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Apparition – Fear the Apparition

Originally released last year on Oregon’s Headsplit Records, the debut from Spanish trio Apparation has been reissued by Germany stalwart label, FDA Records less than a year later, a testament to how FDA Records views Apparition. So the old-school cover should give it away, but Apparition (featuring ex and current members of Ataraxy, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, […]

Distaste – Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch

Listen, I’ll keep this short, sweet, and brutal, much like Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch, the fourth album from Austria’s Distaste. Want a 14-song, 29-minute gut punch of HM2-tuned Nasum and Rotten Sound-styled grindcore? Just fucking get this. From start to finish, Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch (“The Yielder and the Flesh”?) is a face-ripping, […]

Decapitated Christ – Glorious Tyrannizing of Human Rats

Spain’s Decapitated Christ has been knocking around for a while now releasing albums with titles like Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation, The Vanishment and Extermination of the Deities, and their last effort in 2014, Arcane Impurity Ceremonies. Well after 9 years they are at it again with album number 5, and while it’s probably not a reunion […]

Dead Chasm – Sublimis Igotum Omni

The 2022 self-titled debut EP from Italy’s Dead Chasm, was a solid affair of churning, miasmal Dark Descent-styled death metal that hinted at something pretty damn good for the band’s future, and here we are with the band’s full-length debut. And while it continues from the sound of the EP, it’s not quite the jump […]

Abolish – …From The Depths

So this spring/summer the always reliable FDA records unleashed a couple of lethal debut albums from female-fronted death metal bands. One, was the debut of Itlay’s Dead Chasm, whose solid EP I covered here, and the other from Turkey’s Abolish, who was of interest to me as they feature Lucy Ferra on vocals, who impressed […]

Toadeater – Bexadde

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I blindly hit ‘play’ on Bexadde, on Germany’s FDA Records after getting the CD in the mail along with the new Slaughterday. With that moniker, I was maybe expecting some fuzzed-out stoner doom? But I certainly not modern atmospheric/post-black metal, not exactly what FDA Records is known for. […]

Slaughterday – Tyrants of Doom

For almost a decade, German duo Slaughterday has been rendering their Autopsy worshiping ( Slaughterday is a song from the Mental Funeral album) tones with  3 albums and a couple of EPs. And with album number 4, even with the word ‘doom’ in the title, they continue that trend with another killer album. With an album […]

Scalpture – Feldwärts

Following up on 2020s excellent second album, Eisenzeit, Germany’s war-mongering death metal cohorts Scalpture (I’m still not sure what a Scalpture is…) return with album number 3, and boy is it a scorcher. Continuing the band’s war-obsessed themes and sound that’s part Hail of Bullets, part Asphyx (especially in the vocal department), and part Bolt […]

Feaces Christ – Gimme Morgue!

Sometimes production can make me overlook average or bad music. I’ll gladly listen to just OK albums if they have a killer guitar tone. Lord knows Ive got some pretty average CDs in my collection, that I retain merely due to the killer Stockholm HM 2 buzz (I’m looking at you Torture Pulse‘s God Leash), […]

Dead Chasm – Dead Chasm EP

Here’s a short, tasty review for a short, tasty, 20 minute, 4 song EP from the always reliable FDA Records.  Dead Chasm is an Italian trio with members from a number of mid-tier/obscure Italian acts like Kadaver, Torment, Funest, Stench of Profit, and others. But they have come together to form a very impressive debut […]

Cataleptic – The Tragedy

Here’s an interesting one from FDA records. Released a bit before the latest Ophis album, Spew Forth Odium, earlier last autumn, The Tragedy is the third album from this Finnish doom act whom I have never heard and frankly had very little expectations for. The logo, the band/album name, the fact there are hardly any […]

Vomit Spell – Vomit Spell

‘And in the category for 2021s most unreadable logo the nominees are……. Vomit Spell..’ So what do we have in the sea of red and sinewy and blood contained in the NecroFrsot artwork here? The debut from a new German grindcore quartet, that’s what. And while Germany isn’t a renowned hotbed of Grindcore (Japanische Kampfhörspiele […]

