Teethofthedivine.com launches!


Welcome to Teethofthedivine.com. It’s April 1st, but we’re no fools. We’re the real deal. We braved nearly a year at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in order to make today a reality, and as much as we’d like to give props to the Russian government, who lease the space gangster-style, we’re really happy to home. We’ve had enough beshbarmak and second-hand smoke to last a lifetime.

So, what is Teethofthedivine.com and who are the people behind it? Check our About section. It’s hard to be that witty twice. Basically, we’re the flotsam and jetsam from the formerly revered, impenetrable-bunker that was DigitalMetal.com. After seven years and two fatal hack-jobs, we’ve decided to scuttle what remains of our Vostok 3KA and upgrade. We can’t tell you the rocket type just yet. If we did, we’d be serving Borscht at Planet Hollywood, Moscow. No fun.

The idea of Teethofthedivine.com isn’t that much different from any other website out there, except we know how to commandeer Russian-built rockets. We have reviews, interviews, news, podcasts, a community element, a MySpace page, and, gasp!, a blog. We’re nonconformist conformists, in the end.

Sit back, read a few must-read reviews, spend time with our hella-good interviews, comment on our sagacious insight, listen to a few overly-informative, life-changing podcasts, visit our MySpace and, most importantly, tell your friends and enemies about us. We love a good fight. Even from 22,236 miles up.

As they say in Kazakhstan, “Bul darine alu ushin retsept kerekpe?”