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Happy Holidays from Teethofthedivine!!!

As usual, we will be taking a little break here at Teethofthedivine .com for the Holidays. Whatever ever seasonal celebration you celebrate, we hope you have a safe holiday season. The elves here at Teethofthedivine will be let off for a few days from providing you with top notch reviews and features so we can recuperate from 2018’s amazing onslaught of metal, and allow the dedicated TOTD staff some time with their families or homeless shelter roommates.

Bedroom Rehab Corporation – Red Over Red

I have to admit that I am positively delighted by the proliferation of the two piece over the past decade of heavy music. Perhaps it’s because the setup has become fairly pervasive in the genres that are nearest and dearest to me, sludge, stoner rock, noise, and doom, but its effect is not all that […]

Deathrite – Into Extinction LP

From the always reliable purveyors of fine vinyl, Halo of Flies, comes a repress of the second album from Germany’s Deathrite. It strays a little away from the label’s norm delivering less hardcore and a more crust/d-beat/grind/death metal assault that will appeal to fans of Trap Them, Enabler, Nails, Dead in the Dirt and Black Breath, […]

Morbido Bis – Older Gods

Toronto’s eyeswithoutaface is one of the most underrated bands out there in bandcampland. They’ve produced some stellar heaviness on their two full lengths, remix record, and showing an excellent ear for blending and mixing electronic, industrial, noise, breakbeat, and stomach churning sludge. So it is no small wonder that Mike Szarejko, one of the driving […]

Dissect – Swallow Swouming Mass (Reissue)

Xtreem Music return with a classic reissue of Dissect’s debut album Swallow Swouming Mass in a killer 2cd set.  This Holland based death metal act released this debut album some 20 years ago and it was overlooked by a lot of people, which is a shame, because it’s a kick ass record.  Sometimes presentation also […]

The New Classics: Rune – ‘The End of Nothing’

Here is hopefully the first of a new feature here at Teeth of the Divine, The New Classics. if you have been listening to metal for any amount of time you well know there there are a certain few records hailed as unquestionable classics. Legendary releases that, 20 years after their release, are still revered, still influential and still great listens. Of course, most of those classics were released in the ’80s and ’90s: Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets, Altars of Madness, Left Hand Path and others, to this day, are considered true classics and will be in another 20 years.

Acacia – Tills döden skiljer oss åt

I had wanted to give this album the attention it deserved last year, but circumstances conspired against it. The digital promo impressed me enough to want a physical copy for review. Unfortunately, North American distribution was nonexistent, so it quickly became lost in the stampede of amazing 2013 releases that were available in US distros. […]

Nephren Ka – The Fall of Omnius

Even though the band’s moniker may lure in casual Nile fans, France’s Nephren Ka is actually centered around Frank Hebert (Dune author) themes, despite the fact their style of modern, clinical, technical death metal, still is actually a bit Nile sounding, just without all of the Egyptian instrumentation and sand in your crack. Unfortunately, the […]

Calmed By The Tides of Rain – Hives EP

Calmed By The Tides Of Rain released the killer album, Phaeton, recently, that I raved about in my review on here and now the Russian slam deathcore band are back with a digital only 3 song ep, Hives. One of the things that I spoke about is that they had more death than core to […]

Cadaver Mutilator – Murder Death Kill

Cadaver Mutilator is a brutal death metal band, from Italy and this is their debut album.  One thing is for certain Italy is becoming the hotbed for ultra brutal death metal, these days.  Many of the bands going for the jugular in their approach to music and if you’re a fan of bands, like Putridity, […]

Cara Neir – Portals To A Better, Dead World LP

Hailing from Texas, Cara Neir is one of those bands that will drive grizzled old school black metal fans crazy but fans of  envy, Hiretsukan,  Quantice Never Crashed as well as label mates The Makai and black metal upstarts Deafheaven and So Hideous should check these guys out. Playing  a punked out form of  hardcore and  screamo tinged black metal, […]

Carne – Ville Morgue

While subgenres in metal tend to diversify (think of the many iterations of black metal or death metal going around these days), some genres seem natural pairs and have coalesced into genres of their own. Take for instance black metal and sludge. Ville Morgue, the first full-length offering from France’s Carne, plays riff-driven sludge metal […]

Interview With Deicide

Deicide is death metal royalty. Despite some ups and down the band is 11 albums into a genre defining career and with the 11th album, In the Minds of Evil released late in 2013, Glen Benton and co. are still on top of their game, being as brutal and anti Christian as ever. However, other than Benton and drummer Steve Ashiem, the band has undergone some line up changes. Gone are the long time Hoffman brothers replaced by Jack Owen and at one point Ralph Santolla, but there is some new blood in the Deicide camp now and that new blood is Guitarist Kevin Quiron.

