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Artist Release Reviewer Date
Birdflesh/Organ Dealer Split Nick K 07/28/17
Chur/Oprich/Piarevaracien Triunity Split Mike Sloan 08/20/12
Hæresiarchs of Dis/Ophidian Forest Darkest Origins E. Thomas 12/29/12
Oakhelm Betwixt and Between E. Thomas 10/09/07
Obituary Darkest Day E. Thomas 06/29/09
Obituary Frozen In Time E. Thomas 07/15/05
Obituary Inked in Blood E. Thomas 10/27/14
Obituary Left to Die EP E. Thomas 10/22/08
Obituary Obituary E. Thomas 03/13/17
Obituary Xecutioner's Return E. Thomas 10/30/07
Oblivion Called to Rise E. Thomas 12/16/13
Oblivion The Path Towards... Frank Rini 11/21/17
Obscura Akróasis E. Thomas 02/29/16
Obscura Cosmogenesis E. Thomas 03/06/09
Obscura Omnivium Jordan Itkowitz 03/21/11
Obscyria Nefarious Sanctuary E. Thomas 02/05/15
Obsequiae Aria of Vernal Tombs Jordan Itkowitz 06/15/15
Obsequiae Suspended in the Brume of Eos Jordan Itkowitz 08/30/11
Obsequiae The Palms of Sorrowed Kings Frank Rini 12/24/19
The Obsessed Sacred Jay S 07/19/17
Obsidian Tongue A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time E. Thomas 09/09/13
Ocean of Zero Where Sickness Prevails Mike Sloan 04/20/12
The Ocean Heliocentric Shawn Pelata 06/24/10
The Ocean Pelagial Chris Gibbs 10/07/13
The Ocean Precambrian E. Thomas 12/17/07
Oceano Contagion Jesse Wolf 11/25/10
Oceano Depths E. Thomas 04/15/09
Oceano Incisions Frank Rini 01/02/14
Oceans of Night Domain Conor Fynes 10/11/12
Oceans of Slumber Aetherial E. Thomas 05/28/13
Oceans of Slumber Winter E. Thomas 03/22/16
Oceanwake Earthen E. Thomas 07/11/17
Oceanwake Sunless E. Thomas 06/18/15
Octagon Death Fetish Scott Alisoglu 09/30/09
Octavia Sperati Grace Submerged E. Thomas 07/27/07
October Falls The Plague of a Coming Age David E Gehlke 03/25/13
October Falls The Streams of the End EP Shane Wolfensberger 10/02/07
October Falls The Womb of Primordial Nature Jordan Itkowitz 11/07/08
October Falls A Collapse of Faith Jordan Itkowitz 02/11/11
October Tide Tunnel of No Light Adam Palm 04/25/13
October Tide A Thin Shell Shane Wolfensberger 08/30/10
Odious Mortem Cryptic Implosion E. Thomas 05/08/07
The Odious Vesica Piscis Luke Saunders 08/16/19
Odium At the Bottom E. Thomas 04/22/09
Of Fire Dräparen E. Thomas 08/27/19
Of Spire & Throne Toll of the Wound EP E. Thomas 08/22/14
Of The First Born Son Of The First Born Son EP E. Thomas 01/12/08
Ofermod Tiamtü Grimulfr 02/04/09
Offending Age of Perversion Noch 06/08/12
Offending Human Concept E. Thomas 01/06/11
Officium Triste Mors Viri Adam Palm 04/09/13
Oh, Sleeper When I Am God E. Thomas 11/14/07
Okkultokrati Fysisk Format Mike Sloan 11/26/12
Oktor Another Dimension of Pain Jay S 05/19/15
Okular Sexforce E. Thomas 05/21/13
Old Man's Child Slaves of the World Jordan Itkowitz 05/26/09
Ominous Crucifix The Spell of Damnation E. Thomas 02/14/12
Omit Repose Andrew Young 05/28/12
Omnihility Deathscapes of the Subconscious E. Thomas 08/07/14
Omnihility Dominion of Misery E. Thomas 03/10/16
Omnium Gatherum Beyond Noch 02/18/13
Omnium Gatherum Stuck Here On Snakes Way E. Thomas 05/25/07
Omnium Gatherum The Redshift Larry "Staylow" Owens 11/11/08
Omnium Gatherum New World Shadows Larry "Staylow" Owens 03/07/11
Once Dead Visions of Hell Shawn Pelata 11/24/08
Once Nothing First Came the Law E. Thomas 03/02/08
One Man Army and The Undead Quartet Grim Tales Igor Stakh 10/20/08
One Man Army and The Undead Quartet Error In Evolution Larry "Staylow" Owens 02/07/08
Onslaught Live Damnation Larry "Staylow" Owens 01/06/10
Onwards to Olympas Indicator E. Thomas 12/14/12
Onwards to Olympas The War Within Us Jesse Wolf 05/30/11
Onwards to Olympas This World is Not My Home E. Thomas 02/23/10
