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Lifeless – The Occult Mastery

There is a host of bands vying for the throne left vacant by Dismember. The likes of Infected Chaos, Brutally Deceased, Harm, Blood of Seklusion, Evocation, Endseeker, Massive Assault, Fatalist, Interment and Germany’s Lifeless are certainly near the top of the list. I’ve cowered the bands prior two efforts, 2010 Beyond the Threshold of Death and […]

Lifeless – Godconstruct

While the upcoming Entrails and Revel In Flesh albums will undoubtedly be two of  the years most hyped retro Swede-death metal releases, a couple of other bands will at least tide you over with their commendable efforts- the reformed Swedish act Sorcery and their dusty, thrashy Arrival at Six and the second effort, Godconstruct  from […]

Lifeless Sign With FDA Rekotz

German traditional death metal machine LIFELESS has recently signed with FDA Rekotz for the release of the as-of-yet-untitled follow up to Beyond The Threshold of Death, which was released in 2010 on Ibex Moon Records. The album is currently slated for a spring 2012 release. Imagine the Swedish mother named Dismember begets a child with […]

Lifeless – Beyond the Threshold of Death

Following up on the old school death metal successes of 2009 (Fatalist, Asphyx, Banished From Inferno, Hod, Rape Pillage & Burn, etc), Ibex Moon Records has unleashed two quality, pure old school records this summer in the form of Cardiac Arrest’s Haven for the Insane and this reissued debut from Germany’s Lifeless. While Beyond the […]