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Artist Release Reviewer Date
C.B Murdoc Here be Dragons Chris Sessions 06/23/16
Cable Last Call Chris Ayers 04/27/07
Cadaver Mutilator Murder Death Kill Frank Rini 01/23/14
Cadaveric Crematorium One of Them Kunal Choksi 01/15/14
Caducity The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (Reissue) Frank Rini 08/29/18
Caelestia Beneath Abyss E. Thomas 02/04/16
Cage Science of Annihilation Shawn Pelata 06/19/09
Caïna Mourner E. Thomas 10/24/07
Caïna Setter of Unseen Snares Jack Taylor 02/18/15
Cairiss Fall EP E. Thomas 07/01/16
Caladan Brood Echoes of Battle E. Thomas 04/18/13
Caliban Say Hello to Tragedy E. Thomas 09/24/09
Caliban The Awakening Larry "Staylow" Owens 11/24/07
Call for Blood Call for Blood EP Benjamin DeBlasi 12/09/09
Call of the Void Dragged Down a Dead End Path Luke Saunders 04/24/13
Call of the Void A.Y.F.K.M EP Frank Rini 04/18/17
Call to Preserve From Isolation Benjamin DeBlasi 11/05/08
Callisto Providence E. Thomas 06/09/09
Calm Hatchery Sacrilege of Humanity Scott Alisoglu 12/14/10
Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Hives EP Frank Rini 01/27/14
Calmed By The Tides of Rain Phaeton Frank Rini 11/08/13
Calvarium The Skull of Golgotha Grimulfr 01/25/03
Canaan Brand New Babylon Grimulfr 06/28/00
Candlemass Death Magic Doom Shawn Pelata 05/28/09
Candlemass King of the Grey Islands Fred Phillips 08/23/07
Cannabis Corpse From Wisdom to Baked Luke Saunders 08/08/14
Cannabis Corpse The Weeding EP Justin M Norton 11/16/09
Cannabis Corpse Beneath the Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise Scott Alisoglu 08/08/11
Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul Splatterhash Split EP Luke Saunders 03/03/14
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain E. Thomas 09/16/14
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague E. Thomas 03/03/09
Cannibal Corpse Red Before Black E. Thomas 11/06/17
Cannibal Corpse Torture Dane Prokofiev 03/12/12
Cannibal Corpse Torture (2nd Review) Kevin E 03/12/12
Canopy Will and Perception E. Thomas 10/23/09
Canvas Solaris The Atomized Dream Jordan Itkowitz 08/06/08
Captain Cleanoff Rising Terror Luke Saunders 07/06/15
Captain Cleanoff Symphonies of Slackness E. Thomas 02/25/09
Cara Neir Portals To A Better, Dead World LP E. Thomas 01/22/14
Carach Angren This Is No Fairy Tale E. Thomas 04/02/15
Carach Angren Death Came Through a Phantom Ship Mikko K. 03/01/10
Carach Angren Lammendam Jordan Itkowitz 10/12/09
Carcass Surgical Steel E. Thomas 09/02/13
Cardiac Arrest Vortex of Violence Kevin E 06/13/12
Cardiact Arrest Haven for the Insane Jodi Van Walleghem 07/20/10
Carmina Carmina EP E. Thomas 06/26/09
Carnal Decay You Owe, You Pay Kevin E 04/14/17
Carnal Forge Testify For My Victims E. Thomas 07/06/07
Carnal Rapture Promo 2008 Scott Alisoglu 09/02/09
Carne Ville Morgue J. D. Anderson 01/21/14
Carnifex Die Without Hope E. Thomas 03/03/14
Carnifex The Diseased and the Poisoned E. Thomas 07/25/08
Carnifex Until I Feel Nothing E. Thomas 11/18/11
Carnifex World War X E. Thomas 08/19/19
Caronte Ascension Chuck Kucher 01/16/13
Carpathian Forest Defending The Throne Of Evil Grimulfr 09/19/03
Casket Robbery Evolution of Evil E. Thomas 05/23/16
Cast the Stone Empyrean Atrophy EP E. Thomas 08/10/18
Castevet Mounds of Ash E. Thomas 09/02/10
Catalepsy Iniquity E. Thomas 06/27/08
