Falls of Rauros
Vigilance Perennial

Maine’s Falls of Rauros improved greatly from their 2011 debut, The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood, to 2014s Believe in No Coming Shore, which made my 2014 year end list.  And now with album number four, I feel these guys have absolutely reached elite status, as  Vigilance Perennial, isn’t just going to be on my year end list, it’s going to be very near the top.

Sometimes, you just know you are listening to something special. It’s hits so many perfect parts and checks so many boxes, but intangibly, it just raises the hair on your neck and hits your very soul. About 7:25 into the opening track “White Granite”, is where I knew it.  A delicate acoustic bridge and 30 seconds later a gorgeous, shimmery explosion of blackened elegance and thus the template for the the rest of the album’s journey is laid forth.

The 5 songs that comprise Vigilance Perennial‘s perfect 45 minute run time still carry that cascadian vibe from the opposite coast; the crisp dewy fall air of Agalloch and forested majesty of Wolves in the Throne Room, but Falls of Rauros have simply forced on all cylinders hit the stylistic sweet spot. There is such an air of confidence and sheer perfection dripping from every note and riff, it’s like light breaking through storm clouds, in it’s tangibly brilliant aura.

Whether it’s the aforementioned “White Granite” or the the more somber ebb and flow and gossamer symphonic touch of second track “Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes” , more temperamental downpour of  “Arrow and Kiln” the albums standout, with a knee wilting climax or even the almost heavenly aura of closer “Impermanence Streakt Through Marble” (with a last 5 minutes to simply die for), the album just sucks you into an almost trance like state of admiration and emotional catharsis. Even 2 minute mid  album interlude “Warm Quiet Centuries of Rains” is a perfect moment of tranquility.

Other than maybe Dark Descent Records or Unique Leader, is there a label currently, that is so immaculately dialed in to a specific style or genre as Bindrune? I don’t think so. And This album is the very epitome of that symbiotic relationship that has created a perfect release in the genre and one that might be a future classic. The only downside is how can they possibly top this?

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Written by E. Thomas
April 3rd, 2017


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