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Heads for the Dead – In the Absence of Faith EP

Another year, another excellent release from one of my favorite old-school death metal bands, Heads for the Dead. 5 songs in 24 minutes isn’t much, but maybe it will tide us all over until the next one arrives. All you have to ask yourselves is if they still sound like Heads for the Dead. The […]

Bastard Grave – Dioramas of Human Suffering

The debut from this musty, old school Swedish death metal act, What Lies Beyond, was a solid record, but none one I’ve really revisited since I purchased it. And the same can be said true of the follow up: a solid old school Swedish death metal record, but one that’s likely to get lost in […]

DungeönHammer – Infernal Moon

You know when you get a band with ******* hammer as the name, there’s a solid chance you know exactly what it will be, so I’ll make this simple. As simple as the music contained on DungeönHammer’s debut album. Do you like  classic Hellhammer or Celtic Frost? Do you like Dark Throne‘s latter material? If you answered “OUGHHH”  […]

Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium

Okay this is both cool and a  bit of a head scratcher, first the cool part. I know there are many of you out there that may miss Massacre both in the 90’s version and the recently aborted reformation of the selfsame band and if you are part of this fan base, you are in […]

Skelethal – Morbid Revelations

So now France is finally joining the European masses like the Czech Republic (Brutally Deceased), Croatia, (Hezera), Italy (Undead Creep), Germany (Revel in Flesh), Poland (Ulcer), Greece (Wreckage) The Netherlands (Funeral Whore), Finland (Morbid Vomit) and even the US (Fatalist) getting in on the Boss HM2, Swedish death metal revival with the duo known as Skelethal. A […]

Winds of Genocide – Usurping the Throne of Disease

I’m not super familiar with the UK crust/D beat scene or this Durham based act who have been around since since 2006 with a number of splits and EPs under their bullet belt. But if debut full length Usurping the Throne of Disease is any indication I need to rectify both issues right away. Coming across […]

Zombiefication – At The Caves of Eternal

The creepy Mexicans are back and better than ever! After the splendid Reaper’s Consecration EP last year, the sick duo of Mr. Jacko (bass, guitars) and Mr. Hitchcock (vocals) have returned with their latest slab of Swedish-styled retro death metal in the form of At the Caves of Eternal. Like everything they’ve released thus far […]

October Tide – Tunnel of No Light

It’s hard to believe that the origin of October Tide dates back almost two decades now. Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman started the project during Katatonia’s brief break-up in ‘94 and released two now-classic albums before disbanding in ‘99. Norrman eventually resurrected the moniker in ‘09 after his departure from Katatonia. The decade-long hiatus, lack […]

Ulcer – Grant Us Death

Despite hailing from Poland, Ulcer do not play ‘Polish’ styled death metal and simply ape Behemoth or Vader, instead choosing to ape another region- Stockholm. Yup- Ulcer is the latest (through they’ve been around since 2006 and have one album already under their belt) in the current old school Swedish death metal revival, and like […]

BOMBS OF HADES Join Pulverised Records

Swedish deathcrust ensemble BOMBS OF HADES are the latest addition to the ever-pummeling Pulverised Records roster! Spawned in 2002 as a crustpunk act, BOMBS OF HADES quickly mutated into a gristly old-school Swedish death metal direction, while still retaining a strong d-beat/crust vibe. Fronted by Jonas Stålhammar (ex-God Macabre, ex-Utumno, etc), who recently served briefly […]

NECROCURSE: Swedish Death Metallers Join Pulverised Records

Rising from the filth-lands of Uddevalla and Ljungskile, Sweden, NECROCURSE was spawned in 2004 with a penchant for all things brutal and ugly. Featuring current and past members of Nifelheim, Necronaut, Runemagick, Deathwitch and Swordmaster (among others), the band is now ready to unleash their chaos upon an unsuspecting underground via Singapore’s Pulverised Records in […]

My Own Grave – Necrology

The funny part is that it did not even occur to me that Necrology was the new album from My Own Grave; guess I didn’t recognize the indecipherable logo. “What a hearty meal of Swedish death metal these ‘Necrology’ fellows have served,” I thought to myself. Then upon perusing the Pulverised website I see that […]

