Adrian “The Energizer” Bromley passes away..

According to, one of the metal media’s pioneers, Adrian Bromley, who started e-zine Chronicles of Chaos as well as Unrestrained Magazine and recently worked for The End Records and Ixmati Media, has passed away.

From; “It is with a very heavy heart we report that Adrian ‘The Energizer’ Bromley passed away in his sleep on December 7th, 2008 at the young age of 37. He had just celebrated his birthday on November 30th. To say that Adrian was active in the metal scene is an understatement. Early in his journalism career he worked at Canada’s M.E.A.T Magazine (along with BW&BK’s Carl Begai and “Metal” Tim Henderson). Soon-after, Adrian, along with Gino Filicetti formed one of the world’s first extreme metal webzines called Chronicles Of Chaos. Adrian went on to create Unrestrained! Magazine which gained worldwide popularity in the extreme underground realm. More recently he worked press and publicity at The End Records and moved on to form Ixmati Media, a company that represented the likes of Listenable Records, Blistering Records, Northern Storm Records, Ibex Moon Records, Shadow Kingdom Records among others. He had also started his new label called Absurdist Records.

BW&BK President/CEO “Metal” Tim Henderson had this to say about his passing: “We are in total shock. We used to joke that BW&BK and Unrestrained! were vicious rivals, but that was totally inaccurate. I’d known Adrian since the M.E.A.T. days in Toronto in the late ’80s as we all were trying to cut it as potential journalists! Hell, he lived on our BraveBoard! You won’t meet anybody in this biz that worked as hard as Adrian, fighting for “the cause” at every waking moment. And the key was that his heart was in the right place. He’d give you his left arm if you needed it. Always a friendly hand-shake or a heavy metal hug. Every band and label that Adrian represented felt his presence. His head was filled with a sea of metal knowledge – underground and above ground. Virtually every conversation we had was about music – it was his life. Adrian had incredible vision, always thinking of ideas on how to push the scene to greater heights. Those of us based in Toronto – take a look around at your next metal show/gathering. Adrian touched every one of those souls as he helped the scene grow larger than ever.

Damn, it as just over a year ago we lost Ray “Black Metal” Wallace. Life just ain’t fair.

He will be terribly missed…”

All of the staff here at Teethofthedivine pass on their condolences to the friends and family¬†of one of metal’s biggest fans and one of the scene’s most influential and respected journalists….