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Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery

One could argue that the 2015 debut album from super group  Gruesome, Savage Lands, is the current pinnacle of early Death worship, to the point where they actually almost recreated actual songs from Scream, Bloody Gore, Leprosy and Spiritual Healing. But also tucked away in 2015 was the second effort from California’s Skeletal Remains, who […]

Discreation – Procreation of the Wretched

I can usually tell of I am going to like or dislike an album after a few moments. A few skips from track to track, hear the vocals, the production etc. I can get a general idea pretty quick. Sure, there are anomalies, growers, late bloomers and stuff I’m just not feeling at that time in […]

Weak Aside – The Next Offensive

I really wish  Germany’s Weak Aside had chosen another name to replace their former moniker of Spearhead, as everything else about the band’s solid sophomore effort is high quality and pretty awesome, deserving of a more awe inspiring, war mongering death metal name. Other than the name everything about The Next Offensive is pretty damned good. […]

Chapel of Disease – The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art

There are a few similarities between death metal acts Chapel of Disease and Deserted Fear; both German, both of FDA Rekotz, both released solid debuts in 2013 and both recently released their second efforts. The only slight difference is the style of death metal each band plays. While Deserted Fear had a little more modern, chunky […]

Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms

The 2012 debut, My Empire, from this German death metal act was a solid, if unspectacular, typically FDA Rekotz affair, being an old school death metal record with a bit of modern polish. And now 2 years later this young group has released the follow up, and it improves on the debut significantly. The production […]

Ending Quest – Summoning

With an band moniker that’s a homage to Gorement and their classic 1994 album, The Ending Quest, you know exactly what Sweden’s Ending Quest is delivering on their debut; HM-2 styled, mid range, old school Swedish death metal goodness. And in a year that has delivered some really top notch examples of the style (Brutally Deceased, Putereaon, […]

Morfin – Inoculation

Like many FDA Rekotz bands, California’s Morfin play old school death metal but, rather than the Swedish/Stockholm old school sound played by Harm, Wound, Revel in Flesh, Massive Assault etc , Morfin went right for an older, American influence similar to Skeletal Remains, Slaughterday, Deus Otiosus,  and Chapel of Disease: good ol’ Death. And let […]

Derogatory – Above All Else

Derogatory is from California and play a mid 90’s Floridian style of death metal that is quite good. Not quite up to par with the likes of labelmates, Skeletal Remains, but still kick ass nonetheless. After an instrumental intro “Into the Depth of Time”, comes out the starting gates and I’m instantly reminded of classic […]

Slaughterday – Nightmare Vortex

It’s a good thing that Autopsy really kicked ass with their last effort, The Headless Ritual, because two bands, Norway’s Obliteration and Germany’s Slaughterday are nipping at tier heels with their own excellent, Autopsy drenched sound that almost outdoes the masters. Named after an actual Autopsy song, with Slaughterday, the influence is unashamedly front and […]

Master – The Witch Hunt

Despite being one of the US’s longest running, oldest and most consistent death metal bands, Master never seemed to get the acclaim and recognition of say Obituary, Decide or Cannibal Corpse., and founder Paul Speckmann is OK with that. But by the same token, I think most would agree the band simply did not have […]

Harm – Cadaver Christi

Germany’s FDA Rekotz has unearthed yet another homegrown band playing the classic Stockholm sound to join country mates  Revel In Flesh, Slaughterday, Lifeless and Wound, by way of Harm and their debut, Cadaver Christi, a fun little romp through Dismember and Grave styled mid range goodness. All of of the above mentioned bands, Harm is the […]

Dehuman Reign – Destructive Intent EP

Destructive Intent is the debut release from Berlin’s Dehuman Reign, and don’t let the cover art fool, this isn’t some crusty lo-fi noise but rather a pretty solid take on Floridian death metal, notably the likes of Malevolent Creation and Monstrosity sprinkled with a dose of thrash, and it’s pretty good stuff. Consisting of an […]

Wound – Inhale the Void

The Swedish death metal revival keeps on rolling and FDA Rekotz has found another fine German act to go alongside Revel In Flesh to add to their roster of solid old-school death metal. Whereas for most of this wave of retro bands, the primary influence is Entombed and/or Grave, Wound have a slightly different approach, […]

