Coffins tracks posted from upcoming album; Notheast U.S. dates near

Coffins has released two tracks from their upcoming album Buried Death on their Myspace page. The album, to be released on 20 Buck Spin Records with distribution through Southern Lord, will hit the streets on June 20th, and was in Decibel Magazine’s 25 most anticipated LPs of 2008. The title track “Buried Death” will be featured on the upcoming Southern Lord sampler that will given out free on the upcoming North American Boris tour.

The band will be attacking the Northeast US with a splattering of live dates with labelmates The Endless Blockade, as well as Coffins’ appearance at the Maryland Deathfest.

Coffins / The Endless Blockade Tour
05/16/2008 Elks Lodge – Cambridge, MA w/Raw Radar War, Noosebomb, Scapegoat
05/17/2008 Matinee show: ABC No Rio – New York, NY w/ASRA, The Communion
05/17/2008 Evening show: Rockstar Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/Unearthly Trance, The Communion
05/18/2008 Khyber – Philadelphia, PA w/Otesanek (reunion)
05/19/2008 Talking Head – Baltimore, MD w/Triac, Drugs of Faith, Fight Amp [NO COFFINS]
05/20/2008 Nara Sushi – Richmond, VA w/Juice Tyme
05/21/2008 Jan’s Room – Allentown, PA w/Fistula, Birth Control
05/22/2008 Roboto – Pittsburgh, PA w/Hellnation, Abysme, Slices
05/23-25/2008 Maryland Deathfest 2008 – Coffins play Saturday night

On their 3rd LP, Buried Death, Tokyo’s Coffins are firmly established as the underground’s leading purveyors of Neanderthal paced doomed death metal. Previous LPs The Other Side Of Blasphemy and Mortuary In Darkness introduced Coffins’ black tar dirge to an audience eager for slowppressive maniac riffs and songs dragged forth like the arms of a lumbering ape. Derivative and true rather then progressive and new, with an effectiveness unmatched in today’s underground, recalling Bay Area forefathers Autopsy.

Immediately battering the listener with the opening sledgehammer “Under The Stench” the album crawls ever forward through the catchiest Coffins tracks ever, like the Frost at 16 RPM narcoplunder of “Cadaver Blood”. The patented brick heavy guitar tone remains and the band has added some additional solos and high vocal screams, hinted at on 2006’s The Other Side… LP. Rather than toy with forced “evolution” Coffins has instead sharpened and honed its devolved sound further in its primitive single-mindedness.