Collision LP

If you have ever sat around ad wondered “What the heck happened to Swedish band Crowpath? Those noisy fuckers were one of Willowtip’s best bands?”, your question has now been answered. While only two Crowpath members are in Tellusian, their influence is apparent, but not overwhelming as two other members of this exciting new act balance out the expected Crowpath-ish noise and chaos and the end result is something brilliant and dare I say it- fresh sounding.

What we have here is a more daring, experimental, progressive take on Crowpath‘s blustery chaos (especially vocally). It’s even more melodic and amicable, resulting is something that comes across like the expected Crowpath noise mixed with the jangly, airy grindcore of Beaten to Death and the angular musings of Mastodon. And while only 25 minutes long, it’s brilliant and potentially unlike you will hear in 2014.

While complex and at times plenty discordant in it’s convoluted,  shifty metallic throes, there’s this great layer of subtle harmony and uplifting melody buried in all the riffs or via understated synths. But fear not metal head, the gruff vocals, percussion, guitar tone and occasional blast beat ( i.e  “Collision”) keep this purely metal, but the prog aura keeps it magnificent.

‘”Armor to Paper” sets the tone right away with a heavy Mastodon vibe then “Bastard Street” shows the band’s more eclectic off kilter, looser, chops before the title track delivers a more blistering direct salvo but transitions into a  black blast and psychedelic melding into with “Idiotens Dilema”, the album’s longest track and three and a half minutes. And the balance between metallic chaos and proggy experimental quirk is perfectly done in (“Wolfs in Sheep’s Medicine”) and between tracks (“Rivalry” vs “The Saw Collector”, “In the Wake of Circuses and Parades” vs “The Collyer Brothers”).

But you need to pick this up soon as its a limited LP (320 copies)  and CD(305 copies) initial release before im guessing one of the bigger labels comes sniffing around.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
May 21st, 2014


  1. Commented by: Luke_22

    Always enjoyed Crowpath when in the right mood. This sounds like an interesting progression and the sample track is great.

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