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Unleashed – Before the Creation of Time

1990; Fuck I’m old. In Death Metal history, however, it’s like I’m still in my twenties and it was DEATH METAL. Bands were releasing albums left and right, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel; the Earache label alone was like a goddamn factory with its roster of bands. Not to be left out were these dudes from […]

Terminal Nation – Echoes of the Devil’s Den

“Fuck every fucking cop that’s ever fucking lived.” I want to start with those words, which are repeated many times in “No Reform (New Age Slave Patrol)” the fourth track from Terminal Nation‘s second album, Echoes of the Devil’s Den, to simply let you know the message, and to turn back now if offended. For […]

Severe Torture – Torn From the Jaws of Death

25 years is a long time. Hell, over 25 years is a long time, and I’ve realized that a lot of the bands I love are coming up on that side of their longevity, which isn’t much next to the Rolling fucking Stones and we all know they’ve been doing it since the Triassic period […]

Fluids- Reduced Capabilities

What do you think of when you hear the word fluids? Soda? Water? Urine, semen, blood? With the band Fluids you know what you’re about to get… the absolute shit beaten out of your eardrums. Songs about the slimey and worm ridden carcass of this decaying planet and the human shit that inhabit it. Reduced […]

Baron – Beneath the Blazing Abyss

Despite being around since 2016, Beneath the Blazing Abyss is the Finnish band’s debut and boy, is it an excellent, pummeling example of death/doom metal that is a very, very impressive first effort. If you enjoy mid-tempo trundling death with sprinkles of doom like Temple of Void, Grave, Malignant Altar, Vore, Hooded Menace, Frozen Soul […]

Six Feet Under – Killing for Revenge

“It’s not the worst thing ever,” says the custodian as he scrapes all the dried cum from in and around the glory hole. I didn’t wish for him to elaborate, but by instinct, I said “Wouldn’t it be easier just to do it when it’s fresh?” He scowled and I received no answer. Foolishly, I […]

Skulldozer – Non Stop Ruthless Crushing

Non Stop Ruthless Crushing …..what???? I feel like there’s another word that was forgotten here. Anxiety? Diarrhea? Parental disappointment? I keed,  I keed What we have here is a re-release of a 2023 effort from this Texas act formed by Jason Ramsey (notably from Baton Rouge’s Suture, who released solid albums on Deepsend Records, Unmatched […]

Deicide – Banished By Sin

At first glance, album number 13 from one of death metal’s true institutions Deicide, appears to be yet another by-the-numbers Deicide album that Bentons (yes I used it as a verb), blasphemes and blasts its way through another effort of Christ-hating death metal. And to some extent it does. It is most certainly a Deicide […]

Witch Vomit -Funeral Sanctum

A new Witch Vomit offering is almost a holiday ‘round these parts. It wasn’t a question of IF it would be covered, but more of a question of who would be; Myself or Steve K. Surprisingly, he put up no fight. I’m glad for once we didn’t come to blows (not that kind you dirty […]

Replicant – Infinite Mortality   

Fun fact: This is the third intro I’ve written for my review of this album, all on different devices. I wasn’t satisfied, which is probably the story of my life and my exes’. I’m just going to mostly skip that part and go into the first track on Replicant’s new one, called “Acid Mirror.” Sharing […]

Chapel of Disease – Echoes of Light

When it looked like Germany’s Chapel of Disease was calling it a day a few years after their 2018, third album – the very wordy,   …and As We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye my buddy Graham (Deepsend Records) and I commiserated that this was not fun news.  I have followed the […]

Houwitser – Sentinel Beast

The Netherlands Houwitser returns with their sixth album Sentinel Beast. If you are not familiar with Houwitser it is a project of former Sinister vocalist Mike Van Mastrigt. I was excited to hear that these guys were still active. If you have not, check out Mike’s other side band Neocaesar if you are a fan […]

Mutilation Barbecue – Amalgamations of Gore

Cleveland is a death metal town. I’m much closer to Pittsburgh but do make the journey to Cleveland somewhat regularly. My friend who books shows in Pittsburgh told me about a show he was considering but was on the fence. It happens to be my favorite band from this old-school death metal revival of which […]

