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Humiliation – Conflict. Over Verge Intrusion. Detest

12 full length albums since 2009 is not a band resting on its laurels. Malaysia’s tank tread Bolt Thrower worshipping maniacs are already in the process of yes, you guessed it, finishing album 13. I’ve been reviewing their albums since Turbulence from the Deep and yea I have all their albums and eps.  I even […]

Humiliation – Parallel Chains of Command

Malaysia’s Humiliation return with their 10th long player and singer, Bear Bee recently informed me what a special recording this was for them.  Being around a decade now and releasing an album each year they wanted to make Parallel Chains of Command extra special.  Humiliation has never had a title track for any of their […]

Humiliation – Regiment

Malaysia’s Humiliation return with their 9th long player and singer, Bear Bee recently informed me they will be recording their 10th full-length album quite soon.  By now you know what’s in store for you with Humiliation’s writing and musical direction.  War-themed death metal lyrics with music heavily influenced by: Bolt Thrower/Hail of Bullets/Asphyx, Six Feet […]

Humiliation – No Escape

I’ve been a big fan of Malaysia’s Humiliation, brand of war inspired death metal, for a number of years. They release an album every year, along with some splits to boot. The band is always writing new music. As we speak they are writing their 9th album. Their brand of Bolt Thrower/classic Obituary/Hail of Bullets […]

Humiliation – Honourable Discharge

  In their short existence, Malaysia’s Humiliation have released a ton of material. Pretty much an album every year coupled with numerous split 7″ releases on a yearly basis.  With Honourable Discharge being the 7th full length in the Humiliation  war camp you know what they bring by now. Concentrating on heavy, meaty riffs and […]

Interview With Humiliation

Humiliation, coming out of the deep dense jungles of Malaysia, are one of my favorite bands. Graham Landers, owner of Deepsend Records, signed them less than 2 yrs ago and in 2013 they unleashed Turbulence from the Deep. This year they are back with another new one, Battalion-their 5th full length and it’s pummeling. For me they, along with Hail of Bullets, are the successors to Bolt Thrower. Humiliation are simplistic in formula, but heavier than most bands out there. Punishing. As heavy as 10 Sherman tanks with treads 10 stories high, destroying all in its path. The Humiliation war machine is a rumbling death tank of terror.

Humiliation – Battalion

The Malaysian bulldozing death metal machine are back with yet another album, Battalion.  Ever since their inception, in 2009, Humiliation have released eps/splits’7” and albums, and with this marking their 5th long player, one has to wonder are they over-saturating the scene? As we speak, I am pretty sure they have ideas for album #6. Prior to […]

Humiliation – Turbulence From the Deep

About this time last year, I reviewed the 3rd album from Malaysia war mongering, death metal stalwarts Humiliation, From Strength to Strength, and it was a pretty damn solid affair of Bolt Thrower-y and Jungle Rot styled barbaric simplicity (I still rock the heck out of “Preposition of Violence” on my ipod). Well, the band […]

Humiliation – From Strength to Strength

I love getting my hands on obscure, previously unheard (to me) metal bands, and they turn out to be enjoyable – case and point Malaysia’s Humiliation, and their third full length album, From Strength to Strength.Admittedly I had zero expectation whatsoever, but amid all the proggy, tech death and deathcore ringing in my ears, Humiliation […]