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Cardiac Arrest – Vortex of Death

Old school death metallers Cardiac Arrest are back for their fourth album, and it’s old school death metal as you would expect it. Semi-decipherable death growl? Check. Buzzsaw guitar tone? Check. Raw production? Check. Horror/death themed lyrics? Check. It’s all here, and that’s all that can be said about this album – it’s just  ‘there’. […]

Ibex Moon Records Set To Release Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack

Ibex Moon Records is set to release the brutality-laden soundtrack to this year’s bloodiest and most gore-filled film of the year, Afterparty Massacre. Featuring music from the likes of DENIAL FIEND, INCANTATION, CARDIAC ARREST, GRAVEHILL, FATALIST, GOREAPHOBIA, FUNERUS, FERAL, SOULLESS, LIFELESS & ESTUARY, this soundtrack threatens to incite as much bloodlust and violence as the […]

Cardiac Arrest – Haven for the Insane

What’s that, you say? It’s been a while since you were properly earfucked? Well, you’re in luck, because Cardiac Arrest is prepared to rape everything in sight, and they’re especially fond of ears. In fact, they’re nearly creaming themselves with a rabid love for filthy underground death metal, and they’re just dying to fill you […]

Lifeless – Beyond the Threshold of Death

Following up on the old school death metal successes of 2009 (Fatalist, Asphyx, Banished From Inferno, Hod, Rape Pillage & Burn, etc), Ibex Moon Records has unleashed two quality, pure old school records this summer in the form of Cardiac Arrest’s Haven for the Insane and this reissued debut from Germany’s Lifeless. While Beyond the […]

Divine Eve – Vengeful and Obstinate EP

It looked like Divine Eve had called it a career three years ago with the glorious compilation Upon These Ashes Scorn The World, a gem packed with tracks like “The Last Of The Sunset Faded” and “Harlequin of Perpetual Destiny.” However, metal is a genre where comebacks are pretty much guaranteed – even if your […]

Headhunter D.C. – God’s Spreading Cancer

If you play death metal, getting endorsed by Possessed’s Jeff Becerra is a bit like getting a nod from American Idol’s Simon Cowell. Headhunter D.C.’s label Ibex Moon even drafted a press release trumpeting the news. While an endorsement like this can raise your profile it can also bring the critics out ready to bat […]

Gravehill Signs to Ibex Moon Records

With 2009 now coming to a close, GRAVEHILL would like to announce that our partnership with ENUCLEATION RECORDS is officially concluded. We’d like to thank our friend and Brother Greg Drudy / ENUCLEATION RECORDS for all his support of GRAVEHILL. As the saying goes “When a door closes… a window opens!” thus moving into a […]

Interview with Witchmaster

Like the deadly bacteria lying dormant at the bottom of your gut, Witchmaster sits and waits until the time is right for them to resurface in a choking, splattering, sickly mess that ruins your golf game or whatever the fuck else you had planned for the day. Their last grime-encrusted offering, a self-titled album released on Agonia Records, came out five years ago, and now the wait is over for Trucizna, a hellacious, gnashing beast that saw its US release in November courtesy of the invulnerable Ibex Moon Records. Axe-slinger and original member Kali talks about the new album, Polish extreme metal, and just not giving a fuck.

Fatalist – The Depths of Inhumanity

One look at the gothic font of this California band’s logo and even some of their press photos  and one word springs to mind: Entombed (or realistically, two words if you include Nihilist). The only this missing is Dan Seagrave artwork. Then you press play, and other words like Stockholm, Sunlight and mid-range jump into […]

Goreaphobia – Mortal Repulsion

I feel like I’m supposed to dig Goreaphobia based at least partially on their pedigree, if for nothing else — one that boasts members who’ve spent time in Incantation and Absu, a fact which should entice death metal enthusiasts to give the band a shot — but sadly, I don’t. Debut full-length Mortal Repulsion, on […]

