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Artist Release Reviewer Date
Boris Records 7" Round Up: Death of Kings, Hellgoat, Morbid Slaughter, Spewtilator & Sadistic Ritual Knifehammer 7", Goathrower 7", Hellish Mercenary 7", End of Man 7", Wicca 7" Erik T 06/13/14
Earthless/Harsh Toke Acid Crusher/Mount Split EP Jay S 09/08/16
Hacavitz Katun Erik T 09/17/07
Hacavitz Metztli Obscura Grimulfr 12/20/10
Hacride Amoeba Erik T 04/11/07
Hacride Lazarus Larry "Staylow" Owens 07/18/09
Hadal Maw Senium Chris S 03/04/15
Haemoth In Nomine Odium Travis Bolek 12/06/11
Hag Fear of Man Jay S 02/03/16
Haiduk Demonicon Erik T 01/20/16
Haiduk Diabolica Erik T 12/22/21
Haiduk Spellbook Erik T 11/27/12
Hail of Bullets ...Of Frost and War Erik T 05/15/08
Hail of Bullets On Divine Winds Erik T 10/25/10
Hail of Bullets Warsaw Rising EP Erik T 08/17/09
Hail Spirit Noir Eden In Reverse J Mays 06/17/20
Hail Spirit Noir Mannequins Frank Rini 10/21/21
Hail Spirit Noir Pneuma Jordan Itkowitz 05/16/12
Hail!Hornet Hail!Hornet Erik T 10/16/07
Halford IV: Made of Metal Fred Phillips 10/11/10
Halshug Blodets Bånd Jay S 03/24/15
Hammer Horde Under the Mighty Oath Erik T 04/06/09
Hammer Horde Vinlander Erik T 06/01/12
Hammer of Dawn Uzil EP Erik T 10/14/22
Hammerhands Largo Forte Mars Budziszewski 12/01/16
Hammers of Misfortune Fields/Church of Broken Glass Chris Ayers 04/18/09
Hammers of Misfortune Overtaker Frank Rini 11/29/22
Hammers of Misfortune The Bastard (Reissue) Frank Rini 02/01/22
Hammers of Misfortune 17th Street Jodi Van Walleghem 01/02/12
Hand to Hand Design The End/Follow The Horizon Shawn Pelata 05/09/09
Hands Creator Erik T 08/05/09
Hands Give Me Rest Erik T 08/31/11
Hands of Orlac Figli del Crepuscolo Jay S 03/06/15
Hangatyr Elemente Mike Sloan 04/30/14
Hanging Garden Into That Good Night Kristofor Allred 03/30/20
Hanging The Nihilist Prophetic Blasphemy Erik T 06/23/22
Hangman's Chair Banileue Triste Jay S 09/27/18
Hangman's Chair A Loner J Mays 02/10/22
Harakiri For The Sky Mære Erik T 02/15/21
Hardcore Anal Hydrogen The Talas of Satan Erik T 05/01/14
Hardcore Superstar Beg For It Fred Phillips 09/18/09
Hardingrock Grimen Shane Wolfensberger 10/04/07
Harkonin Detest Erik T 11/18/10
Harkonin Ghanima Erik T 11/05/06
Harlots Betrayer Erik T 12/28/07
Harm Cadaver Christi Erik T 12/20/13
Harmony Chapter II: Aftermath Igor Stakh 11/17/08
Harm's Way Posthuman Kevin E 02/28/18
Harpoon Deception Among Birds Erik T 11/22/11
Harpoon Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide Erik T 04/11/09
Harvestman In A Dark Tongue John Gnesin 10/15/09
Hat Vortex of Death Erik T 03/24/11
Hatchet Awaiting Evil Larry "Staylow" Owens 07/17/08
Hate Morphosis Erik T 08/12/08
Hate Solarflesh Kevin E 03/04/13
Hate Beast Sky Burial Erik T 01/12/17
Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands Erik T 11/12/18
Hate Eternal Fury & Flames Erik T 02/21/08
Hate Eternal Infernus Nick K 08/31/15
Hate Eternal Phoenix Amongst the Ashes Erik T 05/23/11
Hate Squad Katharsis Kevin E 01/31/12
Hate Erebos Erik T 01/31/11
Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional Kevin E 06/29/16
Hatebreed Weight of the False Self Erik T 12/14/20
Hatebreed The Divinity of Purpose Kevin E 02/01/13
Hateful Epilogue of Masquerade Kunal Choksi 01/09/14
Hatesphere Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes Larry "Staylow" Owens 08/04/07
Hath All That Was Promised  J Mays 03/09/22
