The Malaysian bulldozing death metal machine are back with yet another album, Battalion.  Ever since their inception, in 2009, Humiliation have released eps/splits’7” and albums, and with this marking their 5th long player, one has to wonder are they over-saturating the scene? As we speak, I am pretty sure they have ideas for album #6.

Prior to Deepsend Records signing them, I had never heard the band. I picked up all of their releases from Deepsend Records and became an instant fan of the band.  I even became friends with drummer Mudon and singer Bear Bee, both hooking me up with downloads, sending my longsleeve promptly (one of the best quality shirts I own), doing interviews for me and just being super cool fellas.  As a side note, look for my upcoming interview with Bear Bee, on here shortly.  Humiliation is rooted in the late 80’s-mid 90’s death metal sound.  Incorporating music similar to Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Obituary and Autopsy.  These are the band’s main influences.  As originality goes, this is something that they are not really interested in, they just want to bludgeon you to death and I say bring on the bludgeoning fellas!  Their albums are all quality produced, thick heavy guitar tone with a bottom end to their sound that has collapsed my chest cavity on several occasions.

Tank treads crushing, bones splintered, bodies crunching, cities tumbling, buildings exploding – these are just some of the things that could happen while listening to Battalion.  The war cry has once again been unleashed and Humiliation shows us once again folks that they can deliver yearly albums that do exactly what I just mentioned above.  I love Battalion and this is one of the best albums of 2014 and here is why.  With 11 songs clocking in close to 50 minutes, Humiliation write catchy music.  The riffs stay in your head.  The music is not complex, it’s mainly mid paced throughout, with a few doomish nods and just tank sized heaviness to cause chest cavity collapses worldwide.

The opening instrumental is very short, serving as an intro march, “The Malayan Emergency” is the best intro they have ever done.  Than it goes into “Post Aftermath”, a bludgeoning mid paced killer that bombs the listener into oblivion.  Singer Bear Bee has become deeper on this, much of his raspier vocals have been scaled back as he enunciates the words in a deeper growl.  On “No Land Rights to Speak Of”, Humiliation breaks into some faster paced territory.  Also the song “War Path”, which was originally going to be the title of the album, is one of the best songs the band has ever done.  Pummeling riffs, double bass and awesome catchy bass guitar, especially the middle of the tune-you’ll know it when you hear it.  The song has a great bouncy feel to it as well with the way the rhythm section rolls along.

The doomy aspects of last years, Turbulence from the Deep, have been scaled back a lot and sees Humiliation returning more to their Bolt Throwerish rumbling tank styled mid paced structures, as well as some faster parts thrown in every once in a while.   I wanted the band to explore the doom parts a little more on this, which they don’t really get into, except towards the end of the album with “Baling Talks”.  Very Asphyx influenced and the bludgeoning doomy heaviness coupled with mid paced war machine rumblings is truly a great tune.   As much as I love this album, I wonder if maybe, taking an extra year off to put out a full length would be beneficial for the band?  I do love how Humiliation has this incredible doomy heavy number and than the last song, “Restless Fight” comes storming through with some fast passed sections and this is a great way to end Battalion.

The production is great, everything sounds killer and Humiliation know this style of death metal to a T.  The album cover is very cool and looks like something that was drawn by an Army General, in the 1950’s.  The booklet contains a group photo and lyrics, which of course are all war inspired.  Pick up Battalion at once or risk being crushed and pummeled to death as you attempt and fail to wage war against the Undefeated Humiliation!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
October 21st, 2014


  1. Commented by: Guilliame

    Like this band.

  2. Commented by: Juan Manuel Pinto

    I would like to see Frank Rini review an album he doesn´t like… all that enthusiasm and passion focused into shredding to rips some crappy album!

  3. Commented by: F.Rini

    Juan. I have ripped on a bunch of albums before and gave them crummy reviews. Thx for reading. \m/

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