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Fear Factory – Digimortal

Progression, foresight and innovation are all words associated with Fear Factory’s debut album, Soul of a New Machine. The Californian space-metal outfit blended styles as diverse as Godflesh, Head Of David, Swans and Frontline Assembly with death metal sensibilities to forma musical expression far beyond the primitive brutality of Pitch Shifter and Ministry-isms of Skrew. […]

Sepultura – Nation

For me, any post-Chaos AD Sepultura lacks the pulse of the band’s neo-thrash/death metal. I’m not too sure if Sepultura has grown up and I haven’t, but whatever the case may be my heart isn’t where it used to be when Sepultura’s name came up in, “Best band discussions.” I hate to say the experience of […]

Yngwie Malmsteen – War to End All Wars

Yngwie Malmsteen is very much a living legend in heavy metal, for it’s his inclusion of classical music within metal that’s set him apart from his string burning peers. Yet, with his immeasurable skill, Malmsteen also comes with a reputation – he’s rumored to be the most difficult person in music. For the sake of keeping […]