Sanctification – Black Reign

The first couple of spins of Sanctification’s Black Reign brought to mind two parallel thoughts: it is rather redundant and it borrows heavily from the Cannibal Corpse sound, especially the vocals of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. As it turned out, neither of those were bad things and Black Reign has grown on me, mainly because the […]

Few Against Many, The – SOT

Despite leaving the fold in Scar Symmetry, Christian Alvestam is still a very busy guy. Currently working on projects with Miseration, Torchbearer, new outfit Solution .45, and this, The Few Against Many, the man definitely has his plate full. The same can be said for the rest of the band, as everyone here has worked […]

Whiplash – Unborn Again

Did you know that New Jersey’s Whiplash formed in 1984 and went on to release a handful of albums during thrash’s heyday in the 80s and a few during thrash’s mere existence in the deep underground during the 90s? I did, and that’s about all I knew. One of a slew of lesser known, but […]

Black, The – Alongside Death

Not too long ago, I was wondering why we hadn’t yet seen a metal band simply called The Black. Turns out that I just hadn’t heard of them, which is not surprising, since they haven’t released an album since 1994. (Funny, considering I just reviewed the new Nazxul, which has also appeared after a fourteen-year […]

Assaulter – Salvation Like Destruction

You’ve heard the phrase “never judge a book by its cover.” In metal, this aphorism generally doesn’t apply. An album’s artwork usually gives at least some insight into the type of music you’re going to hear. The cover art for Assaulter’s Salvation Like Destruction is misleading, though-a birdlike monolith stretches its wings against an ominous-looking […]

Bone Gnawer – Feast of Flesh

Kam Lee has been performing death metal since the early 1980s when he was a teenager and a member of the band (Mantas) that later became Death and then left to form Massacre. After a few stops in Hateplow, Skincrawler and Denial Fiend, the veteran growler is back at it with Bone Gnawer, a death metal […]

In Mourning Signs to Pulverised Records

Touted as one of the Swedish metal scene’s most promising new comers, Pulverised is pleased to announce the signing of melancholic metallers IN MOURNING for a two-album deal. The band has commenced work on their still-untitled second album and will once again enter Black Lounge Studio (Scar Symmetry, Carnal Forge, Steel Attack etc) with producer/engineer […]

Death Metal Legends Master Sign to Pulverised Records.

From the Pulverised HQ in Singapore: “It is our greatest pleasure to welcome one of the pioneering and oldest bands in death metal history to our roster: The legendary MASTER!States A&R Manager Calvin: “MASTER was and is still truly an influential band and I would daringly assume that a lot of the early extreme metal […]

Axis Powers – Marching Towards Destruction

There is no dearth of bands aping the Stockholm death metal sound, is there? In fact, there almost seems to have been an upsurge the last couple of years, part of which is surely attributable to Daniel Ekeroth’s Swedish Death Metal book and the renewed notoriety it has brought to the sub-genre. That brings us to […]

Tribulation – The Horror

With the shrieking banshee desperately reaching for your delicious flesh on the album cover, The Horror is aptly titled and steamrolls you over with blood-curdling vocals and Dismember style buzz saw distortion. I don’t think I have heard such a Swedish ruckus since Evocation’s Tales from the Tomb. What we have here is a razor […]

Conspiracy – Concordat

This is one of the more satisfying projects from the blackened end of the spectrum that I’ve heard in a while. Of course, “blackened” implies that there is more on offer than your prototypical black metal release. That is in fact the case with Conspiracy’s Concordat, just as it it is with its predecessor Reincarnated. […]

Guillotine – Blood Money

Here we have a Swedish entry to the current wave of classic thrash that’s seemingly pouring out of every corner of the world. But where most of these bands are typically pretty young, Guillotine formed in 1995 under the name Holocaust by members of Nocturnal Rites. The experience shows on Blood Money, as all 11 […]

Closer – A Darker Kind of Salvation

I found Closer a few years back on Myspace. The sound was very polished and Soilworkish which grabbed my attention. To my surprise, I find the bands debut A Darker Kind of Salvation arrive in the mail for me to review. Closer may be on Pulverised Records but this is a Nuclear Blast, modern, Swedish […]