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Artist Release Reviewer Date
Arduous Task/ Gravewurm Spawn of the Sacrilege Split Jeremy Beck 03/21/14
Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul Splatterhash Split EP Luke Saunders 03/03/14
Galaktik Cancer Squad Ghost Light E. Thomas 10/15/13
Gale Gale Jay S 06/06/19
Gale Vol. 1 EP Jay S 11/16/15
Gallhammer Ill Innocence Grimulfr 10/21/07
Gallows for Grace A Process for the Destruction of Tomorrow EP Benjamin DeBlasi 11/06/08
Galvanizer Sanguine Vigil Nick K 03/07/18
Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead Jeremy Beck 05/08/14
Gamma Ray Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome CD/DVD Shawn Pelata 01/27/09
Gamma Ray Land of the Free II Fred Phillips 01/22/08
Gammacide Victims of Science (Reissue) Frank Rini 07/01/14
Gaped The Murderous Inception EP Frank Rini 03/17/14
Garden of Worm Idle Stones Jay S 03/18/15
The Gardnerz The System of Nature E. Thomas 01/10/12
Gastropode Raw Snails Army Chris Sessions 01/18/17
Gatecreeper Deserted E. Thomas 12/09/19
Gatecreeper Sonorian Depravation E. Thomas 10/25/16
The Gates of Slumber Conqueror Jordan Itkowitz 08/15/08
The Gates of Slumber Stormcrow EP Jack Taylor 08/14/13
The Gates of Slumber The Wretch Chuck Kucher 07/11/11
The Gates of Slumber Hymns of Blood and Thunder Fred Phillips 10/15/09
The Gathering If_Then_Else Jason Hundley 07/03/00
Geïst Galeere Grimulfr 05/20/09
General Surgery Corpus In Extremis: Analyzing Necrocriticism Shane Wolfensberger 07/13/09
General Surgery Necrology EP (reissue) E. Thomas 07/01/11
Generation of Vipers Coffin Wisdom J. D. Anderson 12/22/14
Genghis Tron Board Up the House E. Thomas 05/07/08
Genghis Tron Cloak of Love EP John Gnesin 03/19/05
Genocide Apocalyptic Visions E. Thomas 04/10/08
Genocide Pact Order of Torment E. Thomas 02/26/18
Get Back Up Weathering the Storm E. Thomas 03/21/08
Ghold Of Ruin Jay S 06/23/15
Ghost Infestissumam Jordan Itkowitz 04/19/13
Ghost Meliora Frank Rini 09/30/15
Ghost Opus Eponymous Jordan Itkowitz 01/11/11
Ghost Bath Starmourner E. Thomas 04/17/17
Ghost Brigade Until Fear No Longer Defines Us Mikko K. 10/25/11
The Ghost Inside Fury and the Fallen Benjamin DeBlasi 06/16/08
Ghostbound All is Phantom E. Thomas 07/16/18
Ghostlimb Bearing & Distance E. Thomas 12/16/08
Ghoul Intermediate Level Hard-Core EP Mike Sloan 10/10/13
Ghoulgotha The Deathmass Cloak Adam Palm 01/20/15
Giant Squid Metridium Fields E. Thomas 08/22/06
Giant Squid The Ichthyologist E. Thomas 10/01/09
Gideon Costs E. Thomas 04/27/11
Gigan Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes Jordan Itkowitz 05/25/11
Gigan The Order of the False Eye Jordan Itkowitz 07/28/08
Gigan Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence Frank Rini 09/13/17
Glasgow Grin Saints of the Greatest Sin E. Thomas 01/31/09
Glittertind Landkjenning Fred Phillips 07/10/09
Gloop The Tourist Jay S 06/26/18
Gloria Morti Keubiko E. Thomas 07/13/16
Glorior Belli Manifesting the Raging Beast E. Thomas 08/02/07
Glorior Belli Meet Us At the Southern Sign Justin M Norton 10/09/09
Gloryhammer Tales from the Kingdom of Fife Fred Phillips 04/16/13
Gnaw This Face Scott Alisoglu 04/01/09
