Carnal Decay
You Owe, You Pay

Swiss brutal death metal band Carnal Decay is a name I have ran across a few times over the years, but honestly couldn’t recall any of their albums.  When their new one came out I thought it would be a good chance to dive in and check them out, and unfortunately I dove head first into the shallow end of the pool.

Being unfamiliar with their previous 3 full-length albums I was only vaguely sure what to expect here, but this one comes across as basically a bad deathcore album.  Now there are those out there who clearly think EVERY deathcore album is a bad one (anyone who’s read my reviews knows me and Erik are about the only fans of the genre left), but this one is a big disappointment.  Certain songs at times almost drift into rap-metal territory, and a bit too much hardcore posturing and tough guy lyrics; with a track titled “Show Your Fucking Face”, it’s all a bit obvious.

Sure, you get some nice breakdowns and some frantic blasts as things drift into the more brutal end of the spectrum, but this one is just not that good.  The production is solid, which is one of the few positives on this one, and the artwork is pretty damn cool.  Check it out if you’re curious, but there’s no point spending too much time on this one as you can safely move on.  Not a lot to see here.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Kevin E
April 14th, 2017


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