Interview With Asphyx

The last couple of years has been spectacular for old school classic Swedish styled death metal; you’ve had albums from the likes of veterans such as Bloodbath, Séance, Necrovation, Evocation, Dismember as well as new blood from Hail of Bullets, DeathEvocation and Fatalist just to name a few. Heck, even Entombed returned from the land of suck on 2007s Serpent Saints. What was missing was a big name reunion- a glorious name from the past, the return of a legend (Séance doesn’t quite count). And that happened earlier this year (at least here in the US) when Ibex Moon Records released Death …the Brutal Way from Dutch death metal legends, Asphyx. Complete with the duo that was mostly responsible for the legendary The Rack, suddenly busy vocalist Martin Van Drunen, founding member Rob Bagchus returned to the fray in spectacular fashion and I caught up with Mr. Bagchus to find out how this legendary comeback came about and other things….

Thornafire – Vorex Deconstrucción

It’s interesting how, sometimes, listening to something in a different language doesn’t initially catch you off guard. Such was the case with Thornafire‘s Vorex Deconstrucción, which is sung (if you can call it that) entirely in Spanish, a language that I myself am in the process of learning, although not quickly enough to understand what’s […]

Asphyx – Death…The Brutal Way

First off, I have to admit being puzzled as to why Century Media would not want to release one of the decades most eagerly anticipated reunion albums in the US (though its really Van Drunen reuniting with founding member drummer Rob Bagchus than a full reunion), leaving it up to the perfectly suited Ibex Moon […]

Rape Pillage & Burn – Songs of Death…Songs of Hell EP

Rape Pillage & Burn get things started off on the right foot with Songs of Death…Songs of Hell — the click of a trigger, a shotgun blast to the face, and damn, you’re on your way. Considering the utter lack of frills or niceties in this EP’s five hell-fueled tracks, the album’s introduction is a […]

Hod – Serpent

Funny that a band from San Antonio should be named after the Norse god of winter, don’t you think? Hod takes their moniker from blind Hodur, the son of Odin who murdered Balder, a god most often likened to the sun. So what happens when crushing Texas brutality meets cold Norse mythology? You get Serpent, […]


Ventura, CA death metallers Fatalist are in the studio recording The Depths of Inhumanity, their debut album for Ibex Moon Records. Guitarist/vocalist Neil Burkdoll (Dirty Dead, ex-Stump) had this to say about it. “We have been recording four new songs that will be added to the seven songs that make up the Loss recording. These […]


THORNAFIRE STUDIO/TOUR UPDATE Chilean death metal warriors Thornafire are in the midst of recording their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, Vorex Deconstrucción. Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the recording process: “We have finished the drums and guitars for our new album. All that is left is the bass, vocals, some arrangements […]

Dreaming Dead – Within One

Wow – what a raging blackened death thrash beast this debut is from L.A. based Dreaming Dead! At its core (no pun – there’s no ‘core in site here), Within One is a vicious thrash assault with splashes of melody throughout, excellent guitar work all around, busy, blasting drums, blackened vocals, and a definite old-school […]

Banished From Inferno – Banished From Inferno EP

Here’s another old school death metal effort featuring vocalist Roger “Rogga” Johansson who has graced bands like Ribspreader, Carve, Paganizer, Edge of Sanity, Deranged and recently, Those Who Bring the Torture. This time he’s helped by guitarist Rober Bustabad of Machetazo and drummer Phlegeton of Wormed (who plays drums here). Ultimately the sound of Banished […]

Pentacle – Under the Black Cross

Despite the band’s seventeen year existence, I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing any of Pentacle’s old-school styled Death Metal before now. Best described as Classic Death Metal in the vein of early Celtic Frost & Possessed, ‘Under The Black Cross’ is rough, raw & relentless. A concept album based on a WWII Naval battle, […]

Denial Fiend – They Rise

Now this is a fun record! Great, old school Thrash Metal with a Horror film lyrical slant! This is a record you pop in the car and crank LOUD! They Rise is loaded with tons of meaty, neck wrenching riffs, jagged vocals and an overall energetic vibe. In a lot of ways, it reminds me […]