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Master – Saints Dispelled

Paul Speckman, (bass/vox), a long staple in the mid-west death metal scene, has been around since the 80’s with his main band Master. Some may be unaware, but some years ago, frustrated with the living costs in America and politics, packed up his shit and relocated to the Czech Republic.Buthere are still nods to their […]

Master – Vindictive Miscreant

Master is a bit of an unusual act. The band, or more specifically, bassist/vocalist and founding member, Paul Speckmann, has been involved in the metal scene for 35 years now and arguably, he is credited among other notable metal alumni such as Death‘s Chuck Schuldiner, Possessed, and Necrophagia‘s Killjoy with helping create death metal itself. […]

Master – The Witch Hunt

Despite being one of the US’s longest running, oldest and most consistent death metal bands, Master never seemed to get the acclaim and recognition of say Obituary, Decide or Cannibal Corpse., and founder Paul Speckmann is OK with that. But by the same token, I think most would agree the band simply did not have […]

MASTER Complete New Album + Tour Update

Death metal icons MASTER recently completed the recording of their upcoming Pulverised full-length The Human Machine. The mixing/mastering process is currently underway. Said MASTER founder/frontman Paul Speckmann of the new long player: “I’m very happy with the way things have turned out; it’ll be killer to finally have a CD released once again on a […]

MASTER: Album Title + Artwork Revealed

Legendary death metal giants MASTER have titled their upcoming tenth full-length The Human Machine. The band is expected to enter the studio in December following a string of Mexican and South American tour dates. Cover art was done by Israeli artist Eliran Kantor who was responsible for TESTAMENT’s Formation Of Damnation cover among so many […]

Master to play Hostile City Death Fest

Death metal icons MASTER will play Philadelphia’s Hostile City Death Fest to be held on July 4-5, 2009 at The Arena. MASTER will perform on July 5, 2009 with the likes of Absu, Total Fucking Destruction, Kult ov Azazel, and Ibex Moon artists GOREAPHOBIA. Ibex Moon label mates DREAMING DEAD will perform on July 4 […]

Death Metal Legends Master Sign to Pulverised Records.

From the Pulverised HQ in Singapore: “It is our greatest pleasure to welcome one of the pioneering and oldest bands in death metal history to our roster: The legendary MASTER!States A&R Manager Calvin: “MASTER was and is still truly an influential band and I would daringly assume that a lot of the early extreme metal […]