Aborted – Vault of Horrors

Oh, Aborted. We share a little in common. When my parents talk about me, Aborted is brought up. It’s usually at the end of a sentence beginning with “you should have been,” but whatever. As for other things we have in common, there aren’t any. Their new album Vault of Horrors is indeed a new […]

Hideous Divinity – Unextinct

Hideous Divinity is back with their fifth full-length album, Unextinct.  The band opted to go the longest length of time in their career without ever releasing an album, as Simulacrum was released a year prior to COVID.  The band was patient not to release a COVID album because they knew there would be no touring […]

Obscura Qalma – Veils Of Transcendence EP

There’s a stunning level of consistency between this Italian orchestral death metal band’s 2021 debut, Apotheosis, and their latest EP, Veils Of Transcendence, despite the label change from Germany’s Rising Nemesis Records to homegrown label, Dusktone (who have been more on my radar recently for their reissues of Stormlord and Spite Extreme Wing albums). It’s […]

Dipygus – Dipygus

Three years ago I reviewed the second album Bushmeat from Dipygus.  The band waited until after COVID to release their third album, Dipygus, a self-titled affair.  This Californian sludgy death metal act has returned with their longest album, complete with their longest song, “Sacral Brain”, at over 11 minutes and the heaviness is just as […]

Crowley, Vincent – Anthology of Horror

When I was still a young 20 something discovering Death Metal, I ordered a sampler from a label called JL America through a magazine called Wild Rags. I still have the cassette in my collection and through that one little cassette tape I heard Impaled Nazarene, Pyogenesis, Disastrous Murmur and of course, Acheron. The track […]

Stellar Remains-Wastelands EP

Stellar Remains is an entirely new venture by Dan Elkin. I’ve scoured the web trying to find more info, but all I have is from the promo materials, so pardon my ignorance. The record label, Gutter Prince Cabal, has only recently appeared on my radar thanks to Fryktelig Stoy. I am forever grateful for them […]

Acrid Death – Abominable Presence of Blight

It’s early days in 2024, but German newcomers Acrid Death (though with veteran members of other bands like All Its Grace, Driven by Entropy, and Synchronic) along with Ceremonial Death (on their split EP with Unformulas) look to be frontrunners for 2024s best HM2/Swedish death metal guitar tone. Fans of Entrails take fucking note here, […]

Apparition – Fear the Apparition

Originally released last year on Oregon’s Headsplit Records, the debut from Spanish trio Apparation has been reissued by Germany stalwart label, FDA Records less than a year later, a testament to how FDA Records views Apparition. So the old-school cover should give it away, but Apparition (featuring ex and current members of Ataraxy, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, […]

Morta Skuld – Creation Undone

Wisconsin’s best death metal band returns with their seventh full-length album Creation Undone.  With mainman Axe Grinder and vocalist Dave Gregor fronting the band, they are on fire on this album.  And I do want to get something out of the way right now.  I really do not care how album covers are created – […]

Spectral Voice – Sparagmos

I reviewed the debut album, Eroded Corridors of Unbeing, from Colorado’s doom/death outfit, Spectral Voice, in 2017. Seeing the band on their tour with Undergang, prior to the album, was a really awesome experience, especially since the members of Spectral Voice are also members of Blood Incantation. After various splits etc…since the debut album, Spectral […]

Hellman – Born, Suffering, Death

I gotta say, so far I have not been real impressed with 2024. I started the year with a real good case of covid (I’m still not 100%), the Buffalo Bills simultaneously found new, creative ways to break my heart AND  dig in to the “Best of” drawer of misery by once again kicking wide-right […]

Blood Red Throne – Nonagon

Norwegian Death Metal Juggernaut Blood Red Throne returns with their eleventh studio album. Nonagon sees the return of original drummer Freddy the Shred Boiso and the debut of new vocalist Sindre Wathne Johnsen. Things get kicked off in classic Blood Red Throne fashion with “Epitaph Inscribed.”   The track intros with a nice solo guitar line […]