God Forbid Drummer Featured on SickDrummer.com PodCast

God Forbid is currently hard at work recording the follow up to the group’s most successful offering yet, IV: The Constitution of Treason, with acclaimed producer Eric Rachel (Atreyu, The Dillinger Escape Plan). Corey Pierce (drums) just finished tracking all of his parts and is now set to
take place in SickDrummer.com’s next PodCast on April 14th. See below for additional details.

Corey states: “Hey everyone out there who loves God Forbid. I would like to announce to everyone my podcast, which will be taking place on April 14th on www.sickdrummer.com.

I hope all of you out there will log in and participate in this interview and feel free to take this time to ask me any and all questions you ever wanted to ask about the band, the new record and DVD or me personally. I think this a great opportunity for myself and all drummers out there to have a new home and a place to keep up on new drummers and new information. I feel proud to now be a part of the sickdrummer family and it would really kick ass if you all could join me in supporting them, myself and of course God Forbid.

Here’s the info you will need to participate:
Go To www.sickdrummer.com

To take part in the PodCast, all you need to do is download a small *exe file that contains the PodCast software. You can download it here:

Click on the link in the top right section of our website or you can also get it from www.drumpro.com Once you download and install the software, you will run the program and join the PodCast. That’s it, simple and free! Please join us each week for new guests and help us Spread The Word!

After the PodCast, you will be able to download a free Mp3 version, from our site. To download the Mp3 files, you will need to login. If you don’t have a member account, please register. It’s fast, free and there are other benefits associated with membership. Once logged in, you will see a new “User Menu” appear on the right hand side, below the PodCast menu. Just click on PodCast downloads and take what you want. You will not hear the PodCast without the software installed! Once it’s on your computer, you don’t even need to be on our site. It will be an icon on your desktop that enters the PodCast as soon as it’s opened.