Ophis – Spew Forth Odium

Up until 2017s The aptly named The Dismal Circle, I was unfamiliar with Germany’s death-doom veterans Ophis (‘snake’), but that album was a solid effort with some suitably crumbling, hefty death/doom that had strains of classic Morgion engrained in the moping lumbers. And that has continued for album number 5, and is possibly even a […]

Deathswarm – Forward Into Oblivion

I had high hopes for this, the second album from Sweden’s Deathswarm. It’s on FDA records, which is almost always a good sign. !t features members of cult Swedish act Sarcasm, and the promotional materials threw out words like ‘Bolt Thrower’ and ‘Dismember’. And even after opening tracks “We Still Burn” and “Unshackle the Jackal”, […]

Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation

So I’m finally getting to a couple of FDA Record’s releases from earlier this summer, Deathswarm’s Forward Into Oblivion, and this, the third full length album from Greece’s Rapture, a band I have not heard before. Both deliver what you’d expect from FDA Records at this point, but Rapture certainly has a bit of a […]

Dehuman Reign – Descending Upon the Oblivious

I have not heard Germany’s Dehuman Reign since I reviewed their debut EP, Destructive Intent, back in 2013. They released an album Ascending From Below back in 2016, but based on album number 3, not much has changed since the EP, as this is stout American death metal for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity and […]

Stråle – Bourbon Souls

I’m not sure what to think about this. Bourbon Souls is the debut from Helsinki six piece Stråle (shimmer/shine/glow), and it’s a pure hard rock/alternative record, the first such that I’m aware on the usually death metal orientated FDA Records. The thing is, it’s kinda fun. This is open window, driving own the highway, singing […]

Invictus – The Catacombs of Fear

Germany’s FDA Records has stepped out of their comfort zone for a couple of their early 2020 releases. One is weird goth doom (Hraun), another, Stråle , is a Finnish melodic hard rock band , and the other this one, originates from Japan, the first release on the label from there after a pretty consistently German/European […]

Scalpture – Eisenzeit

It’s been 7 years since super group Hail of Bullets called it quits after a solid run of three war mongering albums of trundling death metal. But fear not, Germany’s Scalpture is here to revive the ghosts of the past with their second effort of World War One themed death metal. That should be enough […]

Evoked – Ravenous Compulsion

Do you like early Asphyx? Do You like early, Drunen led, Consuming Impulse Era Pestilence? Then the always reliable FDA Records has a release for you, the full length debut from German death metal act Evoked, and it’s a scorcher of an album, despite its clear influences. Culling heavily from The Rack as well as […]

Weak Aside – Forward into Darkness

On Weak Aside’s last album, The Next Offensive, I had to go after the band’s lackluster moniker as the everything was else was so damn solid. This time, the German warmongers are just as good as before, so I’ll go after that eyesore of an album cover…. I digress, Forward Into Darkness continues the band’s confident and […]

Eroded – Necropath

While Burial Invocation‘s Abiogenesis is getting the lion’s share of the attention in the realms of murky, Incantation-y death metal (and rightly so, it’s a killer release), the second album from Italy’s Eroded is just as good and certainly one of the best releases of the year in the now common place style. I have […]

Slaughterday – Abattoir EP

I dug the 2014 debut, Nightmare Vortex, from these German, Autopsy lovin’ ( Slaughterday is a song from the bands Mental Funeral album ) fiends, but for some reason completely missed the 2016 follow up, Laws of the  Occult, which has been rectified since getting this EP for review, and its a little barnstormer of an EP The […]

Goregast – Covered in SKin EP

Germany’s Goregast have been at it since 2005, with 3 full length albums to their name including 2011s Desechos Humanos. They ply a form of slightly Swedish inspired death metal with some grindcore elements with lyrics in English, German and Spanish. Covered In Skin is a 10 minute, 3 song EP that was originally released […]

Requiem – Global Resistance Rising

Sometimes it takes me a few songs or minutes to hear a band’s primary influence. Sometimes it takes less than 30 seconds. In the case of Switzerland’s veteran death metal act Requiem, precisely 16 seconds elapsed into opener “For the Blind to See”, I thought to myself “Holy shit, God Dethroned!”. This is the band’s […]