Cataract Kingdom E. Thomas 05/30/06
Cataract With Triumph Comes Loss E. Thomas 09/07/04
Cataract Cataract E. Thomas 05/14/08
Catastrophic Pathology of Murder E. Thomas 02/15/08
Cathedral The Guessing Game Donald Kyle 06/11/10
Catheter Southwest Doom Violence Kevin E 05/07/12
Catholicon Of Ages Past Scott Alisoglu 02/09/10
Catholicon Treatise On the Abyss E. Thomas 11/26/07
Cattle Decapitation Humanure E. Thomas 06/01/04
Cattle Decapitation Karma. Bloody. Karma E. Thomas 07/11/06
Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction Nick K 08/03/15
Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor E. Thomas 02/24/09
Cattle Decapitation Monolith of Inhumanity Kevin E 05/08/12
Cause for Revelation Resurrecting the Hostility Benjamin DeBlasi 08/26/10
Caustic Casanova Breaks Jay S 10/13/16
Caustic Method The Virus Chris Sessions 07/07/15
Cavalera Conspiracy Blunt Force Trauma Fred Phillips 04/21/11
Cavalera Conspiracy Inflikted Larry "Staylow" Owens 03/30/08
Cavern Eater Jay S 07/03/18
Cavern Outsiders Jay S 10/28/15
Celan Halo Shawn Pelata 05/09/09
Celeste Animale(s) J. D. Anderson 12/23/13
Celeste Morte(s) Nee(s) Mikko K. 05/05/10
Celestia Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis Grimulfr 04/15/08
Celtic Frost Monotheist Fred Phillips 06/01/06
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales/To Mega Therion/Into the Pandemonium/and Vanity/Nemesis (Reissues) Frank Rini 01/08/18
Cemetery Filth/Ectovoid/Sabbatory/ Trenchrot 4 Doors to Death Kristofor Allred 09/06/16
Cemetery Lust Screams of the Violated (Reissue) Will 'Bones' Lee 11/25/15
Centaurus-A Side Effects Expected Larry "Staylow" Owens 04/09/09
Centinex Redeeming Filth E. Thomas 11/11/14
Centurian Contra Rationem E. Thomas 03/01/13
Centurion Serve No One E. Thomas 03/19/12
Century Red Giant E. Thomas 10/24/11
Cephalectomy An Epitaph to Tranquility E. Thomas 10/26/09
Cephalectomy Eclipsing the Dawn E. Thomas 03/24/04
Cephalic Carnage Xenosapien Jeff Lamb 07/19/07
Cephalic Carnage Misled By Certainty E. Thomas 09/21/10
Cephalic Impurity Unique Brute Revival Benjamin DeBlasi 03/29/11
Cerberus Klagelieder - Grabesgesang Grimulfr 03/30/06
Cerebrum Spectral Extravagance Jodi Van Walleghem 10/21/09
Cerekloth In the Midst of Life We Are In Death Luke Saunders 04/17/13
Chabtan The Kiss of Coatlicue E. Thomas 07/30/15
Chaos Inception The Abrogation E. Thomas 06/29/12
Chaos Invocation In Bloodline with the Snake E. Thomas 03/29/10
Chaos Moon Eschaton Memoire Benjamin Cedotal 12/05/17
Chapel of Disease Summoning Black Gods Noch 12/17/12
Chapel of Disease The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art E. Thomas 02/19/15
Chapters The Imperial Skies E. Thomas 01/06/14
The Chariot Fiancée Benjamin DeBlasi 06/28/07
Charnel Valley The Dark Archives Grimulfr 02/10/05
Charnel Valley The Igneous Race E. Thomas 09/13/07
Charon Downhearted Mikko K. 05/28/02
Charred Walls of the Damned Charred Walls of the Damned Fred Phillips 02/04/10
Charred Walls of the Damned Creatures Watching Over the Dead Kristofor Allred 10/17/16
Chasm of Nis Redolent of Spheres
 Adam Palm 01/15/13
Chastain For Those Who Dare (reissue) Shawn Pelata 02/21/11
Chelsea Grin Chelsea Grin EP E. Thomas 05/06/09
Chelsea Grin Desolation of Eden E. Thomas 02/18/10
Chelsea Grin My Damnation Kevin E 08/09/11
Chickenfoot Chickenfoot Shawn Pelata 07/02/09
Children of Bodom Blooddrunk Larry "Staylow" Owens 04/13/08
