Metal Mind to reissue 2 Dismal Euphony releases

In the history of gothic metal not many groups managed to deliver such skillful combination of genres as Dismal Euphony from Stavanger, Norway. Their unique mixture of death & black metal, pop, psychedelic and classical motives brought a collection of unforgettable recordings, taking the Gothenburg sound to a whole new level. Metal Mind Productions presents a double re-release of Call Little Devils and Python Zero – two of the band’s finest works, containing songs that will take you all the way into the heart of darkness. New digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.
The album All Little Devils/Python Zero will be available on 5th May 2008 in Europe and on 8th July in USA (via MVD).

Dismal Euphony
All Little Devils/Python Zero (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1159 DGD
Barcode: 5907785032200
Format: 2 CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: gothic metal
Release date: 05.05.2008 Europe / 08.07.2008 USA


CD 1 – All Little Devils
1. Days of Sodom
2. Rage of Fire
3. Victory
4. All Little Devils
5. Lunatic
6. Psycho Path
7. Shine For Me, Misery
8. Scenario
9. Dead Words

CD 2 – Python Zero
1. Critical Mass
2. Python Zero
3. Zentinel
4. Magma
5. Birth Reverse
6. Needle
7. Plasma Pool
8. Flyineye

The history of Dismal Euphony dates back to 1992, when bassist Ole K. Helgesen and drummer Kristoffer Vold Austrheim decided to join forces and form a band together. Soon under the moniker Headless Children they were playing cover versions of songs by Slayer and Kreator. This lasted until a year later, when singer Erik Borgen and guitarist Kenneth Bergsagel were added to the line-up. The band changed their name to Carnal Tomb and begun working on their own material. In the meantime Erik Borgen decided to quit the band and the vocal duties were passed on to Helgesen, who was soon backed by female vocalist Lin Achre Tveit (Keltziva). Adding keyboardist Elin Overskott completed the final line-up of the group which ultimately resurfaced in 1995 bearing the name Dismal Euphony. In the same year the group recorded and self-released their demo “Spellbound”. The release caught the attention of Napalm Records and after a three-song, self-titled EP, Dismal Euphony recorded their debut LP entitled Soria Moria Slott (1996). This material contained mostly pure black metal and gothic ideas, however the follow-up album Autumn Leaves: The Rebellion of Tides (1997) showcased some unique variety of styles, taking the band’s music in a whole new direction. The group recorded one more offering for Napalm – a 5-track EP called Lady Ablaze, which featured a new female vocalist Anja Natasha. Surprisingly, the EP was not released until the year 2000. In 1999 Dismal Euphony signed a deal with Nuclear Blast and released their third LP – All Little Devils. From the very first note it was clear that with this album the group reached the peaks of creativity. The brilliantly composed material offered a great variety of inspirations, all sustained in the enchanting gothic mood. The vocal combination of female and male voices gave a very impressive result, best heard in truly outstanding songs such as “Day of Sodom”, “Lunatic” and “Psycho Path”. Many critics compared All Little Devils with early The Gathering, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, underlining, however, that Dismal Euphony managed to establish a style of their own. The album is closed with a gentle orchestral track called “Dead Words”, where the subtle piano tones drag the listener deep into the silent darkness…. The follow-up to “All Little Devils” was released in 2001 and marked another step in the band’s evolution. Python Zero featured a great amount of psychedelic and electronica motives added to the music. They were still delivering some heavy tunes (such as “Plasma Pool”, “Python Zero”, “Critical Mass” and “Zentinel”), but in the same time weren’t afraid of avant-garde experimentation (“Magma”, “Birth Reverse”, “Needle”). This resulted in one of the most fascinating goth/metal hybrids ever created. Python Zero is still considered the group’s most mature and sophisticated work, delivering some of the finest gothic songs in the history of the genre. Unfortunately, Dismal Euphony disbanded after releasing their masterpiece. All the group’s members decided to part with the music industry, while drummer Kristoffer Vold Austrheim became a session musician for a Norwegian black metal band Nettlecarrier. In 2004 the group suffered a “post-mortem” tragedy, as keyboardist Elin Overskott was found dead from a heroin overdose.