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Rökkr – Rökkr

It’s not often you’ll stumble across a band whose biggest influences are listed as “Norland–era Bathory, Tolkein and Thin Lizzy.” But that’s exactly what Chaos Records says is served up by American one-man black metal project, Rökkr… or as I’ve been calling it, because I’m a child, Al Rökkr. “That’s what’s going on around the […]

Impure – Satan’s Eclipse

Do you pine for the grimy years of Blasphemy?  Have you always hoped they would drop one last dirty bomb of skinhead ignorance?  Did you spend month’s booze budget for die hard versions of the last reissues?  If so, then dudes… there are a LOT of options in lo-fi bestial bands who have adopted that […]

Just Before Dawn – The Aftermath

Just Before Dawn is a project started by Blood Mortized guitarist Anders Biazzi, just like the 2013 debut, the formula is devastatingly effective:  war themed, mid paced death metal rooted on Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets and a seemingly never ending parade of who is who in Swedish metal metal providing other instruments and […]

Megascavenger – At the Plateaus of Leng

Rogga Johansson is ubiquitous, numerous bands, numerous projects. Are they really necessary? Let’s look at the music – this man knows his Death Metal, he’s doing nothing wrong. He’s not diluting the essence, so to speak, he’s not doing anything ridiculous. Yes, he’s prolific but he’s keeping it interesting between his projects, be it say Revolting, Paganizer […]

Sol Negro – Dawn of a New Sun (Re-issue)

Sol Negro is this obscure Black/Doom Metal band from Seattle, Washington, which has been around since the late 90s but hasn’t really caught the eye of the international press or fans for that matter. It’s such a shame because this is an intriguing band if any. While it calls itself Black/Doom, it’s not wrong, but […]

Blood Mortized – The Demon, The Angel, The Disease

My first exposure to Sweden’s Blood Mortized came by way of the 2012 EP Bestial, and subsequent album, The Key to A Black Heart , a solid but unspectacular addition to the Swedish death metal revival and . Since then  the band members have been busy with other projects including super group Just Before Dawn and […]

Just Before Dawn – Precis Innan Gryningen

Just Before Dawn is a multinational super group of sorts. It was formed by Blood Mortized guitarist Anders Biazzi with old school death metal mercenary Rogga Johanssen (Revolting, Megascavenger, Paganizer, etc.) providing the vocals. However, the project snowballed and a bunch of other vocalists from old school death metal acts got involved and as a […]

Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration EP

Unholy rotting corpses, Batman!  Zombiefication‘s latest EP, Reaper’s Consecration, is about as gnarled and old-school Swedish as death metal gets…and these guys are from Mexico.  Viva la muerte indeed. Reaper’s Consecration consists of five tracks of gruesome death rattling rotting flesh from bone, and the killer riffs ooze forth like hot pus from infected wounds.  […]

Funeral Whore – Step into Damnation

If fans of old school Swedish death metal thought 2011 was a good year for the genre, boy are you going to enjoy 2012! With Horrendous‘ excellent debut already out, this year is slated to see releases by  Zombie Inc., Revel in Flesh, Black Breath, Massive Assault, Blood Mortized, Megascavenger and this — the debut full-length […]

Blood Mortized – Bestial EP

Blood Mortized‘s self released 2009 debut was one of my coolest old school Swedish death metal discoveries during the genre’s current revival. And though featuring former and current members of Amon Amarth and Crypt of Kerberos, the band didn’t seem to have as high of a profile as some of their contemporaries, but with an […]

Chaos Records To Reissue Cenotaph Debut

Chaos Records is proud to announce the debut album from Mexican Death Metal origniators CENOTAPH. For the first time on vinyl we present the debut masterpiece The Gloomy Reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows coupled with two bonus tracks “Repulsive Odor to Decomposition” and “Larvs of Subconscious.” Formed in 1989, CENOTAPH was one of Mexico first […]