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Zombiefication – Below the Grief

I’ve been following this Mexican murder crew sporadically from a distance for several years and I’ll be damned if their fourth LP, Below the Grief, isn’t the one that has me hooked and obsessed for good.  Zombiefication pulls out every murky, mucky, mean and melodic stop on this blistering combination of frost-lunged blackened blasting, burly […]

Zombiefication – At The Caves of Eternal

The creepy Mexicans are back and better than ever! After the splendid Reaper’s Consecration EP last year, the sick duo of Mr. Jacko (bass, guitars) and Mr. Hitchcock (vocals) have returned with their latest slab of Swedish-styled retro death metal in the form of At the Caves of Eternal. Like everything they’ve released thus far […]

Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration EP

Unholy rotting corpses, Batman!  Zombiefication‘s latest EP, Reaper’s Consecration, is about as gnarled and old-school Swedish as death metal gets…and these guys are from Mexico.  Viva la muerte indeed. Reaper’s Consecration consists of five tracks of gruesome death rattling rotting flesh from bone, and the killer riffs ooze forth like hot pus from infected wounds.  […]

ZOMBIEFICATION To Unleash New EP; Artwork & Track Listing Revealed

Mexican corpse-walkers ZOMBIEFICATION are set to unleash their new EP Reaper’s Consecration via Pulverised Records in conjunction with Chaos Records later this year. Having risen from the grave in 2009 following the release of their debut, Midnight Stench, ZOMBIEFICATION wasted no time in concocting a venomous brew that makes up Reaper’s Consecration. Offering up their […]