Gnaw Their Tongues All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity E. Thomas 10/19/09
Gnaw Their Tongues An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood Jordan Itkowitz 05/28/08
Gnome Under A Black Moon Jordan Itkowitz 05/13/00
Gnosis The Offering of Seven Jay S 10/23/18
Gnosis The Third Eye Gate Jay S 01/13/15
Goatmoon Stella Polaris Mars Budziszewski 04/05/17
Goatsnake Black Age Blues Jay S 07/02/15
Goatwhore Vengeful Ascension (Spell Book Edition) Frank Rini 11/27/17
Goatwhore Carving Out the Eyes of God Larry "Staylow" Owens 07/30/09
Goatwhore Constricting Rage of the Merciless Jack Taylor 07/29/14
God Among Insects World Wide Death E. Thomas 09/06/04
God Among Insects Zombienomicon E. Thomas 04/17/06
God Dethroned Passiondale Kris Yancey 05/11/09
God Dethroned The World Ablaze E. Thomas 05/08/17
God Dethroned Under the Sign of the Iron Cross E. Thomas 12/08/10
God Forbid Earthsblood E. Thomas 02/26/09
God Forbid Equilibrium Travis Bolek 04/09/12
Goddamn More Human Than Us E. Thomas 10/05/16
Godgory Way Beyond (Re-issue) E. Thomas 02/15/10
Godless Rising Battle Lords E. Thomas 12/07/07
Gods Forsaken In a Pitch Black Grave E. Thomas 07/21/17
Gods Forsaken Smells of Death E. Thomas 05/23/19
GodSkill The Gatherer of Fear and Blood E. Thomas 01/10/19
Gojira From to Mars to Sirius Damien Boorman 08/15/06
Gojira The Way of All Flesh Jordan Itkowitz 12/31/08
Goldenpyre In Eminent Disgrace E. Thomas 06/20/17
Golgothan Remains Perverse Offerings to the Void E. Thomas 04/11/18
Gollum The Core Scott Alisoglu 06/04/09
Gomorrah Gomorrah Luke Saunders 04/09/19
Gorath MXCII Jordan Itkowitz 04/27/10
Goreaphobia Apocalyptic Necromancy E. Thomas 09/03/11
Goreaphobia Mortal Repulsion Jodi Van Walleghem 11/24/09
Gorefest La Muerte E. Thomas 10/28/05
Gorefest Rise to Ruin Shane Wolfensberger 10/18/07
Goregast Covered In Skin EP E. Thomas 05/04/18
Goregast Desechos Humanos Kevin E 09/27/11
Gorement Darkness of the Dead E. Thomas 08/02/05
Gorephilia Ascend to Chaos EP E. Thomas 08/15/11
Gorephilia Severed Monolith Frank Rini 03/06/17
Gorepunch Give 'Em Hell Kevin E 12/03/15
Goresoerd Goremarket Mid-Prices E. Thomas 02/28/08
Gorevent Abnormal Exaggeration Benjamin DeBlasi 10/20/08
Gorgasm Destined to Violate Jerry Hauppa 12/04/14
Gorgatron Inner Supremacy Kevin E 04/22/15
Gorgoroth Pentagram, Antichrist, Under the Sign of Hell Re-Issues Grimulfr 02/11/08
Gorgoroth Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt E. Thomas 12/18/09
Gorguts Pleiades' Dust E. Thomas 06/06/16
Gorguts Colored Sands Nick E 08/26/13
Gormathon Following the Beast Kevin E 12/05/14
Gorod Aethra E. Thomas 12/02/18
Gorod A Maze of Recycled Creeds E. Thomas 10/05/15
Gorod A Perfect Absolution Jordan Itkowitz 06/15/12
Gorod Leading Vision E. Thomas 08/26/06
Gorod Process of a New Decline Jordan Itkowitz 08/12/09
Gorod Transcendence EP Jordan Itkowitz 06/27/11
Gortal Blasphemous Sindecade Ben Hogg 06/26/09
Graceless Shadowlands E. Thomas 01/02/18
Gracepoint Echoes Nick K 04/08/16
Grafvitnir Necrosophia Will 'Bones' Lee 03/09/16
Grand Demise of Civilization Below the Foot of Kings Nick K 12/04/19
Grand Magus The Hunt Jodi Van Walleghem 08/27/12
