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Goatwhore - Constricting Rage of the Merciless Mortals - Cursed to See the Future Humut Tabal - Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm Deus Otiosus - Rise Origin - Omnipresent Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestite Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails Vehemenz - Vehemenz EP Sectu - Nefarious Astral Domine - Arcanum Gloriae Son of Aurelius - Under a Western Sun Septicflesh - Titan Rage Nucléaire - Black Storm of Violence Skinfather - None Will Mourn LP Vinterbris - Solace Valdrin - Beyond the Forest Hour of Penance - Regicide Spectral Lore - III Trap Them - Blissfucker Sabbatory - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom Devangelic - Resurrection Denied Planet Rain - The Fundamental Principles Gammacide - Victims of Science (Reissue) Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun Dark Century - Murder Motel Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Red Over Red Stoneburner - Life Drawing Abysmal Torment - Cultivate the Apostate Wretched - Cannibal Tombs - Savage Gold