Opeth Heritage Jordan Itkowitz 09/19/11
Opeth In Cauda Venenum Jordan Itkowitz 12/23/19
Opeth Pale Communion Luke Saunders 09/08/14
Opeth Sorceress Jordan Itkowitz 09/28/16
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes Shane Wolfensberger 01/15/08
Opeth Watershed (1st review) Shane Wolfensberger 05/29/08
Opeth Watershed (2nd review) Kyle Huckins 05/29/08
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes DVD Shane Wolfensberger 01/30/09
Ophis The Dismal Circle E. Thomas 12/15/17
Oppressor Solstice of Oppression (Reissue) Tom Blackwell 08/26/15
Opprobrium Serpent Temptation (Reissue) Frank Rini 03/11/16
Opprobrium The Fallen Entities E. Thomas 04/18/19
Oracles Miserycorde E. Thomas 07/12/16
The Orangeburg Massacre Moorea E. Thomas 07/09/07
Orchid's Curse Words Mike Sloan 05/27/13
Orcustus Demo 2002 Grimulfr 11/15/02
Orcustus Orcustus Grimulfr 02/16/10
Orden Ogan Gunmen E. Thomas 08/25/17
The Order of Apollyon The Flesh E. Thomas 01/18/11
Order of Ennead An Examination of Being Donald Kyle 05/24/10
Order of Ennead Order of Ennead E. Thomas 01/19/09
Order of Nine Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror Noch 06/11/12
Order of Riven Cathedrals Göbekli Tepe E. Thomas 07/06/18
The Order Rockwolf Igor Stakh 09/24/09
Ordinance Relinquished LP E. Thomas 09/24/14
Ordoxe Towards Eternity E. Thomas 04/26/17
Organ Dealer Visceral Infection EP Nick K 08/28/15
Organectomy Domain of the Wretched Nick K 06/07/18
Organectomy Existential Disconnect Nick K 07/03/19
Organic Carved in Flesh E. Thomas 02/15/19
Origin Antithesis E. Thomas 04/09/08
Origin Echoes of Decimation E. Thomas 03/14/05
Origin Entity Jodi Van Walleghem 06/21/11
Origin Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas E. Thomas 06/11/02
Origin Omnipresent Kevin E 07/23/14
Origin Unparalleled Universe Nick K 07/10/17
Ormgård Ormblot (Reissue) Adam Palm 05/23/14
Orphan Project Spooning Out the Sea Fred Phillips 07/14/09
Orphaned Land All Is One Mike Sloan 07/30/13
Orphans of Dusk Revenant EP Adam Palm 03/19/15
Orpheus So It Begins... EP E. Thomas 09/23/09
OSI Office of Strategic Influence (reissue) Shawn Pelata 10/20/10
OssO OssO Timothy D White 09/08/15
Ossuary Anex Awakening Frank Rini 11/04/13
Ossuary Anex Mutilation Through Prayer Frank Rini 02/21/17
Otargos No God, No Satan Ian Grey 09/06/10
Otep The Ascension Larry "Staylow" Owens 12/02/07
Oubliette Apparitions Jordan Itkowitz 11/25/14
Our Place of Worship is Silence The Embodiment of Hate LP E. Thomas 01/23/17
Our Place of Worship is Silence With Inexorable Suffering E. Thomas 04/30/18
Our Survival Depends On Us Painful Stories Told With a Passion For Life John Gnesin 07/03/09
Outcast Awaken the Reason Noch 04/17/12
Outer Heaven Eternal Realms of Decay Jay S 02/06/19
Ov Hell The Underworld Regime E. Thomas 05/08/10
Ov Hollowness Drawn to Descend E. Thomas 09/01/11
Ov Lustra Tempestas EP E. Thomas 08/30/19
Ováte Ováte E. Thomas 09/24/18
Overcast Reborn to Kill Again E. Thomas 09/24/08
Overkill Ironbound Larry "Staylow" Owens 03/09/10
Overkill The Grinding Wheel Kristofor Allred 02/13/17
Overkill White Devil Armory Will 'Bones' Lee 06/16/15
Overmars Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo E. Thomas 06/08/05
Overmars Born Again John Gnesin 10/16/09
Overmars/Donefor In the Arms of Octopus (split) Mikko K. 12/24/02
Overock Warp It Larry "Staylow" Owens 10/22/07
Overt Enemy Possession EP Kristofor Allred 08/20/19
OvO Cor Cordium Chuck Kucher 05/09/11
Owl The Last Walk EP Jay S 01/28/15
Ozzy Osbourne Black Rain Fred Phillips 10/27/07
Ozzy Osbourne Scream Fred Phillips 06/25/10
Usurpress Ordained E. Thomas 03/17/15