Ibex Moon Records Set To Release Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack

Ibex Moon Records is set to release the brutality-laden soundtrack to this year’s bloodiest and most gore-filled film of the year, Afterparty Massacre. Featuring music from the likes of DENIAL FIEND, INCANTATION, CARDIAC ARREST, GRAVEHILL, FATALIST, GOREAPHOBIA, FUNERUS, FERAL, SOULLESS, LIFELESS & ESTUARY, this soundtrack threatens to incite as much bloodlust and violence as the accompanying film.

The Afterpaty Massacre soundtrack will be available worldwide via Ibex Moon Records on June 6th Filmmaker Kristoff Bates comments:

“The Afterparty Massacre is definitely a killer party type of movie – We really wanted to make a movie that showcased metal, murder and mayhem – and we got it!”

“The movie itself is pretty fast paced as we have multiple stories going on within the movie. Between the show, the fans, the drama, flashbacks of tour stories, the afterparty itself and a bunch of kill scenes in between – the movie is packed with action, weirdness, live music and lots of bloody eye candy to enjoy as well.”

“The Afterparty Massacre was a fun project to take on, as it was my first full length movie and Kyle’s first dive into cinema as well. We really hit the ground running with an awesome crew involved and soundtrack behind it to make everything go as smooth as possible.”

“Kyle’s idea of making the extreme metal drive the movie really started molding the movie into shape as we were writing it. Once we teamed up with friends from Ibex Moon Records and Bit Riot Records we then had a full arsenal of extreme metal and industrial to really push and deliver the energy of the movie.”

“With the use of the extreme metal (by Asphyx, Incantation, Denial Fiend, Cardiac Arrest, etc.) we were definitely able to keep the fast paced darker energy within the movie flowing, while the industrial (from 16Volt, Cyanotic, Be My Enemy, etc.) really helped accent the kill scenes. The careful music selections we made definitely kept more of an edge to the movie and it is a powerful part of the movie instead of some movies where the music is just used as filler and background noise.”

“When we talked about doing a soundtrack release, we wanted to make a much more special release than most soundtracks now that include a bunch of pre-existing songs and are just label samplers in a new wrapper. But we were amazed when all of the bands involved (Incantation, Denial Fiend, Cardiac Arrest, Gravehill, Feral, Fatalist, Soulless, Lifeless, Goreaphobia, Funerus and Estuary) all wrote brand new and exclusive tracks for this soundtrack release. It’s even more special in that Denial Fiend (members of Obituary, DRI, Down By Law, Massacre) wrote a song about the killer in the Afterparty Massacre and Cardiac Arrest even gave us two songs to use within the CD release as well!”

“The soundtrack itself is definitely a huge release within the extreme metal community because of all of the great bands involved and all of the exclusive material included. Even if I wasn’t involved with making the movie, I’d pick the soundtrack up because it definitely is not your standard “sampler” movie soundtrack release and it helped me discover a few new names (Cardiac Arrest, Feral, Fatalist) to check out more of their other releases as well!”

“Along with all of the fun times that went into the making of the Afterparty Massacre movie and music releases, Kyle and I were definitely appreciative with all of the hard work that the cast, crew and bands hand put into this release. We definitely enjoyed working with everyone and had a blast this past year in filming, editing and now showing the movie all across the US. Plus it’s given us inspiration to start up production on a new movie idea later this fall, we’re definitely hyped to start production on something new all over again hahah!”

Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack Track Listing:

Denial Fiend – Afterparty Massacre

Incantation – Absolved In Blood

Estuary – Impulse Imprint

Gravehill – If You Want Blood (AC/DC cover)

Goreaphobia – Organ Donor

Cardiac Arrest – Decomposed In No Mans Land

Soulless – Bleed You Dry

Feral – Necrofilthiac

Funerus – Reduced to Sludge

Fatalist – Beyond the Unholy Grave (Death cover)

Lifeless – Death To The Bone

Incantation – Absolved In Blood (live)

Cardiac Arrest – Rotting Creator