Gravehill Signs to Ibex Moon Records

With 2009 now coming to a close, GRAVEHILL would like to announce that our partnership with ENUCLEATION RECORDS is officially concluded. We’d like to thank our friend and Brother Greg Drudy / ENUCLEATION RECORDS for all his support of GRAVEHILL. As the saying goes “When a door closes… a window opens!” thus moving into a new year and a new chapter of our career we’d like to announce our signing to IBEX MOON RECORDS!

“Death Metal is Eternal under the Ibex Moon!” No phrase could be more appropriate for the likes of GRAVEHILL! Sharing a label home with bands like INCANTATION, GOREAPHOBIA, ASPHYX, ACHERON, FATALIST, HOD and DIVINE EVE is exactly where GRAVEHILL belongs! Due to our new partnership we have 3 new releases to discuss…

The first order of business is the 12” Vinyl Release of “RITES OF THE PENTAGRAM” which will contain special packaging strictly for the die-hard collector! Look for this release on IBEX MOON RECORDS in February/March 2010’!

The second order of business is the CD re-release of “RITES OF THE PENTAGRAM” which will include the 5 song “METAL OF DEATH / ADVOCATION OF MURDER & SUICIDE” EP, complete with new packaging and under the black mark of IBEX MOON RECORDS! This re-release will soon follow the vinyl version in the spring of 2010’!

The last order of business… Summer of 2010 will see the release of GRAVEHILL’s sophomore record “PRAVUS TYRANNIS!” Returning to Trench Studios (again) under the skilled engineering helm of John Haddad, we hope to commission Kris Verwimp for all artwork but sadly may have to settle on a secondary choice. Some titles set to appear on this release are “Unholy Executioner”, “Suffer No Man to Live”, “When All Roads Lead to Hell”, “Devil Worshiper,” and “War Prayers” to name a few.

In closing… early 2010 will also see the release of the Relapse Records “Death Metal EP Series”, this is a strictly 7” EP vinyl release featuring one band per side, the first of said series features GRAVEHILL and CARDIAC ARREST. This exclusive release has the song “OF WOLVES AND WICKEDNESS” recorded during the “METAL OF DEATH / ADVOCATION OF MURDER & SUICIDE” EP session. This series will eventually see a CD release; refer to for more details.