Earth Rot

So it appears that some HM Boss pedals have finally found their way all the way down under. They have surfaced all over Europe (Greece, France, Czech Republic, Poland etc) and the USA (Fatalist, Sentient Horror, etc), but now Australia can get in on the mid range action.

However, Perth’s Earth Rot are not a full on Stockholm homage band despite the mid range buzz and rumble , as they throw in some black metal and grindcore influences ( the band started as grindcore duo), especially vocally, but they certainly throw down plenty of Entombed. Dismember, Necrophobic (Bloodhymns) -y Sunlight Studios goodness

The albums bursts right out of the gates with “Terraform”, highlighting the band’ grindcore roots.  No intro, no atmospherics, just a blistering salvo of full throttle blasting. Second track “The Ancient Fire” veers far more into the Necrophobic/ Stockholm sound with both slicing riffs and some burly lurches before “Waves of the Blackest Mire” “Panoptic Terror” and particularly “Anachronous Oath” deliver purer takes on the mid range death metal sound with impressive, buzzing aplomb.

A couple of curve ball lie within the maelstrom as the little acoustic,saxophone laced  sung interlude “The Bones That lay Beneath the Earth” that leads into the Edge of Sanity-ish “Bestial Shadow Forest” and personal favorite, the “Funeral Pyre” which as a sudden flamenco flourish amid the  blistering, paint peeling riffage. “Condemned to the Grave” (a popular track title this year ? Entrails and Evocation both have a song wit same title), deliver a big, burly traditional mid range crunch, while closer “Unfurled, The Cover of Darkness” is a menacing, blacker track highlighting the bands ability to deliver a solid mix of styles, but ends the album perfectly.

A sneaky little low key, self released Aussie surprise that impressed me quite a bit and certainly a band I will be keeping an eye to see if they get a much deserved record deal or licensing for this kick as  little release.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
June 7th, 2017


  1. Commented by: Jay

    Damn good stuff! Another new one to my radar and you’re dead on with the review. Australia has a low key scene as far as getting press but any heavy stuff I hear from the Outback usually tears me a new one.

  2. Commented by: Jay

    Dismember, Entombed and Grave are coming to mind, big time! Always a good thing in my book.

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