In Glorious Death

Aussie Doomsters Myraeth were formerly known as Mona’s Lament but have released one EP and this, their debut under their new moniker and its very good stuff.  Although adding to their country’s fine doom stock with the likes of Mournful Congregation, Futility, Paramecium, Inverloch, Clagg  and such, Myraeth is far more rooted on the Scandinavian, beauty and the beast style of Gothic doom metal that sounds that brings to mind acts most notably like Draconian, and older acts like Thalarion (still one of my favorite bands to ever play this style) , early Beseech and such.

Highlighted by the occasional use of very My Dying Bride styled violins (i.e. opener “Monarch”, “Confession”), contrasting female operatics and deep growling male vocals, some synths, plodding, layers of thick, somber riffs and a melancholic sense of depressive melody, Myraeth certainly comes across as a very veteran act on their first full length album, easily sound as good as their European contemporaries. However, this isn’t peppy, sugary Napalm Records styled Gothic metal, this is far more despondent and funeral doomy in its delivery. This is early Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Swallow the Sun, Officium Triste, The Foreshadowing and their ilk, with some female vocals mixed in. It’s very well done, very well polished  and has some rending harmonies mixed in with the loping, despondent tones.

Samantha Krenster is well used but not overly done as she and Ryan Casey’s deep Scandinavian growl compliment each other. She has a sultry, sexy voice that isn’t too operatic or shrill, and keeps things suitably sonorous. And a couple of times (i.e “Driftwood”, ‘Sleight of Hand”, “Transcendence”) I thought she reminded me of Marian Aas Hansen from Fleurety‘s debut album. The music  and the riffs are suitably mopey but also pretty hefty, with a nice mix of wilting harmonies and crushing doom aided by a pretty ample production reminiscent of all their European  peers. A few perks here and there change things up such as  “Transcendence” which  adds a few more piano tinkles to the more bluesy proceedings while the outstanding closing title track delivers an up temp closing canter to the despondent throes.

It’s been a long while since I heard an album that did this style, and did it well without veering into pure poppy Goth metal realms. The balance is perfect, being a real beauty and the beast styled album that shows a real level of promise and adds to Australia’s already awesome doom acts.

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Written by E. Thomas
October 12th, 2012


  1. Commented by: Luke_22

    Really getting into this one. The female vocals work wonders with the gruffer vocals, and the production is spot-on.

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