Chimaira The Infection Scott Alisoglu 05/19/09
Chingalera Dose Kris Yancey 10/08/08
Chordewa Recast Gear for the Mindcraft Course E. Thomas 06/04/14
Christ Inversion Christ Inversion Belgarath 01/24/09
Christian Mistress Possession Jodi Van Walleghem 04/09/12
Chrome Division 3rd Round Knockout Fred Phillips 05/26/11
Chthe'ilist Le Dernier Crépuscule E. Thomas 03/07/16
Chthonian Of Beatings and the Silence in Between Grimulfr 12/08/08
Chthonic Bú-Tik Mike Sloan 10/11/13
Chton The Devil Builds Mike Sloan 11/20/12
Chur/Oprich/Piarevaracien Triunity Split Mike Sloan 08/20/12
Church of Misery Thy Kingdom Scum Chuck Kucher 11/06/13
Circle II Circle Consequence of Power Fred Phillips 11/26/10
Circle II Circle Delusions of Grandeur Fred Phillips 05/08/08
Circle of Dead Children Psalm of the Grand Destroyer E. Thomas 09/28/10
Circus Maximus Isolate Fred Phillips 02/05/08
Cirith Gorgor Visions of Exalted Lucifer Will 'Bones' Lee 03/04/16
City of Ships Look What God Did to Us John Gnesin 08/18/09
The Classic Struggle Bring Back the Glory E. Thomas 12/13/08
The Classic Struggle Feel Like Hell E. Thomas 09/25/05
The Cleansing Feeding the Inevitable E. Thomas 09/07/11
The Cleansing Poisoned Legacy E. Thomas 06/10/09
Cleenteeth Pushing Rope J. D. Anderson 02/04/14
Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation Jesse Wolf 08/31/10
Closer A Darker Kind of Salvation Shane Wolfensberger 12/15/08
The CNK L'hymne a la Joie Jordan Itkowitz 01/07/09
Cnoc An Tursa The Giants of Auld Mike Sloan 06/03/13
Coathanger Abortion Observations of Humanity Kevin E 07/09/15
Cobalt Eater of Birds E. Thomas 08/29/07
Cobalt Gin E. Thomas 04/03/09
Cobalt Landfill Breastmilk Beast EP E. Thomas 07/08/08
Cobalt Slow Forever E. Thomas 05/10/16
Cobolt 60 The Grim Defiance Mike Sloan 10/18/12
Cobra Noir Abode of the Dead E. Thomas 09/06/05
Cobra Noir Barricades E. Thomas 09/06/08
Coexistence Carrion Comfort Fred Phillips 06/30/09
Coffin Texts The Tomb of Infinite Ritual E. Thomas 06/22/12
Coffinrot Retribution Divine Nick K 09/26/18
Coffins March of Despair EP Scott Alisoglu 07/02/12
Coffins Buried Death E. Thomas 06/12/08
Coffins/Macabra In Quarantine With Death Mike Sloan 10/09/12
Coffins/Spun In Darkness Split 7” (Reissue) Mike Sloan 11/22/12
Coffinworm When All Became None E. Thomas 05/28/10
Cognitive Cognitive Frank Rini 05/06/14
Cognitive Deformity Frank Rini 11/14/16
Cognizance Inquisition EP/2014 Demo Frank Rini 04/11/14
COHOL Deepend Flaw in the dark E. Thomas 06/02/11
COHOL Rigen Nick K 06/17/15
Cold Colors Northernmost Nick K 03/29/19
Cold Northern Vengeance Domination and Servitude E. Thomas 03/12/09
Cold World Dedicated to the Babies Who Came Feet First Benjamin DeBlasi 09/15/08
Coldworker Rotting Paradise Kyle Huckins 05/21/08
Coldworker The Doomsayer's Call Jodi Van Walleghem 03/23/12
Colombian Necktie All Paths Lead to Nowhere Chris Sessions 09/29/16
The Color Morale My Devil In Your Eyes Jesse Wolf 03/16/11
Colosseum Chapter 1:Delirium E. Thomas 04/18/08
Colossus Drunk on Blood Shawn Pelata 08/30/10
Colossus Fall Hidden Into Details Jay S 06/01/16
Come Back From the Dead The Coffin Earth's Entrails Jay S 04/24/15
Comity The Journey is Over Now Chuck Kucher 02/09/12
The Committee Memorandum Occultus Kristofor Allred 04/20/17
The Company Band The Company Band Scott Alisoglu 12/03/09
Composted Plump Up the Volume Frank Rini 10/24/15
