MARE COGNITUM Sign With I, Voidhanger Records. New Album Due in the Fall

From I ,Voidhanger Records Facebook page:   We are very pleased to announce the signing of MARE COGNITUM, one of the leading forces in the progressive black metal field! The band’s sole member, Jacob Buczarski has already proven his capabilities on his first two full-length releases and the “Sol” split CD with Spectral Lore. Since then he has refined his songwriting and production skills even more, and is ready to offer his third voyage in the spaced-out realms of cosmic black metal. Titled “Phobos Monolith,” the album is scheduled for a September release.

Tracklist: 1. Weaving the Thread of Transcendence (13:03) 2. Entropic Hallucinations (8:13) 3. Noumenon (13:07) 4. Ephemeral Eternities (15:54) Here you can admire the album cover art, courtesy of Luciana Nedelea – Artworks. A preview track will follow soon… Like · · Share · 111