Miserist EP

I’ve never been a fan of instrumental metal. And I’m not a huge fan of EPs either. But here is Australia’s Miserist to make me eat crow with a debut 6 song EP, of flat out nasty, atonal, crumbling instrumental death metal that really kinda blew me away.

With clear reference points to the likes of Portal, Gorguts, Ulcerate, and label mates Autokrator, Miserist take that sound and somehow make it even more nightmarish, claustrophobic and even a little industrial. The lack of vocals, somehow makes it even more harrowing, and faceless, but it works, even though vocals would have made it even better, if even more frightening.

The 6 track, roughly 30 minute descent to hell is full of twisty, unearthly writing forms and occasional moments of ambient┬ánausea. From the perfectly named “Skin, Mold & Flame” to the 10 minute closer “Narikuntu” a more sickeningly atmospheric ooze, the EP is downright oppressive. Whether it’s the menacing militant march of “Miserist” and psycho-hallucinatory blast and crumble of “Lung Rust” or the murderous lurch of “VIII” and “Horror Infinitum” (that creepy old timey music, gives me goosebumps), it will all have you in a dread inducing state of paranoia, especially if listened to at night on headphones.

The land of nightmares now has a sound track- so when will one of these songs become the national anthem?

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
February 10th, 2017


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