Conan Blood Eagle Jack Taylor 03/31/14
Conan Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 Jack Taylor 08/02/13
Concentric Immeasurable E. Thomas 01/13/10
Concentric V E. Thomas 12/12/12
Concept Project Concept Project Igor Stakh 03/02/09
Concrete Icon Perennial Anguish Adam Palm 10/16/13
Condemned His Divine Shadow Frank Rini 03/28/17
Condition Critical Operational Hazard/Extermination Plan (Reissues) Frank Rini 04/04/17
Conjonctive In the Mouth of the Devil E. Thomas 06/09/17
Conniption A Method to Madness Larry "Staylow" Owens 08/27/09
Conspiracy Concordat Scott Alisoglu 04/21/09
Constants The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril EP Chris Ayers 02/22/08
Construct of Lethe Exiler Nick K 06/27/18
Construct of Lethe The Grand Machination EP E. Thomas 01/20/17
Consular Don’t Cross the Swine Chris Ayers 04/17/08
Contaigeon Death at the Gates of Delirium E. Thomas 12/23/10
Continents Idle Hands Kevin E 01/22/13
Continuum Designed Obsolescence  Nick K 03/20/19
Continuum The Hypothesis Kevin E 05/05/15
Contra Deny Everything Jay S 01/25/17
Contra Son of Beast EP Jay S 10/02/15
Contrarian To Perceive is to Suffer E. Thomas 08/28/17
Contrarian Polemic E. Thomas 12/23/15
Contrarian Their Worm Never Dies E. Thomas 03/27/19
Control Human Delete Terminal World Perspective E. Thomas 05/22/07
Converge Axe to Fall Benjamin DeBlasi 11/06/09
Convocation Scars Across Frank Rini 05/23/18
Convulse Evil Prevails Frank Rini 05/12/14
Cop Problem Cop Problem Chuck Kucher 05/09/12
Copremesis Muay Thai Ladyboys E. Thomas 06/19/08
Cormorant Metazoa E. Thomas 01/19/10
Corpsessed Abysmal Thresholds E. Thomas 01/20/14
Corpsessed Impetus of Death E. Thomas 11/05/18
Corpsessed The Dagger & the Chalice EP E. Thomas 05/27/11
Corpus Christii Rising Grimulfr 04/15/08
Corpus Mortale A New Species of Deviant E. Thomas 01/08/08
Corpus Mortale FleshCraft E. Thomas 02/04/13
Corrections House Know How to Carry a Whip Timothy D White 12/02/15
Corrections House Last City Zero Jack Taylor 12/03/13
Corrosion of Conformity Corrosion of Conformity Chuck Kucher 03/08/12
Corrosive Lucifer Gave Us the Faith E. Thomas 01/15/18
Corrosive Nourished by Blood E. Thomas 05/10/19
The Cory Smoot Experiment When Worlds Collide Noch 06/22/12
Coscradh Coscradh EP Mars Budziszewski 09/21/16
Cosmic Church Vigilia EP E. Thomas 12/14/15
Cough Kingdom EP Chris Ayers 02/22/08
Cough/Windhand Reflection of the Negative Split EP Luke Saunders 04/29/13
Council of the Fallen Revealing Damnation E. Thomas 09/23/02
Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay E. Thomas 09/11/17
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace - The Original Sin E. Thomas 08/01/16
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast (Re-Mistressed) E. Thomas 12/02/19
Cradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder Kris Yancey 11/03/08
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches E. Thomas 07/06/15
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine E. Thomas 11/28/04
Cradle of Filth Thornography E. Thomas 10/16/06
Cradle of Filth Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa E. Thomas 11/10/10
Crafteon Cosmic Reawakening E. Thomas 11/15/17
Cranley Gardens House of Decay EP E. Thomas 01/05/18
Crator The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy E. Thomas 11/08/16
Craven idol The Shackles of Mammon Frank Rini 05/05/17