Hath Hive EP (Reissue) J Mays 08/21/20
Hath Of Rot and Ruin Nick K 04/19/19
Hatriot Heroes of Origin David E Gehlke 04/08/13
Hatriot The Vale of Shadows Frank Rini 09/09/22
Hats Barn Y.a.HW.e.H Jeremy Beck 08/24/22
The Haunted The Haunted Made Me Do It Chris Dick 10/31/00
The Haunted Versus Larry "Staylow" Owens 10/14/08
Havamal The Shadow Chapter Erik T 07/30/21
Have Heart Songs to Scream at the Sun Erik T 08/18/08
Havoc Unit h.IV+ (Hoarse Industrial Viremia) Erik T 01/07/08
Havohej Kembatinan Premaster Scott Alisoglu 06/05/09
Havok Burn Larry "Staylow" Owens 08/16/09
He Who Binds Himself He Who Binds Himself Erik T 08/14/20
He Whose Ox Is Gored The Camel, The Lion, The Child Jay S 11/24/15
Head On Collision Ritual Sacrifice Larry "Staylow" Owens 11/09/08
Headhunter Parasite of Society Fred Phillips 06/27/08
Headhunter D.C. God's Spreading Cancer Justin M Norton 01/27/10
Heads For the Dead Slash ‘n’ Roll EP J Mays 10/29/21
Heads For the Dead III: The Great Conjuration J Mays 09/22/22
Heads For the Dead Into The Red Frank Rini 01/11/21
Heads For the Dead Slash 'n' Roll EP (2nd Review) Steve K 10/29/21
Headshrinker Callous Indifference J Mays 08/06/21
Hearse In These Veins Shane Wolfensberger 10/02/07
Heathen Empire of the Blind Steve K 10/07/20
Heathen The Evolution of Chaos Larry "Staylow" Owens 08/24/10
Heathen Beast Trident Jay S 12/09/15
Heathen Foray Armored Bards Erik T 10/15/10
Heaven & Hell The Devil You Know Shawn Pelata 04/21/09
Heaven Shall Burn Asunder Bryan Allen 04/03/00
Heaven Shall Burn Iconoclast Larry "Staylow" Owens 03/05/08
Heaven Shall Burn Of Truth & Sacrifice Erik T 04/06/20
Heaven Shall Burn Whatever It May Take Chris Dick 04/03/01
Heaven’s Cry Food for Thought Substitute (Reissue) David E Gehlke 03/19/13
Heaving Earth Denouncing the Holy Throne Erik T 02/09/15
Heavy Heavy Low Low Everything’s Watched, Everyone’s Watching Chris Ayers 04/23/07
Heavy Lord Holy Grail Shawn Pelata 07/29/09
Hecate Enthroned Embrace of the Godless Aeon Erik T 02/25/19
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht Erik T 05/14/08
Helcaraxë Broadsword Erik T 09/03/09
Helcaraxë Children of Ygg Erik T 10/21/13
Helcaraxë Triumph and Revenge Erik T 06/22/07
Helcaraxe/Father Befouled Ruination of the Heavenly Communion Scott Alisoglu 11/23/09
Helgardh The Black Flame Descent Jeremy Beck 04/28/14
Helheim Kaoskult Grimulfr 08/04/08
Helion Bad Dreams | Broken Shadows Fred Phillips 05/23/08
Helion Mercury Rising Fred Phillips 01/06/07
Helion Prime Question Everything Steve K 09/25/20
Heljareyga Heljareyga Erik T 12/29/10
Helker Somewhere in the Circle Scott Alisoglu 03/20/13
Hell III LP Chuck Kucher 08/15/13
Hell Militia Last Station on the Road to Death Jordan Itkowitz 02/24/11
Hell Obelisco Swamp Wizard Rises Jay S 04/25/18
Hell Within Shadows of Vanity Larry "Staylow" Owens 02/01/08
Hell Within God Grant Me Vengeance Benjamin DeBlasi 09/09/10
The Hell Groovehammer Erik T 08/01/14
Hell:On/Pripjat A Glimpse Beyond (Split) Erik T 02/13/20
Hella There’s No 666 in Outer Space Chris Ayers 06/19/07
Hellburst Demo(n) #1 Jay S 01/20/17
Hellcrawler Wastelands Scott Alisoglu 02/07/12
Hellish Theurgist's Spell EP Will 'Bones' Lee 12/04/15
Hellmouth Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing Erik T 03/23/09
Hellmouth Gravestone Skylines Erik T 07/26/11
Hellmouth Oblivion Erik T 02/23/17
Helloween Gambling With the Devil Fred Phillips 12/17/07
Hellrazor In The Wild Belgarath 04/03/09
