Infected Disarray sign to Unique Leader Records

UK brutal death metallers Infected Disarray have signed a deal with US label Unique Leader Records. The band’s debut album, ‘Disseminating Obscenity’ is set for release in February 2009.

Infected Disarray have been a cult band in the underground since 2000 but left behind their side-project status in recent years to move to the forefront of the UK scene. Moving schizophrenically between savage blasting and moments of crushing heaviness, extremity is the ultimate goal. The group’s ranks also include members of Gorerotted, Detrimentum, Beef Conspiracy, Brainchoke and Twitch Of The Death Nerve along with the owners of Grindethic Records.

‘Disseminating Obscenity’ was mixed by Disavowed’s Robbe Kok and features artwork by the band’s vocalist, Eddie R. An advance rough mix from the album can be heard here –
01. Pre-natal Excavation Of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity, Demonstrating the Necessity for Extreme Prejudicial Infanticide Within The Vomit Filled Womb. mp3

02. To The Sorrow Filled Eyes And Pallid Bloated Corpulence Of My Drowned Children.

03. Masticated Remains Of Detruncation.

04. The Opening To Her Torso.

05. Exhumation And Gross Disfiguration Of Festering Stiffs.

06. Promulgation Of Infected Innards.

07. Gestated Human Slurry.

08. Viscous Dermal Tissue Necrotizing In Venereal Quagmire.

09. Side Order Of Flies.

10. Disseminating Obscenity.