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Goreaphobia – Apocalyptic Necromancy

As much as I love what Dark Descent Records has done in 2011–and will continue to do so–they have to have a blight on their record at some point right? If I’m being brutally honest, for me it’s the second album from Philadelphia’s supposedly legendary death metal act Goreaphobia. Listen. Just because you formed in […]

Goreaphobia – Mortal Repulsion

I feel like I’m supposed to dig Goreaphobia based at least partially on their pedigree, if for nothing else — one that boasts members who’ve spent time in Incantation and Absu, a fact which should entice death metal enthusiasts to give the band a shot — but sadly, I don’t. Debut full-length Mortal Repulsion, on […]


The wait is finally over. Philly’s underground legends, Goreaphobia are back with a vengeance. A vengeance entitled Mortal Repulsion. This long-awaited full-length debut from one death metal’s pioneers is a bludgeoning, yet calculated, masterclass in old-school death metal. In an era where trends, tricks and toddlers have pockmarked our beloved and bloody metal scene with […]


Due to a recent turn of events, reunited cult favorites Goreaphobia will be replacing Pathology on this summer’s Slaves to Society U.S. tour featuring death metal legends Master and Ibex Moon Records label mates Dreaming Dead. This trek across the States, the band’s first in over 17 years, will be more than just an opportunity […]