Hellripper The Manifestation of Evil EP Jay S 07/08/15
Hellsaw Cold Jordan Itkowitz 05/08/09
Helltrain Rock 'n' Roll Devil Igor Stakh 11/07/08
Hellyeah Hellyeah Fred Phillips 04/14/07
Helm Vol.3..Panthalassa Chris Gibbs 10/18/13
Helrunar Baldr ok Iss Grimulfr 12/02/07
Helrunar Frostnacht Grimulfr 04/25/06
Helrunar Grátr Grimulfr 06/11/09
Helrunar Sól Grimulfr 12/31/10
Helstar Glory of Chaos Fred Phillips 03/28/11
Helstar Rising From The Grave Shawn Pelata 08/06/10
Heltekvad Morgenrødens Helvedesherre Erik T 04/12/22
Hemlock Bleed the Dream Benjamin DeBlasi 09/23/07
Hemoptysis Who Needs a Shepard? Erik T 04/29/09
Hemoptysis Misanthropic Slaughter Erik T 02/04/11
Hemotoxin Biological Enslavement Kristofor Allred 04/21/16
Henry Kane Age of the Idiot Steve K 04/29/20
Henry Kane Den förstörda människans rike Erik T 04/11/17
Her Whisper The Great Unifier Igor Stakh 12/12/08
Hereafter An Odyssey Human Is As Human Does EP Erik T 07/09/08
Heretic A Time of Crisis Noch 11/19/12
The Heretic's Fork Tormentore Erik T 01/01/19
Hero Immortal Shawn Pelata 06/05/09
Herod They Were None Erik T 05/29/14
Herrschaft Tesla Jordan Itkowitz 05/15/08
Herzel Le Dernier Rempart Steve K 03/31/21
Hesperus Dimension The Cyclothymic Panopticon Jordan Itkowitz 02/14/09
Hessian Crucible Morbidity Erik T 09/30/11
Hexis Abalam LP Erik T 03/28/14
Hideous Divinity Adveniens Nick K 05/23/17
Hideous Divinity Cobra Verde Kevin E 02/26/15
High On Fire Luminiferous Luke Saunders 06/30/15
High On Fire Death Is This Communion Chris Ayers 12/31/07
Highgate Black Frost Fallout Chuck Kucher 09/28/11
Highgate Highgate Erik T 03/13/08
Highgate Shrines to the Warhead Chuck Kucher 06/29/11
Hilning Råtijinn Erik T 09/15/22
Himsa Summon In Thunder Larry "Staylow" Owens 09/18/07
Hinayana Death of The Cosmic EP Erik T 09/18/20
Hirax El Rostro De La Muerte Scott Alisoglu 12/16/09
Hirax Noise Chaos War Shawn Pelata 04/15/10
Hirax The New Age of Terror Mikko K. 04/02/05
Hirax Thrash and Destroy Shawn Pelata 12/03/08
Hiretsukan End States Erik T 08/19/05
Hiroshima Will Burn To the Weight of All Things Scott Alisoglu 10/14/09
Hiss From the Moat Misanthropy Kevin E 03/27/14
Hnus Umirajici Hnus Umirajici Kristofor Allred 06/04/19
Hoaxed Two Shadows Steve K 11/16/22
Hod Serpent Jodi Van Walleghem 05/05/09
Hogbitch Hogbitch Erik T 03/24/14
Holding Sand On Sleepless Nights Mikko K. 10/08/10
Hollenthon Opus Magnum Jordan Itkowitz 08/09/08
Hollenthon With Vilest of Worms to Dwell Aaron J. Klamer 06/11/01
Hollow Corp Cloister of Radiance Erik T 10/01/08
Hollow Ground Cold Reality Mikko K. 05/05/05
Hollow Leg Crown Jay S 05/27/16
Holy Grail Crisis in Utopia Fred Phillips 12/24/10
Holy Grail Seasons Bleedings Fred Phillips 12/28/11
Holycide Annihilate....Then Ask! Kristofor Allred 05/04/17
Hombre Malo Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath Jay S 12/18/14
Homicide They Work For Me Erik T 06/10/13
Hooded Menace Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Frank Rini 03/05/18
Hooded Menace Effigies of Evil Kevin E 10/02/12
Hope Drone Hope Drone J. D. Anderson 11/26/13
Hope for the Dying Dissimulation Erik T 07/18/11
Hope for the Dying Hope for the Dying Erik T 01/26/09
Horde Casket Plague Supremacy EP Kristofor Allred 03/25/22
Horehound Horehound Jay S 05/04/16
Horfixion Self Inflicted Hell Mikko K. 01/18/05
Horna Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa Grimulfr 03/07/13
