Chaos Records to Release Blood Mortized’s Bestial EP December 5th

Mexican extreme metal label Chaos Records has announced a December 5th release date for BLOOD MORTIZED‘s Bestial EP. This is old style, dirty-rotten-unpolished Swedish Death Metal the way it was truly meant! Bestial is a 4 track EP of supreme crushing Swedish death metal with collaboration with members and ex-members of CRYPT OF KERBEROS, AMON AMARTH, MALFEITOR and STIGMATA. The limited edition 6-panel digipak with exclusive bonus track “Of Dust & Doom” plus cover art sticker. Promos are on the way. As always, get in touch with for all your coverage needs!

Read a track by track commentary from BLOOD MORTIZED at

The song “Shadows of the Quarter Sun” is currently streaming at


Bestial tracklisting:


Of Dust and Doom

Shadows of the Quarter Sun