Pornographic Seizures EP

Honestly the first time I saw the band name Sanguisugabogg I tried pronouncing it so quickly that it came out sounding like shish kabob.  Couple that with a logo that seems to be the new thing where it’s impossible to read so you’re spending your valuable time trying to decipher if you can find a letter in there somewhere.  Come on fellas you should know better because some of us take several triple flushers a day and don’t have time for nonsense.  Anyway Sanguisugabogg are causing a massive stir in the underground. So much so that Satellite Radio’s Liquid Metal has the ep and has had these dudes in regular rotation recently.  How fucking awesome is that?  Anyway I was pleasantly surprised to see Devin Swank, from Ohio’s Limbsplitter doing the vocals with this new band and for the limited run time this ep has going for it- 11 minutes, for me, well hell, this is the best new band of 2019.  By far!  To put it bluntly, within the span of 1 week, I am not kidding you, I listened to this release over 100x.  In my truck, at the gym and at work.  Non-stop.  I even squeezed a little tunege in when dropping a deuce.  The reason why this ep works is because it truly is organically heavy and it just destroys from beginning to end.  Steph Barnes plays bass, Cody Davidson drums and Cameron “Don’t call me Cammy” Boggs on guitar.

“Uningest” at 1.38 comes in with a Holy Shit moment right off the bat.  Brutal heaviness with an outstanding growl and then double bass action and some well-placed but catchy vocal arrangements make this a winner.  The punishing rhythm section at the 55 second slow-down is worthy of people punching themselves in the face over and over and over again until Jason “I slipped on a banana peel two-stepping” Majinsky gets crushed again.  This opening track delivers.  The epic, “Turkish Blood Orgy” would give Iron Maiden’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” a run for its money in terms of song length.  At a whopping 1.30 this track delivers.  Great guitar riffing opens the song and then the tune gets into a classic 90’s mid paced death metal speed before erupting into a slow-down then getting faster and Devin’s vocals are that wet, slimy, filthy, gurgling vocals that decapitate people from across the wide open oceans.

Some outstanding double bass action and then “Perverse Deranged” comes in with nice isolated drums before feedback and a chest heaving heaviness at the 25 second mark will rattle your fillings out of your Gatorade brain once and for all.  Perfect slow crawling grinding speed with double bass that will slaughter you from ear to ear.  This song picks up speed and then with some nice little drum rolls that grinding heaviness returns to smother you in the dense, cavernous riffs.  “Succulent Decedent” closes out the ep with massive heaviness and a well-placed xtra long throaty growl.  The song pics up with an old school speed and the double bass over this section caused planes to start launching their passengers into outer space.  At the 3.15 part Devin lays out a nice growl and the groove is infectious and I can only imagine those Ohio pits just causing sinkholes all over the neighborhood.

Pornographic Seizures is on the California label Maggot Stomp, run by Scott “I taught Hulk Hogan the Atomic Leg Drop” Magrath.  This is my new favorite label.  The bands are entrenched in playing death metal the organic way and like Sanguisugabogg harken back to 90’s era death metal. Sanguisugabogg have some Disma/Incantation style to them as well as a little Embalmer influence, but I gotta tell you Sanguisugabogg deserve the hype and yes, they need to write a full length album.  I predict big things for them.  My collection is vast folks and even items I do not own I have still heard even more out there and I am telling you Sanguisugabogg‘s debut-Pornographic Seizures crushes the majority of what I have heard in the last 5 years.  This is beyond godly.  I cannot get enough of this ep and Maggot Stomp is an amazing label.  Christ almighty I feel like I just need to “Rip apart, Tear your Flesh, Hack Away-at Your Limbs”.  Buy or Die!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
October 11th, 2019


  1. Commented by: AR

    Absolutely crushing. I feel like I need a shower, after listening to this. KILLS.

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