Craven Idol Towards Eschaton E. Thomas 12/18/13
Crawl Rituals E. Thomas 08/23/18
Crawl This Sad Cadav'r Jay S 09/19/17
Creature Feature The Greatest Show Unearthed Shawn Pelata 12/22/08
Creeping Death Wretched Illusions Kristofor Allred 10/18/19
Creeping Flesh In Times of War E. Thomas 08/15/18
Crehated Anthems of Hate Igor Stakh 03/02/09
Crematory Pray Shawn Pelata 12/30/08
Crescent Shield The Stars of Never Seen Jodi Van Walleghem 08/14/09
Crime In Stereo Selective Wreckage Benjamin DeBlasi 10/19/08
Crimfall Amain E. Thomas 09/21/17
Crimfall As the Path Unfolds E. Thomas 03/05/09
The Crimson Armada Guardians E. Thomas 07/27/09
Crimson Shadows Kings Among Men E. Thomas 01/15/15
Crionics Neuthrone E. Thomas 10/01/07
Crisix Against All Odds Will 'Bones' Lee 07/12/18
Critical Extravasation Morbid Existence EP Kristofor Allred 05/03/19
Crocell Prophet's Breath Frank Rini 09/17/15
Crom Dubh Heimweh E. Thomas 08/19/15
Crooked Necks Alright Is Exactly What Isn't Stacy Buchanan 05/24/12
Cropsy Maniac Carnage EP Kristofor Allred 09/05/19
Crowbar Lifesblood of the Downtrodden E. Thomas 02/12/05
Crowbar Sever the Wicked Hand E. Thomas 03/02/11
Crown The One EP E. Thomas 03/29/12
Crown the Lost Blind Faith Loyalty Larry "Staylow" Owens 05/10/09
Crown the Lost Cold Pestilent Hope Scott Alisoglu 10/18/11
The Crown Cobra Speed Venom Kristofor Allred 05/21/18
The Crown Doomsday King Larry "Staylow" Owens 10/25/10
Crowpath One With Filth E. Thomas 02/10/09
Cruachan The Morrigan's Call E. Thomas 04/24/07
Crucified Mortals Crucified Mortals Scott Alisoglu 05/02/11
Crucifist Demon Haunted World E. Thomas 09/29/09
Crushing Sun Tao Mikko K. 07/29/10
Crustacean Insaniac Mikko K. 05/10/03
Cryogen Psalms of Deceit Larry "Staylow" Owens 05/17/09
Cryogen This Nightmare EP Larry "Staylow" Owens 07/23/07
Crypt of Reason Creation of Despair EP Adam Palm 11/08/13
Crypt Sermon Out of the Garden E. Thomas 03/27/15
Cryptborn In the Grasp of the Starving Dead EP E. Thomas 09/23/11
Cryptopsy Cryptopsy Kevin E 09/11/12
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King Benjamin DeBlasi 07/21/08
Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering (Tome 1) Jerry Hauppa 02/01/16
Cult of Endtime In Charnel Lights Adam Palm 06/17/15
Cult of Fire Triumvirát Jordan Itkowitz 12/03/12
Cult of Fire मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान Adam Palm 11/18/13
Cult of Lilith Arkanum EP Nick K 01/25/16
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas Mariner Jordan Itkowitz 04/18/16
Cult of Luna Eternal Kingdom Kyle Huckins 06/09/08
Cult of Luna Vertikal Jordan Itkowitz 01/29/13
Culted Oblique to All Paths Chuck Kucher 03/11/14
Cultes Des Ghoules Henbane E. Thomas 04/22/13
Cultfinder Hell's Teeth EP E. Thomas 05/30/14
Cumbeast Groovy Massacre E. Thomas 11/18/15
Cursed II E. Thomas 02/24/05
Cursed III E. Thomas 04/30/08
Cursus Cursus Jay S 06/08/17
Cut Up Forensic Nightmares E. Thomas 08/12/15
Cut Up Wherever They May Rot E. Thomas 03/27/17
Cyaegha Steps of Descent E. Thomas 02/03/09
Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us Luke Saunders 03/24/14
Cynic Traced in Air Kris Yancey 12/01/08
Cypecore Innocent Mikko K. 08/05/10
Sacrificial Slaughter/Coathanger Abortion/Rottenness The Hate Divide Split CD Frank Rini 12/20/18
Starkweather/Concealment Split E. Thomas 04/19/18
XXX Maniak / Coffins The Cracks of Doom Chris Ayers 04/21/09