Horna Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Grimulfr 02/27/05
Horna Pimeyden Hehku MCD Grimulfr 05/17/08
Horna Sanojesi Äärelle Grimulfr 08/29/09
Horna Sotahuuto Grimulfr 03/27/08
Horna Sudentaival Grimulfr 03/26/01
Horna/Behexen Split Re-Issue Grimulfr 08/15/07
Horna/Musta Surma Vida Vuodet Split Re-issue Grimulfr 08/15/07
Horned Almighty World of Tombs Dan Wrathburn 10/16/14
Horrendous Anareta Erik T 11/23/15
Horrendous Ecdysis Erik T 09/15/14
Horrendous The Chills Erik T 01/05/12
Horrific Your Worst Nightmare Kristofor Allred 08/24/17
Horrific Demise Excruciating Extermination Frank Rini 11/26/19
Horrifed Sentinel EP Kristofor Allred 04/03/20
Horror Within Awaiting Extinction Steve K 07/22/22
Horse Head Missionary Jay S 09/22/15
Horse Latitudes Black Soil LP Nick E 08/05/13
Horseback A Plague of Knowing Jack Taylor 09/23/13
Horseback The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet Stacy Buchanan 05/05/11
Horseskull Chemical Winter Blues Jay S 05/29/18
Hostage of Fate II Chris Sessions 01/26/17
Jimmy Hotz Beyond The Crystal Sea Shawn Pelata 05/31/10
Hour of Penance Regicide Kevin E 07/08/14
Hour of Penance Cast the First Stone Kevin E 02/24/17
House of Atreus The Spear and the Ichor That Follows Erik T 05/04/15
The Howling Wind Into the Cryosphere Erik T 05/04/10
The Howling Wind Pestilence & Peril Erik T 12/13/07
Hulder Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry J Mays 02/17/21
Hull Beyond the Lightless Sky Erik T 10/20/11
The Human Abstract Midheaven Erik T 09/08/08
The Human Abstract Nocturne Erik T 08/26/06
Human Ashtray Pripyat Erik T 11/26/12
Human Infection Curvatures in Time Erik T 04/16/14
Human Infection Infest to Ingest Erik T 04/30/12
Human Parasite Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe Benjamin DeBlasi 11/19/10
Humanity's Last Breath Välde Erik T 04/13/21
Humiliation Honourable Discharge Frank Rini 01/09/17
Humiliation Battalion Frank Rini 10/21/14
Humiliation Conflict. Over Verge Intrusion. Detest Frank Rini 10/21/22
Humiliation From Strength to Strength Erik T 06/18/12
Humiliation No Escape Frank Rini 02/06/18
Humiliation Parallel Chains of Command Frank Rini 03/10/20
Humiliation Regiment Frank Rini 03/22/19
Humiliation Turbulence From the Deep Erik T 07/31/13
Hummune Crafted in Darkness Erik T 12/27/12
Humut Tabal Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm Erik T 07/25/14
Hunab Ku The Gaze Inward Jordan Itkowitz 04/10/09
Huntress Starbound Beast Jodi Van Walleghem 07/29/13
Hurakan Via Aeterna Erik T 05/03/22
Huronian As Cold as a Stranger Sunset Frank Rini 11/23/21
Hurtlocker Embrace the Fall Larry "Staylow" Owens 09/15/07
Hyades And the Worst is Yet to Come Larry "Staylow" Owens 12/02/07
Hyadningar The Weak Creation Justin M Norton 12/15/09
Hybrid Angst Erik T 06/27/13
Hybrid Sheep Hail to the Beast Erik T 06/14/17
Hyperial Industry EP Erik T 11/05/12
Hyperion Seraphical Euphony Erik T 05/31/16
Hypno5e Des Deux l'Une Est l'Autre Erik T 02/09/10
Hypnos The Fall Erik T 01/06/14
Hypocrisy A Taste of Extreme Divinity Jodi Van Walleghem 11/05/09
Hypocrisy Penetralia/ Osculum Obscenum (Reissue) Frank Rini 08/16/13
Hypocrisy Worship Erik T 12/06/21
Hæresiarchs of Dis/Ophidian Forest Darkest Origins Erik T 12/29/12
Mutilation Rites Harbinger J. D. Anderson 12/10/14
Niche Heading East Jay S 02/23/16
The Halo Effect Days of the Lost Steve K 08/08/22
The Haunted Unseen Larry "Staylow" Owens 04/11/11
Woorms/A Hanging Split 7" Jay S 07/20/18