacity, Ribspreader,Facebreaker as well as other veteran bands still successfully pawning that style, delivering solid albums (Dismember, Fleshcrawl, Centinex, Grave)after many years. Enter the Fins. With arguably equally a killer influence on modern metal, Amorphis and Sentenced had their own special niche in death metal, so a special group of Fins decided it was their turn to pay homage to the Swedish classics in the form of super group, ChaosBreed. If the name doesn’t give it away (a track from Entombed’s seminal Clandestine), ChaosBreed is a pure throwback death metal album, Finnish style. Complete with a Sunlight buzz and infectious grooves, the simple yet aptly titled Brutal is the collaborative effort of vocalist Taneli Jarva (The Black League, ex Sentenced), guitarist Esa Holipainen (Amorphis), guitarist Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow), drummer Nalle Osterman (Gandalf) and bassist Oppu Laine (ex –Amorphis), and is in fact…brutal. I caught up with Esa Holipainen to get the lowdown in this killer album as well as the band’s take on the classic era they captured perfectly.

So how did a bunch of Fins normally known for their tooth harps and chain mail, get together to record a brutal throwback death metal album?
Haha! We’ve been talking fore a long time about forming a death metal band and now it was a good time and we have a great line-up. It’s a great feeling as it’s been over ten years since I have done this kind of shit.

Was the aim to sound like one specific band from the era or just a mix of highlights from all the eras’ best albums? I assume the band name is from the Entombed album?
We wanted to put out authentic early 90’s sound. And as we recorded our first albums with Amorphis in Sunlight studio, and all of us are still big fans of Tomas’ production we decided to record the album in his style. We actually booked Sunlight but Tomas’ had some problems so the timing didn’t match.

Was there any recognition of other “supergroups” belting old school Swedish death metal Bloodbath Murder Squad), or is ChaosBreed trying not to just a Finnish version of those bands?
We are a Finnish version and totally rip-off from all old Swedish acts like Entombed & Dismember. There’s no actual “Finnish” sound at all, Finnish bands used to mix all kind of shit together and came up with quite unique bands. Unfortunately the situation is different these days with cheesy Helloween clones & gothic shit.
Finland was never really a force in the early death metal scene beyond Amorphis, so why copy a foreign sound and how come it came out sounding so authentic?
I explained it a bit above, besides I don’t want to do an Amorphis sounding band. Believe or not but Amorphis copied a lot Swedish sound early 90’s, we just added more ideas into our music. ChaosBreed is a reminder of a classic sound; nothing less or more.
What’s so great about that sound that makes it one that keeps getting groups of well-known musicians forming to recreate it?
For guitarist it’s the best tone you can get. So much bottom you can’t believe…

Have you heard other similarly minded bands like Bloodbath, Murder Squad and Incapacity who consist of other musicians recreating classic Swedish death metal?
I like Bloodbath and Murder Squad a lot.
You guys obviously loved Left Hand Path, and mainly “Revel in Flesh”, as 2 or three of your songs have a similar groove-was this a point to get across on the album or just how the songs fell?
As I told before, we are totally rip-off band and we don’t dare to show our influences. We write music and if its sounds too much like something we dig we really don’t care a shit.
There seems to be slight tongue in cheek dark humor about the entire album from the title Brutal to tracks like “Shitgrinder”, “Demon Skunk” and “Casket Ride”. Is the album giving the middle finger to the Finnish scene that takes itself seriously?
It’s a middle finger to all bands who takes themselves too seriously. We can laugh for ourselves and after all musicians are modern clowns. Take a look Hammerfall etc..

You’re in Amorphis, what the heck has happened with them? Are you happy to be playing heavy music again?
What a question! Ha! I’m happy to show my artistic view in this kind of band. Amorphis is doing well; unfortunately we have had problems with Virgin US to release our latest album in states. It should be out through Nuclear Blast during the summer in there. We’ve had talk about possible touring, as well as there is a good fan base in states. Amorphis starts to record next album during the summer.
I assume with Marko (Tarvonen) in Moonsorrow and you in Amorphis, the band remains a side project- how is touring and getting together to write/record possible with other commitments?
We would like to tour and of course will if everything matches time wise. All the songs for next ChaosBreed album are together as everyone from the band writes shit. ChaosBreed is very creative band

Is the ChaosBreed lineup a static lineup or will other Finnish metal stars be invited into the fray?
I don’t think there’s going to be any Finnish metal “stars”, perhaps some drunken losers.
How soon can we expect another album?
Hopefully same time next year, the album will be recorded again on October.


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