Mollusk – Colony of Machines

It goes without saying that it’s difficult for a band to stand out in a crowded field. With dozens of bands all mining similar influences and plying similar styles, you either have to turn in an incredibly convincing performance that elevates what might otherwise be mundane or you have to apply a twist on the […]

Dysmorphic – A Notion of Causality

Dysmorphic is a technical death metal band from France and A Notion of Causality is their full length debut album.  They have a self financed ep from a few years back that I have yet to hear.  Some of the ep tracks appear on this full length and one would assume they have been revamped.  […]

Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu

After some demos and EP of fairly standard Swedish death metal, Necrophobic morphed into a black/death act and released a handful of pretty revered albums in 1993’s The Nocturnal Silence, 1997’s Darkside and 1999’s The Third Antichrist. However, it’s 2002’s Bloodhymns that I will always have a soft spot for, being one of my very […]

Cadaveric Crematorium – One of Them

Cadaveric Crematorium is a special band – it’s trying to do its own thing in a sea of clones and redundant brutal experts. It’s not the most groundbreaking band but the best reference to give it would be Broken Hope in the 90s trying to get innovative, breaking away from its ‘The Bowels of Repugnance’ […]

Jaldaboath – The Further Adventures of…

On a recent road trip, I was literally telling my wife how I was wanting another Jaldaboath album, as the band had seemingly gone dark after 2010 Rise of the Heraldic Beasts, one of my very favorite albums form that year. Well, lo and behold Grand Master Jaldabaoth, via the sorcery of email sent me […]

Sol Negro – Dawn of a New Sun (Re-issue)

Sol Negro is this obscure Black/Doom Metal band from Seattle, Washington, which has been around since the late 90s but hasn’t really caught the eye of the international press or fans for that matter. It’s such a shame because this is an intriguing band if any. While it calls itself Black/Doom, it’s not wrong, but […]

Deathrune – Those Who Choose the Fallen

Back when I was fronting Internal Bleeding, Deathrune was one of the local NY acts that we played with and I became friends with their singer Kelly Izquierdo.  Killer dudes and a great live act as well.  Dark Blasphemies Records has put together an absolute beast of a reissue/compilation, containing all of Deathrune’s material across a […]

Hateful – Epilogue of Masquerade

Hateful is Italy’s best kept secret in the Italian Death Metal scene. It’s built its reputation the hard way, without any fancy labels or big guys in the band line-up – solely on the basis of its music. This is not to take away something from the other bands, everyone has worked hard and met […]

Exhumer – Degraded By Sepsis

So do you like your brutal death metal with a razor-thin production, monotone vocals and no real attempt at songwriting?  Well if so, then you’ll love the new full length from Italy’s Exhumer.  It’s a straight forward exercise in how to do brutal death by the book, without really even caring to open the cover […]

Hypnos – The Fall

Hailing from France, Hypnos is a doomy post rock act that instantly reminds of the likes of Morne and Mindrot, that’s to say they are fucking excellent, and their self released debut album, The Fall is an artfully crafted, elegant and powerful album that any Post Rock fans should check out as well as fans of […]

Chapters – The Imperial Skies

I stumbled across this London duo while browsing the Facebook feed from fellow Brits, Dyscarnate  and after a few preview listens from the band’s page, immediately ordered a physical copy of the CD.  What we have here is a band that seems to initially cull from British metalcore act Sylosis, but adds a more epic, […]

Master – The Witch Hunt

Despite being one of the US’s longest running, oldest and most consistent death metal bands, Master never seemed to get the acclaim and recognition of say Obituary, Decide or Cannibal Corpse., and founder Paul Speckmann is OK with that. But by the same token, I think most would agree the band simply did not have […]