Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell

The cries of heresy and treachery will go on for months, if not years, concerning the aural molestation administered by Morbid Angel’s latest abomination (not intended as a positive pun). Revisiting their back catalogue will go some way to easing the pain, but for me at least, it’s not enough, and something has to fill the gaping black cavern of expectation that has now been created thanks to the morbid disappointment of Illud Divinum Insanus. If you’re of the same mindset, then like me, you’ll be thankful that there are plenty, in fact an absolute wealth of other bands (both new and old) still making quality music, imagine if this was 1996/7, the world would have imploded.

It’s a relief then that the world post millennium tension is a safer place (in the realm of death metal) thanks in part to steadfast devotees such as Hungary’s Gutted; whose third release from 2010 (first I’ve heard) continues to show that there are plenty of heads out there content to simply lock down and blast their way to satisfaction. Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell, is a competent palette cleanser (grinder) of orthodox, rampaging death metal that is content for what it is and knows what it excels best at. It won’t be considered as immortal, it won’t be considered as one of the greats, but it can be heralded for its honesty, focus and integrity.

Six minute opener “As the Sun Paints Everything Black,” is built on blurring, buzzing gallops and a furious clatter of percussive implosions. The vocals are painful, strained roars with a slight guttural tinge but are clear enough to decipher the unwholesome lyrical incantations. Despite the length and somewhat linear construction, there is enough variation and interesting passages of intricacy to prevent boredom or being simply overwhelmed by the single-minded ferocity. ‘Memory Devourer,’ builds on the opener’s momentum, cascading riffs and beats violently with the latter element feeling inhuman at times feeling due to the sheer level of intensity.

It’s this vigor that is Gutted’s greatest asset and it is also what carries but also invigorates the body of their work. Later cuts such as the unfortunately titled “Souls of the Raped Children,” maintain the pace of earlier pieces, be it with little variation, however, this shows that Gutted don’t really need gimmicks, curveballs or just plain nonsense to construct their compositions.

Having the courage to step outside of the comfort zone has resulted in some of the greatest albums in the history of music, death metal included. At times though, being comfortable and simply producing something that’s good and enjoyable is enough, especially in these times of emo-crunk, gorestep and whatever other gruesome genre splicing nightmares lurk around the corner.

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Written by Benjamin DeBlasi
July 12th, 2011


  1. Commented by: gabaghoul

    emo-crunk and gorestep? tell me those aren’t real

  2. Commented by: Jesse Wolf

    Ya emo-crunk is shit like brokencyde and gorestep is doo doo dub step like borgore.

  3. Commented by: ersatz Man

    A cursory Youtube search reveals that “gorestep” is apparently the self-coined genre appellation of a totally unremarkable dubstep artist. I found at least one track that sounds *vaguely* like an inept rendition of metal done in an IDM style, but the rest is your usual VWOOP BWOB BWOB shit. A pity; I had hoped to discover something as comically fucking appalling as Brokencyde.

  4. Commented by: Jesse Wolf

    It’s funny sumerian records is on a roll with some really dumb signings lately (Borgore lol) same with victory records. Wait till you hear the atrocious band victory signed from my area The Bunny The Bear.

  5. Commented by: crowflier

    so, this isnt the “bleed for us to live” Gutted?

  6. Commented by: DrunkenMonkey

    Wow, when I saw this I thought it was a new release by the old American band Gutted. Their “Bleed For Us To Live” album is still one of my top all time death metal albums…. Pity they never did a follow-up.

  7. Commented by: gordeth

    @DrunkenMonkey – They actually did do a self-titled follow-up to Bleed… back in ’97. But, it’s just as impossible to find nowadays as their debut.

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