Graveyard of Souls – Shadows of Life

The magic of the late ’80s/early ’90s underground metal is well documented and revered, but the often-overlooked three-year span of ’94 to ’96 was something special in its own right. With the brutality race pretty much over, established death metal bands like Tiamat, Hypocrisy, and Cemetary along with upstarts such as Crematory (DE), Novembre, and […]

Sulphur Aeon – Swallowed By the Ocean’s Tide

They say good things come to those who wait. Well, in the case of the debut from Germany’s Sulphur Aeon, that is most certainly true. Originally released at the beginning of the year/late 2012 on Imperium Productions then licensed via FDA Rekotz, I finally ordered the album after months of waiting, forgetting, and looking on […]

Revel In Flesh – Manifested Darkness

The debut from Germany’s Revel in Flesh, Deathevocation, was one of the very best examples of Old School Swedish Death Metal, and one of my favorite releases of 2012. So a mere year later, here is the follow up and what do you really expect here? Of course its the same style, delivered with the […]

Lifeless – Godconstruct

While the upcoming Entrails and Revel In Flesh albums will undoubtedly be two of  the years most hyped retro Swede-death metal releases, a couple of other bands will at least tide you over with their commendable efforts- the reformed Swedish act Sorcery and their dusty, thrashy Arrival at Six and the second effort, Godconstruct  from […]

Chapel of Disease – Summoning Black Gods

From the minute I first heard Germany’s Chapel of Disease, I immediately thought they’re not only a great fit for FDA Rekotz (that label has a ton of affection for Death-tinged, 90s inspired death-thrash) but also that without attempting to shoot for the hilltop or reinvent the wheel and all of its components, they truly […]

Skeletal Remains – Beyond the Flesh

So while a majority of the retro death metal resurgence has focused on the Stockholm sounds, reviving the classic tones of Entombed, Dismember, Grave and such (and there’s nothing wrong with that), what if you had a hankering for a nostalgic death metal sound that wasn’t from Sweden? What if you were craving a band […]

Revolting – Hymns of Ghastly Horror

Even though I’ve always thought Rogga Johanssen was a bit of a second rate Dan Swano with all his projects, most of them sounding a little too similar, last years Revolting effort, my first exposure to the band, In Grisly Rapture pleasantly surprised me and had me locating the bands previous works and a gaining […]

Deserted Fear – My Empire

From the always reliable FDA Rekotz come some homegrown German talent on the form of Deserted Fear and their debut album, My Empire. It’s not a pure old school record or any sort of homage but instead a modern death metal record with some tangible old school nods notably Asphyx and Vader. Sound wise, My […]

Blood Mortized – The Key to a Black Heart

And the retro Swedish death metal hits keep coming with a second wave of bands like Malfeitor, Mass Burial, Corrosive Carcass, Unconsecrated, Bombs of Hades, Eroded and such continuing the quality laid down by bands like Entrails, Demonical, Bloodbath, Fatalist, Hail of Bullets and others. And while some may tire of the genre’s imminent saturation, […]

Revel in Flesh – Deathevocation

Some bands wear their heart and their influences on their sleeve, and none more so than the current crop of retro, old school Swedish death worshiping acts. For instance you’ve got the font and ‘tomb’ references of Entrails, Funeral Whore,  who named a demo after a Grave song, Brutally Deceased is named after a Grave […]

Massive Assault – Death Strike

Despite the retro thrash moniker and 1985 artwork, Massive Assault is actually a killer throwback Swedish styled death metal band who hail from the Netherlands. And whereas Denmark’s Funeral Whore were easily linked to Grave, Massive Assault are equally as easily linked to Dismember and fellow Dutchmen, Hail of Bullets (musically when they slow down, […]

Ominous Crucifix – The Spell of Damnation

So Mexico is getting in on this retro death metal resurgence with Ominous Crucifix and their take on cavernous, gnarly simple old school Incantation-y death metal. And while Ominous Crucifix don’t really do anything wrong on The Spell of Damnation, the album is still a pretty average effort resulting in one of FDA Rekotz’s weaker […]