Grand Supreme Blood Court Bow Down Before the Blood Court E. Thomas 02/07/13
Gravdal Sadist Kyle Huckins 11/24/08
Grave Dominion VIII Kyle Huckins 06/23/08
Grave Out of Respect for the Dead E. Thomas 11/30/15
Grave Desecrator Dust to Lust Will 'Bones' Lee 09/20/16
Grave Desecrator Insult Scott Alisoglu 02/25/11
Grave Digger Ballads of a Hangman Igor Stakh 03/03/09
Grave Miasma Odori Sepulcrorum Frank Rini 11/11/13
Grave Endless Procession of Souls Scott Alisoglu 09/12/12
Gravehill Death Curse E. Thomas 06/13/14
Gravehill When All Roads Lead to Hell E. Thomas 08/12/11
Graves at Sea Documents of Grief Chris Ayers 06/22/07
Graves at Sea The Curse That is Jay S 04/07/16
Graves of Valor Salarian Gate E. Thomas 07/24/09
Gravestone Sickening E. Thomas 02/05/18
Graveyard of Souls Shadows of Life Adam Palm 08/13/13
Grayceon Grayceon E. Thomas 02/13/07
Grayceon This Grand Show E. Thomas 10/10/08
Grayceon All We Destroy E. Thomas 04/20/11
Grayceon/Giant Squid Split 7" E. Thomas 04/19/08
The Great Commission And Every Knee Shall Bow E. Thomas 02/27/09
The Great Lie All Roads Lead to Where You Stand EP Jay S 01/16/19
The Great Old Ones EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy E. Thomas 04/06/17
The Great Old Ones Tekeli-Li E. Thomas 08/04/14
The Great Old Ones Al Azif E. Thomas 05/07/12
Green Bastard Pyre Jay S 11/17/16
Green Jellÿ Musick to Insult Your Intelligence By Chris Ayers 02/22/10
Grey Heaven Fall Black Wisdom E. Thomas 03/14/16
GridLink Amber Gray Jordan Itkowitz 06/22/08
Grief Alive Chris Ayers 06/22/07
Grief of Emerald It All Turns to Ashes Kevin E 12/24/12
Grief Of War A Mounting Crisis… As Their Fury Got Released Larry "Staylow" Owens 03/17/08
Griffar Monastery Jordan Itkowitz 02/21/12
Griffar Of Witches and Celts Grimulfr 08/15/02
Grift Syner Jordan Itkowitz 10/30/15
Grim Ravine The Light is From Below Jay S 03/07/17
Grimbane Let The Empires Fall E. Thomas 03/19/08
Grime Deteriorate Luke Saunders 08/01/13
Grimner Vanadrottning E. Thomas 04/03/18
Gristnam Even Less LP Jay S 03/10/15
Grog Ablutionary Rituals E. Thomas 07/26/17
Grog Scooping the Cranial Insides Noch 07/23/12
Grond Worship the Kraken E. Thomas 08/30/16
Grot I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream Mike Sloan 07/02/13
The Grotesquery The Lupine Anathema and other Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre Kristofor Allred 05/09/18
Grue Casualty of the Psychic Wars E. Thomas 02/03/14
Gruesome Dimensions of Horror EP E. Thomas 06/13/16
Gruesome Savage Land E. Thomas 04/20/15
Gruesome Twisted Prayers E. Thomas 06/11/18
Grusom Grusom II Jay S 09/19/18
Guapo Elixirs Chris Ayers 12/20/08
Guild of Destruction We Are Vermin Scott Alisoglu 12/23/09
Guillotine Blood Money Larry "Staylow" Owens 01/02/09
Gutslit Amputheatre E. Thomas 01/12/18
Gutted Bleed For Us To Live/Gutted (Reissues) Frank Rini 04/19/18
Gutted Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell Benjamin DeBlasi 07/12/11
Gutter Instinct Age of the Fanatics E. Thomas 06/10/16
Gwar Battle Maximus Mike Sloan 09/11/13
Gwar Lust in Space Mikko K. 12/14/09
Gwynbleidd Nostalgia E. Thomas 10/13/09
Sunlight's Bane/ Geist Split 7" Jay S 09/30/16
The Graviators Evil Deeds Jordan Itkowitz 10/19/12